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1937 Oliver Hart-Parr Row Crop 70 Standard
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If you are in any way attached to the hobby of Antique Tractor collecting and/or restoring, we want you to become a regular visitor to this website.  We hope to give you anything and everything we can that has any kind of involvement with old antique or vintage tractors and farm equipment. We will continue to do everything possible to keep it interesting, informative and helpful to you!

We encourage you to do more than just stopping by. If you are truly interested in our hobby, check out what we have available, contribute if you can and if you can't find what you are looking for here, let us know and we'll try to add it for you!

If you're looking for tractor parts or restoration resources, you might find what you're looking for in our parts listings.

As you browse around the site, click on the images for more good Tractor stuff and as you're browsing to find everything you need to know about tractors and other relevant information, we hope you enjoy your visit!

 Hand Crank JD "A" 
1941 Styled JD Hand Crank A
Follow along on a series of stories about the restoration of an old John Deere hand crank "A"'ll be fun!  Click on the graphic at the left to see more of this fine restored old tractor.  There is a literal ton of antique tractor, implement and old equipment stories and resources in these pages.  You don't stop at the first old tractor you find..... Why stop only on this page?
A Great New Book.... 
Farmall Dynasty Book Cover
Attention Farmall and International Harvester lovers!  Here is your chance to purchase a great historical book about your favorite tractor.  The book entitled The Farmall Dynasty, written by Lee Klancher and made available by 671 Press, covers the developmental history of the tractors built by the dominant agricultural manufacturer of the early 20th Century, International Harvester.  The book traces the evolution of the Farmall tractor from the early Titans and Moguls through to modern times. Click here to view more details
Tractor Stories 
Read about other's experiences with Antique Tractors.  This is a regular new feature at the Fastrac Web Site!! 
What is FASTRAC? 
What is Fastrac? Some have asked that question before. To start off with... it's one of America's finest sites on the Internet to enjoy the hobby of collecting, restoring, or just plain enjoying Antique Tractors. More
Q & A Archives 
Before we started the new Tractor Forums, there were a lot of questions posted to our old Q&A page. If you're interested you could read them......maybe something is still there that could help you! .  This is a feature that may be useful!
Red Power Roundup 2010 Coverage
Coverage of the 2010 Red Power Roundup at Laporte, Indiana.  Check out the pictures of some of the stuff we saw!
Modeled In Wood
Read about it!  A very unique old tractor that will blow your mind!  We never thought we would ever see anything this small that
looked so real and with as much detail as this one has.  Check it out!
Talk About Plowin'...
(Click photo for larger image)
Garden Tractors as far as the eye can see!
One of the most fun days for Lawn and Garden tractor collectors (and the big tractors, too) is attending a plow day.  The picture on the left shows one of these events back in 2010 in Rockford, Iowa.  When I first saw this picture, I thought it was amazing.  It looks like these guys are having fun.  Want to see these machines in action? Check this out!
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