1941 Styled Hand Crank John Deere A
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Reader's Comments About our "A" Restoration Project

Les Adams in Beatrice, NE restored a 41A about 3 years ago.  Did great job.  At the time I met him and saw his tractor, he was parts manager for Green Line Equipmnet in Beatrice, CA.  I got a lot of pointers from him.

Andy Snyder
Grand Terrace, CA
Phone (909) 423-0147


Thanks for sharing this project with us who regularly visit this page. I have recently purchased a JD M which was in almost the same condition as your A. When I brought it home on the trailer, my wife looked at it and said, yep, its John Deere brown! The tractor ran fine, but had lots of surface rust and a few spots where it had rusted through on the fenders and battery box.

I started taking it apart (fenders, hood, grill, and other parts, and painted the thing myself. I;d never done that before, and sort of did it as a learning process to see if I could do it. I figured I could mess it up myself, and then, if necessary, have someone do it right.

Well, my project ended up looking pretty good, and now is complete with new decals from Travis Jorde, a new seat from Central tractor.

It even came with several pieces of equipment including planter, fertilizer distributor (John Blue), harrow, bottom plow, and cultivator. I planted a garden for the first time in 10 years, and now have corn knee high.

I may, at some point, rebuild the engine. Right now, though, it looks and runs fine. I am now hooked. I've found this is a great hobby for stress relief from my job as school superintendent down here in Cochran, GA. I look forward to your project.

Best Wishes! Buster Evans

bcs1@accucomm.net (Dr. L.C. (Buster) Evans) (4/9/97) 
Dear Dave,
Hello.....my name is Blake Slutz. We live here in Snohomish Washingtn, just northeast of Seattle about 35 miles. I read the beginning of your restoration story with major excitement as, I too, am departing down that long road to tractor fullfillment.
Yesterday I picked up my new (at least new to me) Massey-Ferguson TO-35 with Wagner front end loader, I'm told in the early 60's.
I have a mobile welding business and small fab shop, so you can bet I'm itching to get started on any metal work that needs to be done.
At this point the only thing that I'll do is rebuild the front bucket so that I can use the tractor around here this summer, as it runs really well for a 30 something year old Continental engine. Then a few months from now I'll start the make-over process.
Really like your home page here, please bear with my typing as it has been many years since I learned how in high school. You know, that typing teacher was right, you really might use this typing thing somewhere down the road.
Good luck with everything....Will be following your progress.
Blake Slutz, Phone 206-481-2006 (4/5/97)

Glad to see this story. I have wonderful memories of a 1940 A my grandfather and uncle farmed with in Tanner, Alabama. Their A was sold in the mid 60's but it looked just like yours.
I would like to know how many hours this restoration takes. If i found grandad's old A, I would like to restore it someday. What does an old A cost that runs but needs restoring?
Grady Lyle Morrow (4/1/97)

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