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9/19/98) I have a 1938ish John Deere Model A  tractor that I need to sell.  I would like some feedback on what would be a fair price.  The tractor is in good/fair condition.  I am not tractor literate, but it probably needs new tires.  My uncle told me that he thought that it originally had the metal knobby tires.  I remember that my father started it by turning a big green wheel on the side of it and while the tractor was running the big green wheel turned.  I don't think it had a key - - maybe I am wrong.  My father used it often to farm with but within the last 5 - 10 years it has been sitting with a tarp over it.  Please e-mail me at  Thank you.

(9/19/98) We have an Eaglestar lawn tractor, but do not have an owner's manual.  We do not know where they are made or who makes them.  Can anyone help us? Please respond to:  Thanks!

(9/17/98) I have somes questions: First, what is the difference between "live pto" and "independant

pto", thoses are the same or not?  Second, is it true we can fit any engine (diesel, gas,or gp) in a
Massey Harris tractor with a shaft that runs between clutch case and transmission (like model 30, 33, 44, 444)?  Thanks a lot. (Alex Harrisson) 
(9/17/98) My father has a Gloral model Huber tractor that was made somewhere around 1950.  I'm told that there were only four of these made and was wondering how much one of these would be priced at?  I would appreciate any information. (Heather)

(9/16/98) My nephew purchased a riding garden tractor that the only markings on it are the words "Porter Cable".  There is no serial plate, etc.  Can anyone give us additional info on it or tell us where we might get info? Thanks! (Nina E. Rose)

(9/16/98) Does anyone know where the serial # is located on the industrial?  I know it is located on the right side if the gear case on the other 77's.  I would also like to find a serial # reference source to determine the year of production and how many were made.  One source showed that there were only 500 made.  What would this tractor be worth?  It seems mechanically sound and only needs minor sheet metal work, a grill, and a set of new tires.  It also has a heavy duty loader but no pto unit.  Could a pto unit be added?  That's about the only way I would want it.  Otherwise it can't be used for much.  Any help is useful.     Thanks, Tim - (Tim Will)

(9/14/98) My Dad needs the correct "valve setting" for his 1939 Massey-Harris 4-wheel drive 101 Super.  It has a 6-cylinder flathead Chrysler Engine.  He's misplaced his book (and I sure hope Mom didn't throw it away!).  He doesn't believe in computers, but if you guys come through, it'll sure help!!!!   I promised him that someone out here would know.  Thanks, all! (Vicky O'Brien)

(9/14/98) My mother has a 1949 Farmall Cub tractor.  Can anyone tell me what it's approximate value is and what is the best way to sell it?  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks, Lynn - (TheLodes)

(9/13/98)  My husband and I recently purchased parts to assemble a John Deere wagon.  We want to display it along our driveway.  We are seeking information on how best to restore or preserve it.  It has very faded markings "John Deere" in red.  Should we paint it? (Nancy Young)

(9/13/98) Just about to get my hands on an old Economy Tractor left to me by my wife's grandfather. I don't even have a model yet. I know he acquired it used in 1960. I know it has a 12 HP Kohler on it. Any idea where I can get parts? Would also like to get associated with a club, and get a subscription to a newsletter. Any help would be appreciated!! (Rich Boucher)

(9/12/98) Does anybody know if there where french Massey-Ferguson 35 tractors? Or a French Massey-Ferguson that looks like the Massey-Ferguson 35? Marten R. v/d Heide,

(9/10/98) I'm a rookie and need advice. I just bought a '55 Ford 600. Runs great (I drove it 22 miles home). 3 pt. doesn't raise and lower, need to convert to 12 volt system, and looking for several attachments, manuals and lights. I would appreciate any advice or information sources. (Lloyd Kerr)

(9/10/98)  I have a McCormick 50T baler in excellent condition.  It has sat behind an F-20 in my grandmother's barn for some time.  I can get a little info on the tractor but have not found anything on the 50T hay baler.   Can anyone help??? Year? Worth??? Thanks, Jeff - (The Pauliks)

(9/9/98) Where is the serial # located on 77 industrial?  I thought it was on the right side of the gear case but I can't find it.  Also, does anyone know how many of these were produced--someone told me that there were less than 300 made--is that true?  It is mechanically sound and only needs minor work and a set of tires.  What would this be worth?  It has a heavy duty loader but no pto unit.  If you have any answers, contact me by e-mail

(9/9/98) I've come across two really odd tractors, and I really need some information on them.  One is a WARDS CHOR-TRAC.  I have no idea what year it was made or anything.  It was painted a deep red, and has had a riding attachment put on it.  (Otherwise it was a walk behind)  It has several attachments like a harrow, disk, and rotary tiller for it.  I've also got a Bready garden tractor. It is a walk behind and is painted an orange color.  I REALLY REALLY would like to get some information about these tractors, but I just don't know where to get it.  I only know 2 people that even knew what they were.  HELP ME! (Charlie Haning)

(9/7/98) Does anyone have information regarding the "Ignitor" by Pertronix? It is a solid-state electronic breakerless ignition system. I think I might be interested in placing it in my JD G. Any thoughts e-mail me at: (Fred)

(9/4/98) I have a 1960 Farmall 460 Diesel that recently blew out the main hydraulic line while plowing.  I replaced the line, drained the remaining hydraulic oil and put in fresh Hy-Tran, and ran the levers through their ranges with the cover off to get rid of the air in the system.  My question is: I cannot get the fast hitch to lower all the way.  It raises to the top of its limit, but it stops far short of going down to its lower limit.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

(9/3/98) My brother just acquired a 1953 Massey-Harris 44 with the cultivator attachment and he's in the process of doing a ground up restoration.  What will it be worth when it's completed?   My grandfather bought brand new and it's been in the family ever since.   Are there any clubs he could join?

(9/1/98) Can anyone suggest a source to find a carburetor rebuild kit for a Case VAO using a Zenith Carburetor?

(8/31/98) My father-in-law has a Farmall Deering F12 with soild steel wheels and has extra rubber tires.  Where can he get info on value and year it was made?  He thinks it is a 1935-36, but he is not sure.  Please e-mail me at with any info. Thanks

(8/31/98) Hello I am looking for any information I can find on a 1926 FARMALL REGULAR s/n qc4492.  A shop manual would be nice if I could come across one out there anywhere.  My e-mail address is: Thanks

(8/30/98) I have a Massy Harris 30 G wide front with a farmhand end loader with down pressure.

The tractor works like a horse but does need paint. Can someone tell me what this outfit is worth. I really do need to know. Thank you, Leo Briner -

(8/30/98) We have an antique Hercules motor which is missing a housing over exposed piston area . Would anyone know where I might be able to find parts? Thanks , Larry -

(8/27/98) 1948 Gibson Tractor, Model 300 - I was hoping to learn the value range on this machine, it runs great, always stored inside, has a pitman sickle, harrow,disc, plow, landscape blade and snow plow. I really have no idea if this has collector value. Anyone familiar with this?

