Here we go again.......Follow the updates below!
That's what my brother Gary said when we bought this 1941 John Deere A . My interest in this hobby was always about the tractors but I had never actually owned one myself because I had moved to the city and had never had the space for one. This Web Site is the result of that interest in antique tractors and one of the ways that I could be involved in the hobby.

1941 Styled John Deere A Antique Tractor
Gary, on the other hand, has owned and restored many of these old beasts (some of which appear at the Fastrac Web site) and he has decided he would help initiate me to the "real world" of collecting and restoring old tractors. I, of course, couldn't find any reason to have a problem with we bought this old tractor from one of his tractor buddies down state.

I followed the thread for a long time when Spencer Yost of A.T.I.S. was restoring his Massey Harris Pony. He gave a "play by play" accounting of the progress made almost daily and placed the accounting of that progress on the list server, and I thought this was "pretty cool!"

I decided that since this was my own first personal experience with the restoration of an old tractor, that it would be kind of neat for me to do that same sort of thing here on FASTRAC with the restoration of this old A. I wanted to keep an accounting of the costs as we go along as well as what all we ended up doing to the tractor. As when generally hunting for a good deal, I at least want to be in control of the costs. I wanted to keep a list of the events that we might be taking the tractor to and what we did while we were there.

So, as time goes on, if you are a regular visitor to this page, you will be able to follow the events, activities, and facelifts of this old Deere through these pages. You'll be able to get the latest updates and development and sometimes pictures will be available.

I hope we can make it interesting enough for you to follow. One of the primary reasons we decided to do this was to keep the Fastrac site interesting enough for visitors to keep coming back. There are an awful lot of sites on the 'Net that never change in either content or appearance ......and they eventually become boring..... we don't want the Fastrac site to be one of those kind of sites!

At any rate, we hope you will enjoy these updates, and we hope if we take this tractor to an event somewhere, that we'll get a chance to meet you. We'll keep you posted when and where we might be taking this old girl and if you see us, please come up and say hello and let us know that you are a Fastrac user.   Enough for now.....and we'll be talking to you next time. Dave