(7/29/98) The tractor in question says 'Nutfield' on the engine tin.  It is about a 60 hp diesel, with a 3 pt hitch, weathered red (aren't they all :) ).  Who made it? Brandon Sussman ESSDCE - 791-5834 (Boston 392-8338) Pager - PIN 871-9399 (SKYWORD) -

(7/4/98)  I would like to know if there is a HP rating chart on the web that covers Allis Chalmers & Farmall tractors?  I have a C & a cub to restore and I want do the stongest first . (Anthony Chandler)

(6/26/98) Massey 12 baler.  I am having trouble with it tying.  It will tie well for 20 to 30 bales and then miss 4 or 5. It always misses on the same side of the bale..the passanger side..  I have checked tension, cleaned the notter well, but don't what else I should check.. Any suggestions appreciated?
Ric -

(6/25/98)  I am the writer for a bi-monthly newspaper called ILLINOIS WINDOWS. It is
distributed to 4th grade students throughout Illinois. In the September issue (which I am writing NOW!), I have mentioned John Deere's 1837 invention of the self-polishing steel plow that enabled the settlers to cut through the prairie sod. I would like a black & white photo or drawing of
the original plow. Can you suggest a source? Quickly? Thanks for any help, Carolyn Allen - (Horwich)

(6/22/98) I have a 432 gravely riding tractor w/14hp Kohler engine and when in gear seems to have play in rear axle area.  I can roll the rear wheels 2" for./back.  Also when going on uneven ground it seems to stop then catch-up, it has a trans like large walk-behinds. Can anyone enlighten me on what is happening?  Thanks for any answers steve j. at:

(6/20/98) I hope to start work on my 1948 Cockshutt 30 soon. This will include a complete paint job. My question is, can I use the same paint for the whole tractor or do I  need different paint for the engine,ie. high heat paint? Thank-you in advance. Harry DeKleer, Phone (905) 873-7151 or E-Mail me at:

(6/19/98) I need to find the weight of a 1936 WC Allis Chalmers and would appreciate hearing from someone with that information.  Can anyone help me?

(6/19/98) I am looking for any information I can find on Mott hammerknife tractors (does such a thing exist?).  My e-mail address is:  Thanks!

(6/19/98) While cleaning out my father's garage I came upon a 1958 Simplicity Wonder-Boy lawn tractor in working condition.  I was wondering if you could tell me the value of it?  The serial number is 9705.  My e-mail address is - Thank you for any help you can give me. Julie

(6/15/98) I was brushogging with my usually reliable 601 Ford tractor, it just died out, put point, plugs, rotor, and coil in it, it'll turn over but won't fire, IS getting gas to the carburetor.  Need HELP, any thoughts?    Also, I'm looking to replace my John Deere riding mower with a Grasshopper with wider swath-cutting ability, does anyone have any up close and personal experience with that brand?  Is there really that much difference between brands since they all have Briggs and Stratton

engines?  Thanks for thinking about

(6/15/98)  I need info on changing the oil pump for a MF-35 tractor. Any info would be greatly appreciated. (Christine Tiner)

(6/14/98) My husband has a cast-iron seat from a horse-drawn hay sweeper. It has the letters DAINS cast into the back part of it.  Does this thing have any value and if so, how much? (Sylvia Schindler)

(6/14/98) I restored a  1941 JD H tractor and was wondering if anyone out there can help me with what I think is a governor problem?   Tractor starts ok, idles ok, seems to run ok under load, but if throttle is open part way or run level ground, the governor keeps searching.  I put all new bearings, bevel gears, and replaced sleeve and thrust bearing.  The only thing not replaced were the weights, which at the time looked good.   If you hold on to the throttle lever on top of the carburetor, which by way was rebuilt by a person who advertises in Green Magazine, you can feel with your fingers "spikes" or "hits" being transmitted through linkage between governor and carburetor.  If anyone out there has any advice on this matter or has had a similar problem and what they did to remedy it please let me know. My e-mail address is: Thank You George

(6/13/98) Oliver White 1678 Back Hoe.....Does anybody have any idea what one these weighs?  We have a (I think) 1964 model that we bought used and need to transport it from Long Island, New York to upstate New York.  If there isn't anybody that knows the specific weight of that model, can anyone give me a range of what a medium size back hoe wieghs?  Thanks for your time. (pine.ave)

(6/12/98) I'd like to hear from farmers and collectors who are familiar with a variety of older tractor models.  I'm looking to buy my first tractor and need advice.  I have 32 hilly acres, and the tractor will get more use in road building and terracing than regular flat-land farming work.  I'm currently using an 8N with a hydraulic front loader and a 6-foot box scraper.  This is on long-term loan from a friend who hopes I'll buy it.  I like the low center of gravity and compact size, but I feel like I'm beating it with the front loader, and the steering requires serious effort when the bucket is full.  The price range is about right, and I like the simplicity of it, it seems very maintainable.  I get the feeling parts will be available for this model for another 50 years.  Some have recommended a WD-45, I'm wondering about JD 40's and 50's?  What is a good old tractor for heavy front loader work, that doesn't require tons of money and a professional mechanic? Thank you, (Doug Hack)

(6/11/98) I have an antique tractor junk yard where we have 400 used tractors but only one Huber.  I can't find any info on it, what size or year it was made.  Can anyone help?  Please e-mail us at: - Thanks for the help.

(6/10/98) Can anyone tell me the year and any other info on the following tractor: Oliver, Diesel engine,  MDL: 535 22023, Serial # 729133.  I'm looking to get the right manuals as it "needs some work".  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks - (Tonnie Rouse)

(6/9/98) Hi there, I have a 1951 Farmall C Kerosene tractor.  It is still working very well.  I would like to know much I could get for it?  Does anyone have any idea? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. (Barbara)

(6/6/98) I have a Furguson tractor but the tag on the steering wheel brace is missing so I'm not sure if its a TE or TO 20. Can I tell by the engine serial #. The tractor has been converted to 12 volts and I've always had trouble keeping starter bendix's in it.  I have to weld a new gear on the bell about every 50 starts. Any suggestions? Jeff Murray

(6/4/98)  I have a 1952 Super A Farmall.  Bought a Woods belly mower (5 ft) for the tractor.  I thought the mower would hook to the p.t.o. shaft.  I was wrong... the people at Woods designed it to hook to a gear box that is located just above the p.t.o. shaft, which my tractor does not have.  I think that this equipment was optional when the tractor was bought.  Does anyone know where I might purchase such a gear box for the Super A Farmall?  Also could someone please tell me the p.t.o.   r.p.m. on a 1952 Super A Farmall and also the p.t.o.   r.p.m. on a 1972 Cub Farmall?  My brother has a Cub with belly mower and it is running off the p.t.o. shaft.  I may have to convert this thing if I can not locate a gear box.  If anyone has a Super A with a belly mower running off the P.T.O. I sure would like to hear from you.  I would like to know what size pulley you are running on the P.T.O.  Woods sent a 9 3/4" dia. pulley which is 81/2" dia. from the bottom of the "V" groove.  I do not know if this would work or not.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. (Hoyt E Brown)

(6/4/98) I have a 1948 USTRAC MODEL 10B crawler model no. 05687 mfr. in Warren, Ohio. I would like any info on this unit since I was told Case bought this company out and this crawler was manufactured for a government contract.  I do have the orginal manual that came with it. Also, I would like to know if  " track plates " are still available. -

(6/3/98) Massy Harris "Pony".  Trying to get information on "Pony" tractor which was given to me by my sons for birthday.  Have no idea year- but is old!

(6/3/98) Massey Ferguson Model 95 & Super 95.  I would like to know if anyone out there could tell me what years these two Massey's were produced and what the horsepower is and at what rpm? (Jonathan C. Snyder)

(6/3/98) I have a Hydraulic Lift-All pump off of a 1941 Farmall H that was put into our 1950 H that no longer works.  We use it to lift our sickle bar mower to mow hay.  Is it possible to fix the pump, buy a fixed or used one, or should I just save my money and find something else to mow with?  Thank You.

(6/2/98)  I have a 1939 Ford 9N.  The points are always closing up. Does anyone have a source for a solid state ignition or another solution to this problem?  The distributor is in the front.  Contact me at:

(5/30/98) I can not get the Draft and Position controls on my TO35 Ferguson to operate. The pump works fine and it seems to be in the control lever operations.  I have gone through the adjustments per my manual but things just do not  seem to respond as described.  Any help would be appreciated. (Keith M Hartsfield Jr.)

(5/30/98) I'm interested to talk / email with anyone who has information re: a tractor / farming company circa early 1900's and maybe located in the Hocking Valley of S.E. Ohio; I.e. Hocking, Athens counties....Logan, Nelsonville  etc.  Or if you are aware of a tractor company located in another "Hocking" in the U.S.A. around the same time. Thanks, Dave -

(5/30/98) Can anyone help me with Cockshutt paint colour (red and cream)?  I'd prefer oil base, but can use the automotive types if necessary.

(5/30/98) Know anything about AC's? ... this one is my wife's ..I realize I may not be clear on this (my lack of mechanic -ism) ....  but do I adjust the points on an Allis B (distributor style, not a mag) with the two adjustments bolts at the bottom of the distributor and are the other two bolts  where you adjust the timing? ..Does this make sense? Thanks, Gary - (Gary Dougherty)

(5/29/98) I have a Ferguson TO-20 that has the Z-120 engine.  Next to the engine numbers is the word "sample" stamped into the block.  It appears that the word "sample" was part of the casing mold.  Any idea what this means? (Dwight Tew)

(5/27/98) I have a Haney bull terrier garden tractor built in 1947 in Philly, PA.  I cannot find any one who has ever saw one, or even heard of one, picture of it on opening page of vintage garden tractor club of america.   Can anyone help me and let me know if you know of one?  Thank you, Paul Taylor -

(5/27/98)  I am the proud new owner of a Farmall F20 without an identification plate.  I am trying to get an idea of what year it was manufactured.  I have been unable to locate any stamped identification marks but can find a few casting numbers.  Is there any way to get a ballpark idea on this machine?  It has a three speed transmission, round spoke rims on both front and rear, a cast iron steering wheel and a flat fan belt.  Does anybody have an idea of what year this thing might be or where to look on the machine for a good serial number?  Thanks.Brian - (BC Winter)

(5/26/98) 4-H kids are restoring a JD model H corn planter to use on their " Ventura Co. Best of Show" JD "H" tractor. Little can be found on use -maintenance -color scheme. Any help or leads would be great help for six greasy dirty kids and their two fearless(?) leaders!  contact Doug at

(5/26/98) My name is Andy Palmer and I was wondering if had ever heard of a tractor called a Copar-Panzer and if you had could you send me all the information that you have on the tractor. Anything at all would be helpful. or - 2181 Skinner Hwy.

Clayton, MI 49235

(5/25/98)  My dad is thinking about buying a Farmall M or Super M and rebuilding the engine.  He plans to get into tractor pulling.  If anyone has information or knows any websites that provides this information it would be greatly appreciated if you would send it to me.  Thanks.  E-mail me at: (J.D. Van Winkle)

(5/25/98)  I have a JD MC tractor which is an older restoration.  It gets used once a year to disk the orchard.  That was today.  Part way into the project and with no warning I could hear or feel I lost steering.  If I pull the left steering lever nothing happens.  If I pull the right lever it stops.  What broke and what will be required to fix it?  Ron Brennan, Castro Valley, CA -

(5/24/98) Would like more info about the 445 John Deere made in Rosario, Argentina  between 1963 and 1972.  It was like the 435 with the 2-53 Detroit Diesel and supercharger in most every way except it came in 1. Row crop, 2. tricycle, 3. narrow orchard version and industrial.  Does anyone know more about these tractors such as how many were made and if any were exported to the U.S.?.  (Marcus Comes)

(5/24/98) I have a Fordson N and I think it has a leak between the internal small petrol starting bowl and the main parafin tank, well when I say leak I mean seepage between the tanks, I dont really wish to try to open the main tank in any way to try to repair the problem and was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions or redemies to offer then please post a reply. (Ray Smart)

(5/24/98) I came across a Farmall 560-D (year unknown) and would like to know what it would be worth in running condition but would need restoring.  Any info would be appreciated. (Susan Davis)

(5/20/98) Have a 1944 JD"A".  I would like to know how many hp it is and what kind of hay equipment I can use with it safely? Any help would be thanked. (Anthony Chandler)

(5/20/98) Came across a Caterpillar fifteen... would like to know what year(s) they were made?  If anyone could let me know it would be appreciated!!! (carla shymko)

(5/19/98)I have a 1953 Farmall Super M.  It has the original 6v positive ground system.  I wish to convert to 12v negative ground, can anyone give me some advice?  Thank you. Glen Galbraith
Building Maintenance Ext. 191 - (Galbraith, Glen P.)

(5/17/98) On a Simplicity 3212H..... Need to know if the drop gear on the bottom of the hydrostatic uses the fluid from the hydrostatic transmission or not?

(5/16/98) On a 1937 JD "A" governor......Does anyone know the amount of travel needed for the governor shaft slide to properly actuate the throttle rod to the carb?  The rod is the right length, but cannot get the tractor to idle down properly.

(5/14/98) Need help with Ferguson TO-20 clutch.  Just acquired my TO-20 and discovered that the clutch is nonoperative. When I depress the clutch pedal down, it feels as if it's just plain loose. Didn't have the problem until I rebuilt the carb and had to heavily lubricate the throttle linkage. I would really appreciate anyone's ideas on what's happened and how to fix it. Thanks.

(5/13/98) I recently purchased a International Harverster Regular iron wheel tractor that can be restored fairley easy. Can anyone give me info on it and value? I would consider selling it after after I learn more on its history. The previous owners parked it the last time they used it some

30+ years ago. Please reply at: (Arnell Stamper)

(5/12/98) Two problems with a JD 314 garden tractor: 1) Seems to be running off the battery resulting in discharge after 1-1.5 hours, wherein motor dies. However, battery voltage when running remains at about 12.45 volts. How can I tell where the problem originates -- in the generator or the regulator? 2) Lots of oil consumption, although characteristic blue smoke not visible when running. When tractor is shut down, lots of exhaust smoking is obvious then. Are there valve stem seals on this Kohler 14 HP engine? Where can I find a repair manual for a Kohler engine? Thanks. (Jim Perry)

(5/11/98) I have a 1948 Farmall Cub, My question is: Do the Cub series have a letter identifier such as  a B series etc? (Dean, Kevin)

(5/11/98) Hi,  I`m trying to find information on my contenial FA162 gas motor that is in a track loader made by American Tractor Corp.  It is a model L556 Terraloader. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Can anyone help me with this? Thank You, Bob E-mail to:

(5/11/98) Hello,  I am trying to find any information on '"Utilitor " tractors.  I think they were made in Miamiburg, Ohio.I would appreciate any help.

(5/11/98) Hello, the pulley has come off of the shaft of the generator of my 1940 2N. This is the single terminal 6 volt generator.  Can anybody tell me how to secure the pulley back on the shaft?  The generator itself still works fine.  Bob Nelson -

(5/10/98) I have a black and white photo of a steel wheeled Fordson tractor, perhaps a 1929 model.  Can anyone possibly ID this picture for me and give me any insight as to the color of the tractor?  I am going to convert my black and white into a colored picture for a family tree
project.  Thanks! (r5055)

(5/10/98) I need Help....,  I have a 1941 Ford 9N that has govenor problems, from the way I see it the govenor is advancing with no load. I have completely rebuilt the govenor but have had no luck.  After the tractor runs awhile the govenor advances the throttle and I have to kill the engine quickly.  Maybe I rebuilt it incorrectly, but I followed all instructions in the manuals.  I would like to talk to someone about this problem my e-mail address is  Thanks...  Bob Ravinski

(5/8/98) I've removed a gear reduction section from my TO-20 that was between the transmission and rear end. It was shiftable between 1:1 and many:1, the lower gear resulting in barely a creep even in 4th gear. The only thing similar I've seen is for use pulling pea harvesting machines. Any ideas
what this was intended for? (Lorne Udy)

(5/8/98) I have an Internatonal Harvester Model M tractor (not sure) of the year and am interested in finding out the value.  Is there a site where this info is available? (Breda Sevier)

(5/7/98) I have a 1944 Farmall H that I want to make into a puller, can anyone tell me the best and low cost way to add horsepower and pulling power without boring and strocking the block? And, will a super H carb bolt to my H intake?  Any and all advice would be helpful.   Gene Henderson

(5/6/98) Help!  I have just rebuilt an 1800 Oliver Ind. diesel and need to put a PTO on it.  Will any other model Oliver PTO fit?  Can't seem to find an 1800 PTO unit.  Any help would be appreciated.  E-Mail me at: or call (860) 491-2365.

 (5/6/98) Is there such a thing as a 'Mobile' tractor, about 100 years old, with a swan kneck?  I need a photograph of one.   Can anybody help please?  Many thanks. (Rae Birch)

(5/4/98) I came across a # 18 Oliver combine manual in good condition. Does this have any value? Covers are dusty but inside good shape. Thanks. (Douglas Pettman) 

(5/3/98) Just purchased a 1949 Ferrari Tractor.  No it is not red and it is not fast.  Does anyone know anything about Ferrari Tractors.  Already spoke to Ferrari in Italy and they deny that they made it.  It has an air cooled diesl, 4 wheel drive with articulated body.  Looking for general
info and any history. (Carlos C. Yanez)

(5/3/98) I just acquired a Model A John Ddere.  I believe it is a 1943 but I am not sure.  I am looking for the serial number on the unit.  Do you know where this is located?  Also I am looking for a place where I can get an operator's manual for the unit because I have no idea how to operate it.  Please help.  Thanks.  Vern from Michigan. (Vernard H Holton Jr)

(5/1/98) I have a Seaman Tillit Rototiller that I need to repair. It's a 3 point hitch w/pto type.

Does anybody have any information on it?  Mark Ryan -

(5/1/98) I am thinking about buying a model 77 row crop Oliver and I am curious on the price that one can expect to pay for one. The tractor is in rough shape, it has been used all of it's life. The clutch is bad on the tractor.  How hard is it to replace the clutch in something like that. E-mail me at

(4/30/98) I have a 1976 Wheelhorse C120 8-Speed Lawn tractor I'm trying to restore.  Does anyone know where I can buy a complete set of decals for this model? Any help or direction would be appreciated.

(4/30/98) Would like to know the correct paint color (Dupont,Martin Seynour, etc.) for and old style Model E Allis Chamlers (green).  Thank you.  Any information would be appreciated. Glenn

(4/30/98) I have located two tractors with flathead four cylinder engines, 6 wheels, and some type of rear dumping bed.  The owner says that they are 1932 Toro "tractors" but they look more like some type of special small load dump truck.  The "tractors" do have a Toro name plate and icon above the radiator grill.  But what I don't understand is why they are so small.  They are the size of a tractor but they have a truck like design with smaller tires and left sided driver's seat.  I would love to find out what these things really are.  They seem to be somewhat restorable.  Please respond if you can give me more information on the Bull/Toro tractor company from the early 1900's.

(4/30/98) I am the owner of a moline 445 tractor. I would like to know if you could answer the following questions: 1. I need to know how to do ampletorque clutch maint. (general) 2. are there any engine kits for a 445 moline (gasket kits) 3. Why won't the PTO stop running when the lever is moved forward or backward 4. has the ever been a back hoe attachment for a 445 5. after carb rebuit, what is the best way to adjust it. Any help would be welcome. Thanxs. Phil.

(4/30/98) Have a chance to buy a 1949 or 50 Allis Chalmers C. Runs and is in fair condition. Any one have an opinion on a fair price? (Jim K. Rutsch)

(4/28/98) What is the point setting for an Allis B ... 1938 .. magneto? Gary Dougherty. E-mail me at: or

(4/28/98) Will a 50-51 model JD A engine, fit a 46-47 Model Jd A? Just wondering about the bolt pattern of the blocks that bolt to the crankcase. I know the heads are different. Any Advice? thanks, (Garry)

(4/28/98) Have purchased a M-F tractor but would like to know the model.  It has a 4 cylinder gas motor .The serial number is TEA386614.  Any information appreciated.  Ralph Suk.  E-Mail to:

(4/28/98) I have (unfortunately) purchased a kubota L1500 two cylinder 2wd diesel tractor. The local dealer won't talk to me because the tractor is a 'grey market' tractor. Any help with specs, parts suppliers or someone who knows what U.S. model this might cross over to will be greatly appreciated. it is a very small tractor with four speed plus hi and low range and a four speed pto. (Ecassidy4)

(4/27/98) Ferguson petrol kero fuel electrical system. My problem is that I don't know whether current electricalproblems I am experiencing is caused by connecting the battery with the negative polarity to earth... Folklore has it that the polarity of old Ferguson tractors was or is positive earth.

Can any one help me? (Peter Brown)

(4/26/98) The neighbor just acquired a Graham Paige Rototiller  model B-1-6  serial 29878

Would any of you have any info about this machine? Dale Wagner, Gardiner, Oregon

(4/25/98) Last fall I bought a 1941 B - to restore.  I finished a '49 MT a few years ago.  Problem: When I got the tractor I had spark from the mag.  This spring there is none.  Any help??? (Allen and Michele Berndt)

(4/24/98) I recently found a John Deere Model D in a farmers field. His son said he would like to get rid of it. How much would you offer to be fair?  It could run again, according to the owners it has sat for approx 5 yrs since it last ran.  It is on rubber but the farmer told me they had the steel wheels in the barn for it.  Please if you could help, E-Mail me at: . (Todd & Jennifer Schrecengost)

(4/23/98) I Just acquired what I beleive to be a 1957 Minneapolis Moline 445I. I found the model by the serial number page on the web, and by viewing a picture of a 445 Hi crop.  Here's the problem. The model number on the tag of the tractor is "B1W" serial #11100315. I cannot find any reference to this model number.  Also, the tractor has both a front bucket and a backhoe on it. The

backhoe is a Cone Automatic Manufacturing Corp., Windsor Vt. National distributor - Pippin Construction Inc. White River Jct, Vt. Model 350, serial #9666. I cannot find any info on the backhoe and need some parts. Is the loader M M?  Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. - Jon Fortier, Carver MA

(4/22/98) I need help locating parts for the resoration of my son's "Murray TRAC Ball Bearing" toy pedal tractor from about 1960. Can you help or steer me in the right direction?  Call Roland Froland at (209) 668-1959.

(4/21/98)  I was wondering if you had run across any cast iron seats that have a persons name printed across the back of the seat.  I currently have one that I found at an antique shop with the name EVANS - but I was hoping to learn more and maybe start a collection.  Do you know anyone that is an authority on these kind of seats?  Are these type of seats common?  I would appreciate your help. (Andrew L. Evans)

(4/21/98) I am currently restoring a Howard stationary bailer (Made in Bedford, Uk) and I am trying to find the correct colours for it. Any ideas or site links greatly appreciated. (William Walton)

(4/20/98) I'm restoring a cockshutt 20 and need sources, contacts and information. I'm also having difficulty determining the year. The only data plate I can find is on the engine. If engine is original it's a 54 or newer. Don't know where else to check or other methods of telling year. Would also like general info i.e. color schemes or changes between years. Have seen red and yellow and also

orange and white. Any help greatly appreciated!  Gregory Normand  59 Gold St. Belchertown, Ma. 01007, Ph (413) 323-5514 or E-Mail to:

(4/19/98) I'm restoring a 1946 Farmall "B" tractor and I am looking for information on getting the steering wheel recovered.  If anyone can help me, please advise.  Thanks. (Larry Peterson)

(4/19/98) I have a 1937 JD Model A.  I have a bad problem with the carburator flooding.  I have changed the float valve and seat assembly, ajusted the float and it still floods (gas runs out the air intake).  I removed the float bowl assembly, plugged the lower hole, and bench tested the bowl
and it always fills and stops as it should.  I put it back on the carburator and it floods.  The float does not appear to be sticking or hung up. I can't find any problem with the float bowl. Is there anyway
gas can be drawn up into the carburator when the engine is off?  Mike - (MIKE BLAIRE)

(4/19/98) I own a 1960's Int'l B414 Diesel and have noticed trace amounts of antifreeze in the oil on my last oil changes.  I replaced the head gasket (as it was visibly leaking) hoping this would fix the problem. A friend suggested the leaking coolant may be the result of leaking o-rings at the base of the cylinder liners.  Does anyone have any experience with this problem in a similar tractor and is there a way to replace these o-rings without a full motor disassembly? How?  Any advice appreciated!

(4/17/98) I just restored a 1937 model A JD and I need to sell it.  I was wondering what a fair market price would be? (MIKE BLAIRE)

(4/17/98)  I have a 1947 Haney Bull Terrior garden tractor that I have lots of literature on and think it is very close  to original.  I would like to know if anyone has ever saw one or knows where there is one?    I feel this is the one and only left.  Any help I'll be thankful for.  Paul Taylor, Brownsburg, IN 46112.  Thank you - (Paul Taylor)

(4/15/98)  I have what I believe to be a 9N tractor.  However, the serial number perplexes me.  The best I can come up with is a very early 9N or an 8N.  The number appears to be.... 9N 222160.  The 4th digit appears to be a cipital I, not a no. 1.  Also the number has a star at the end of the number.  My problem is, everything I come up with shows 9N tractor serial numbers have only 5 digits.  If it is an 8N, why does it start with (N in the serial number?  If anyone has any theories, I would be glad to hear them.  Jim Dumas -

(4/15/98) I have Fordson Major '55. Engine is bad. I am buying a engine without clutch from Fordson '61 or '62.  Does that engine fit in my tractor? (Timo Oksanen)

(4/14/98) How many horsepower is my 75` International 140?  I was told  the older A model was

around 20.  I can`t seem to find info on the 140 though. Thanks in advance for your reply---- e-mail to: (Darren L Smalec)

(4/13/98) I have a 48 B.  While driving it around I heard a loud psst, I thought it had lost a petcock or plug.  Lots of smoke came out around the clutch and flywheel.  It  died, but started up again.  It did this once more.  It is almost like fuel was igniting in the crank case.  What would cause this?  Compression is 43 psi.  Jim & Pat Williams

(4/6/98) HELP!! Will the fellow repainting his last Super M in the Dayton, OH (Springfield?)
area who I traded emails with in Feb. please contact me at or You are the guy with the 50 acre place. Lost your email...Thanks! Mark Tassinari, 16 Holbrook St, Medway MA 02053.  Phone (617) 563-4451.

(4/6/98) I need to know the wiring hook up for 6 volt generator to regulator on a Minneapolis RTI. The regulator has terminals marked L, BATT, and F, also two wires coming from under side of reg. Generator is marked armature and field.  Does anyone know about this and is willing to help with info? (Janice A. Crews)

(4/6/98) We have an old gasoline engine we would like more information on.  It is air cooled, "make & break" points in combustion chamber rather than spark plug, about a 6" piston, governor controls spark rather than fuel, two 18" flywheels, magneto for ignition.  Whole unit is about 36" long. Only markings are the words "Advantage" and "Waterloo, Iowa" on the gas tank.  Can anyone supply us with information on this engine? Gary Riecke, Box 363, Bigfork, Montana 59911. Phone (406) 837- 5335 -

(4/6/98) I need info on a Muri Hill MN-121 4wd tractor.  I know its an English built tractor with a Ford engine and 2 wheel steering.  I need to know any info you might have.  Can anyone help? (Tim Pehlke)

(4/6/98) Can anyone help me as to how to identify the brand of a wide front end on a Farmall M?  How can I tell if it was factory or another manufacturer's add- on?  Thank you. Gary Riecke, Box 363, Bigfork, Montana 59911.  Phone(406) 837 5335 or E-Mail to:

(4/5/98)  I am a new owner of a '41 JD "B" and want to start restoration.  Any help or information on how to get started would be appreciated.  Mark Solomon

(4/5/98) McCormick on the beach. Hello. In poor English I shortly tell you about an old McCormick that were found on the beach in the southern of Sweden, near Åhus (Absolut). A
friend took some pictures of the old fisherman-tractor. Shortly after that, last summer, with just two new rear-wheels, it was seen shown with other old machines. Now I search for history facts about the tractor-company, models, and so on. Friendly, Peter Mogensen. Sweden. (Peter Mogensen) (4/3/98) My father was recently given a John Deere H5-H10 single bottom plow from an antique tractor owner who was dying of cancer.  We are looking for any information on this plow.  It fits my dad's H.  It was made between 39-47, has a manual lift, no wheel and has an optional flat bottom.  I would appreciate any information.  You can sent text messages to

(4/2/98) I recently bought a self-propelled corn picker at an auction.  It a two row machine with

front drive wheels and a rear steering axle.  The machine is in great shape with a flat head 6 cylinder Massey-Harris engine.  I can find no other name plates, but does have M-H  decals.  The operator sits high on the lift side and the engine in on the lower right side.  The only similar machines that I have ever seen were made by Minneapolis Moline. When were these Massey Harris machines made?  How many were made? (Hartman)

(4/2/98) I would like information on Wizard Lawn Mowers. If anyone knows if they have a site I can check out I would appreciate it.  Or a phone number for them. Thank you for your help.

(4/1/98) I recently purchased a 800 Case-O-Matic.  According to my references, I can elect to use the torque converter or direct drive.  It works fine with the torque converter but I don't know how to get it to be direct drive.  Also, the clutch seems to drag and make shifting impossible except at very low RPM.  Is there an adjustment to help on this? Thanks, e-mail to:

(3/31/98) Hi, I have a model 60 John Deeer 2 cylinder tractor I am repairing the PTO assembly on. The PTO shafts has a bushing on the inboard side. The part manual lists a bearing . The bushing looks oringinal..... can anyone tell me when John Deere manufactured this type of set up? I can be reached at:

(3/31/98) Does anyone have any information on Emerson horse drawn mowers? I purchased

one and would like to know more about it: colors, manufacture dates, etc. This one has Rockford, IL cast into the logo and has the full name Emerson Braningham. E-Mail:

(3/30/98) Greetings, I'm currently restoring an antique Tiger tractor and I am having problems obtaining parts,  decals, and manuals. Anyone with some info on this  thing I'd really appreciate it. It appears to be made in the late 50's and is Briggs powered. (Rick DeSantis)

(3/30/98) I am looking for info on my 1960 440. Such as value, rarety, where to get parts, ect. It looks and runs good. I really love it! Can anyone help? (Rob Bush)

(3/30/98) I would like any information available in IHC Road Grader.  Tractor is IHC Model M, Serial #FKB124719 X1.  Grader ID tag says Meil Blumberg Model PG10, Serial #113.  I am especially interesed in the correct color.....Red or yellow?  Phone (800) 594-4764 or E-Mail me at:

(3/27/98 I have a McCormick-Deering horse drawn mower that was my dads....I  would like
to find out info on this machine.  Does anyone know about these type machines? (bill)

(3/24/98) Recently purchased New Holland S69 at an auction, would like information on years it was made, anyone with experience with this baler? - were they pleased with performance? - etc.

(3/23/98) I  have a 1939 styled JD "B" with factory flat spoked rear wheels (rubber tires).  The right side has 16 spokes while the left has only 12.  Was this original since the furrow wheel experienced more torque, or is one of them an incorrect wheel? (John Nordhoff)

(3/22/98) Is there anyone out there that collects Massey-Harris in the area in or near North Carolina?

(3/20/98) I have a John Deere B and it leaks oil from the fan shift.  Does anyone know how to stop this? Thanks Greg.

(3/19/98)This may not be quite the right forum, but I thought I would ask anyway. I was wondering if anyone here have had any experience with Belarus tractors, in particular a model 500 with four cyl. diesel? I was considering the the purchase of one and thought I might get some good feedback here.
Thanks Rick - (Rick Cook)

(3/17/98) I have recently purchased a 9n. I have been told that before I start to mow with it, I am going to want to attach a devise to the PTO to disengage the mower deck in order to be able to stop safely. Can anyone help me with the name of this item, the cost, and where I can purchase one?     jlckmj@execpc

(3/16/98)  I have experienced a problem with a 1979 Ford 555 Backhoe diesel engine and would very much like some experienced assistance.  Gradually the engine has become rough running especially at idle.  Then recently after operating the tractor for about one hour, the engine suddenly started missing badly at all speeds.  At the same instant the foot throttle became "sticky", would not return to idle on its own.  After a few minutes at no load and fast idle, while checking for obstructions to the throttle linkage,  the missing deminished and the throttle loosened up.  No obstructions were found.  This incidence leads me to believe that the injector pump is getting ready to go.  If I check the injectors by loosening one fuel line at time and then, if noticable difference,  I swap injectors between cylinders to see if the missing is consistant with the injector or the pump / cylinder, will this method properly evaluate the injection system?  What would cause the throttle to become sticky?  And does this indicate a serious problem for the pump? (Ellick Wilson)

(3/15/98) I am shopping for a garden tractor for light landscaping work and mowing 3 acres.  Money is a real issue.  Any suggestions on the best product?  So far I am leaning toward Arien's, Kubota and John Deere.

(3/15/98) I have a "Rototiller" brand rototiller, model B1-6. It is a very large, factory yellow, rear tine tiller. I can remember my Great Uncle Joe letting me ride on the gas tank when I was about 4 years old (I am now 40).  I have no idea how long he had it, if anyone can tell me the years they manufactured these or any info on them, I would really appreciate it. (I have tilled my garden with it 2 years in a row!!) (Brian Niles)

(3/14/98) I was told a tractor was built in the 50,s in Ohio sold as Brockway tractors???  Can anyone help? Any info. will be great. (Lisa Higinbotham)

(3/13/98) Can anybody help me with a little history on a Ford "A" model? It is a fairly small tractor with a Model A flathead 4 cyl. car engine in it. I have heard my share of theories, but nothing of any historical fact. Was this a production Ford tractor or was this some backyard project? Any

information would be appreciated.

(3/12/98) A while back I bought a farmall sicklebar mower... it was in need of new teeth so I have ordered them.  But I would like to attempt to restore the mower back to it's original paint and condition  In order to do this I need to see a picture. Does any one out there have any pictures of this mower?  I would appreciate PICs. Send to:    Thanks

(3/10/98) I have a stock 1948 Cockshutt 30 with the Buda engine. I was wondering  if it is okay to put something like "Slick 50" or any other oil additive in this tractor and if it would benefit the engine at all. please send answer to Harry DeKleer  -

(3/10/98) I have a tractor that came with my property and the  handy man wants to restore it to running order.  How do I find out more about it, such as age?  It has a serial number PCA 22342.  Any help is appreciated.

(3/9/98) I am still trying to find out somthing about an 8n Ford I bought that appears to be a commerical tractor. On the transmission case the letters 8nc are cast. Were there a lot of the insusturial/commerical Red Belly Fords made?

(3/9/98) What are the specifications for a Ford 9N coil resister.  I know it needs to reduce the voltage from approximately 6 to 3.5 volts.  I have tried ones that look the same but don't reduce the voltage down enough and cause premature coil failure.  I've heard that one's for certain cars work well but don't know the makes, models and years.  The Ford dealer wants $28.00 for a $2.00 part.  Could someone please help me? Bob Jones -  e-mail is

(3/9/98) I am rebuilding a block, I have seen the timing mark on my flywheel.  However, when I reassemble, what am I timing to?  Is there a position to crank and mark, or what?  Thanks for any help or advice  Allen R.

(3/8/98) My stepfather has a friend who has a Lehr Big Boy...He is having difficulty finding any information, or parts for it.  Does anyone know anything about them or know where he can find any parts?  Please e-mail me at and I will make sure he receives the info.

(3/7/98) Have a 1949 John Deere Model M with a wide front end and a hydraulic lift on it.  I need to find out how much it is worth.  Does anyone know? Please e-mail me at if you can help me. TIA.  W. McRaven

(3/5/98) Does any one know much about a Grand Haven tractor?  Is there any interest in this tractor?  I may be purchasing a Grand Haven that has had the front wheels cut off and an AC G mounted on it.  The guy has an AC G that I want but won't seperate, so am looking for possible interested parties for the Grand Haven. Scott McCarthy, Tiro OH - Phone (419) 492-2871 or E-Mail me at:

(3/4/98) Thanks to Tim Johnston, I think I have my mystery step down tranmission identified (see longwinded note of mine from 2/28). Tim suggested it was used on tractors used as trench diggers for gas lines and such. The low ground speed a 100:1 transmission would  definitely be a requirement for trenching.  In fact, when he mentioned it, I remembered just such a TO-30 that

was for sale at last year's Western NY Gas and Steam festival in Alexander, NY.  I didn't look close enough at it to notice what the transmission/s were, but if it's there this year it will get more of my attention.  Thanks also to Denny Springer for the suggestion that I try an over-run clutch with my brush hog to prevent it's flywheel effect from driving me forward even with the clutch engaged or winding up my transmission so I can't get it out of gear. (Al Bowen)

(3/3/98) The only key we owned, along with the tractor manual for our 1954 Pony was destroyed in a fire last week (along with my late parent's house, garage, and tool shed).  Since we'll be needing the 'ol Pony soon to mow and do odd jobs, I've got to find a key soon....we actually found the key ring in the ashes, but the key (which I think was aluminum), was completely melted.  It's a simple key with just one notch on top and bottom.  Any idea where I can find one?  John W -

(3/3/98) We are opening a business and would like information or addresses for some companys.  The ones we still need to contact are Dynamark, Homelite, and Briggs & Stratton.  Any information you would have about becoming an authorized service dealer for these companys would be greatly appreciated.

(3/2/98) Homesteader garden tractor:  ThisHomesteader tractor was made in Clinton, Arkansas.  It  has a 16 hp kohler engine. I  need any  information on it, can anyone help? Thank you, (Sandy Delano)

(3/2/98) I'm searching for 'any' type of information on TRACTOMOTIVE loaders which were manufactured in Deerfield, Illinois.  I purchased one at auction and am having trouble finding anybody that knows much about them.  Can anyone help with this? Any info or guidance would be most appreciated!  Bernie Jensen, Overton, NE (308) 987-2380 or E-mail to:

(3/2/98) My father has a Townsend tractor and a Co-op tractor.  I was wondering if anyone had any information about these tractors re their history.  I know that the Townsend was only made for a few years.  I would also like to know the value of these tractors. (Vonita Holub)

(3/2/98) Timing a H4 Magneto: I have to replace the 24 tooth gear that mates with the rotor (someone filed a larger notch in mine). Is there any timing marks on these gears so I know how to put it back together? How do you time it to the tractor?

(3/2/98)  Jaeger mixer, hit miss.  This mixer was shipped to the Millwood NY train station in 1918, for the Firestone tire family to build their mansion.  It was not used, but stored there until the 1940s when dad bought it.  He brought it home and uncrated it, and assembled it.  They used it a little bit on and off, mostly off.  Dad built his house in 1957, and let the mason contractors use this mixer.  They tried to put gas in it while it was running and set fire to the truck it was sitting on.  The engine was not burned but the truck was. That was the last it was run.  It still sits down below, the old jaeger engine, in the mixer engine compartment, waiting for someone to get her running again.  You can still read the decal ''JAEGER'' on the motor.  Someone told me it is an Economy motor, I don't know ,its big with two big flywheels on it. Does anyone know anything about this type of setup?

(2/28/98) I have come across a Minneapolis Moline engine that appears to be a converted tractor engine.  I am trying to restore a MM ZTU (1944 vintage) and am trying to determine if this irrigation engine could possibly supply me some needed engine parts.  The block number is RE152D, with a crankcase casting number of 206 A4A.  My blocks are the RE151A or B version, with the RE casting number.  Can anyone tell me what model of tractor this engine is from?  Tim Creger

(2/28/98) I was wondering if you could help me. I have been trying to find out some information regarding Earthmaster Tractors. I know they were based in Burbank, California and were only in business a few years.  (1) What can you tell me about Earthmaster Tractors- their uniqueness, their

history, ect. (2) How desirable are they to tractor collectors today?  (3) How would their value rank relative to other antique and collectible tractors?  (4) Are their parts easy to obtain?  (5) In what approximate price range can they be purchased today?  If you can answer any of these questions, please e-mail me at SodeFH@AOL.COM.  Thank you for your time, Trevor

(2/28/98) I posted the following message on the Yesterday's Tractor Ferguson Cafe site, but haven't gotten a response there yet. Anyone over here have a clue? I'm starting to wonder if maybe it may be a Ford aftermarket item...

Have a '51 TO-20 that I use quite a bit in tight quarters with a 5' Dixie brush hog. The single stage clutch and the relatively high ground speed make for some fancy clutchwork and steering at times. Not to mention the tendancy to sneak a few "slip the clutch just a little" episodes. Anyhow the lack of a live clutch can't be overcome, but I thought I had a shot at the high ground speed problem. I was aware of the Sherman conversions, but finding one of them in good shape that someone wants
to part with is a longshot. While standing in the aisle at CT (Central Tractor) leafing through one of the few books on Fergusons, I chanced upon another solution. One of the pictures showed some tractors that went to the North or South pole (forget which one...). They were half tracked and steered with brakes, but the thing that caught my eye was what appeared to be another
transmission that was slipped in between the transmission and the rear end housing. Since I was in the Batavia, NY store, which is a parts depot for CT, I figured I'd see if they had ever heard of it or had one. I couldn't believe it when the parts guy said yeah, got one out on a pallet in the back lot!
After checking it out, I became the proud owner of a greasy 200 lb hunk of cast iron and steel gears. It needed some new roller bearings due the weather, but otherwise it was cherry. It had no markings other than "100 4-1" on one side. It's front and rear flanges will mate perfectly with the Fergy's once
it's split. The unit is exactly 10" long, probably not enough to throw the seating position off too much. An 8" long handle on top allows you to select straight through (original gears through a 1:1 ratio) or, and this was the shocker that stopped me from going any farther with rebuilding it, a 100:1, yes 100:1 step down!!!!! Honest. I turned it through by hand over and over again until I couldn't deny it any longer. Now you might say so what, that's still probably okay. Think about it-top speed in 4th
gear is maybe 14 mph. 10:1 would make that 1.4 mph. 100:1 would make it 0.14 mph. That a little more than 1/8 mph. 5280 feet divided by 8 is 660 feet per HOUR, or about 11 feet per MINUTE! I keep hoping I've got something wrong, like maybe the 100 4-1 means a choice of 100:1, 4:1 and 1:1, but so far I can't seem to line the gear set up to give anything other that the 100:1 and 1:1. S0, after all that, the question is can anyone shed some light on what I've got and what it could possibly have been designed for? I have a number of digital pictures that I just took, if you would like to see them drop me a line and I'll attach the JPEG files to a note. (Al Bowen)

(2/28/98) I have two JD-H tractors. One I have completely restored ,including new rubber. No PTO, hydraulics or electric start. Strictly a pull type tractor. The second tractor is original, has electrics, hydraulics and PTO.  Paint and sheetmetal are good.  How much are these tractors bringing at this time?  I need to insure them.  Thanks, Mike -

(2/28/98) I have (I'm told) a Massey Harris running gear (the wheels and frame of a farm wagon.)  It is unique because it is all iron (wheels, bolsters, hounds, etc.) except for the reach and the tongue which are wood.  It is a floating tongue type running gear and appears to never have had brakes on it.  It has roller bearings in the wheels which are about four inches in diameter and about eight inches in length.  I can't find any identification on the running gear.  Is there any way I can know it is Massey Harris?  Any way I can find out about when it was made?  Thanks for any info. (K. W. Boesen)

(2/28/98) Does anyone have any information on the Magna American Corp?? You manufactured lawn tractors originally out of Cincinnati, Ohio and later from Raymond, Mississippi.  I believe the tractors were sold by Sears and JC Penny stores.  Any info on this company or where I might

get parts for a circa 1965 Magna American Magna-Trac Deluxe 9HP tractor, model # 507899 would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jim Siebert -

(2/26/98) I need the address of the John Deere Office that can tell me the date my tractor was made, and where it was first sold.  Can anyone help me with this address?

(2/25/98) Recently aquired a cast iron tractor or other type of farm implement seat.  It has "BUCKEYE" and "AKRON" in about 2"  letters, and holes cast into it much like the pierced holes in a stamped tractor seat. Can anyone tell me what type of implement it came from, and when it was in

use? Thanks - Glenn Bowen/nyc

(2/24/98) I have a friend that is looking for a attachment to his Tractor a "Bushhog".  As you can tell I know nothing about tractors, but I told him I would help him out.  If you have any information on this please send it to me, and I will relay the message. Thank you,  Fidel - (Fidel Ruiz)

(2/24/98) I would like to know if anyone has any idea about how many MASSEY HARRIS

CHALLENGERS are in Canada, or else how many of them in North America are running.  I have heard that there are only four of them recorded to be running in all of Canada.  Is this true?  Also does anyone know how many MASSEY HARRIS 44-DIESEL LONG BODY - STANDARD FRAME tractors were built. My Dad has recently restored one and was told that there were only five of them built in the world.  Also, is there an antique tractor mailing list where you can send a message to and have it forwarded to all other subscribers?  There was one called the "Antique Tractor Forum", but I cannot find the address.  Please email Tash at:

(2/24/98) Does anyone have the original paint brand & order numbers for the 2N, 9N, and furguson?   Thanks. (James M Brinkley)

(2/23/98) I've recently rebuilt the Perkins diesel in my MF35 and can't get the precombustion chamber caps on the side of the head to stop leaking. Have replaced the gaskets twice. Anybody know if there is a torque spec. or any sealant that can be used? Thanks. (Nike Lemanek)


(2/23/98) I am interested in finding out the original color of the rope trip plows made by Oliver.  I don't know the model that I have or the year.  All I do know is that it is a rope trip, two bottom 16"  with 16 inch tires.  At this point it has no paint what so ever..  I would appreciate any help or history on this plow.  Can anyone help me with this? Thanks a lot, Mike from Michigan.

(2/23/98) Anyone that owns a CASE DO s/n 8038400 thru 8038499, I would like to have some information on the whereabouts of any of these 100 tractors, I own s/n 8038447 and know the locality of only three more. There were 84 LP models and 16 gas tractors in this lot. 24 of the LP models were changed to gas. 58 of these went to Pounds Motor Co. in Florida, 2 to Medloch(?) in Orlando, Florida, Several went to Islington Ontario, 1 to Columbus Ohio, a couple to North Carolina, and only 8 came to Michigan, six on the day mine was shipped, (only 2 of the 8 were originally gas manifold tractors), mine and one other that went to Traverse City, (same ship date as mine.) These were the last DO's sold. There were 24 shipped to Florida after mine... all LP. 14 of the 16 original gas manifold tractors were shipped prior to March 7th, 1954.  Mine was shipped Aug. 26, 1954.  Any info would be appriciated as I'm writing an article on these tractors. Can anyone submit info? (C. D. Harper)

(2/23/98) JD "B" 199xxx, can someone tell me what the p.s.i. reading should be when doing a compression test?  Will this test be accurate when using the starter to turn the engine?

(2/21/98) Restoring about 1925 Twin City Tractor.  Need Info on correct procedures to follow to time the 16 valve engine.  Does anyone know how to do this and would be willing to help? (Garnet Taylor)

(2/20/98) I am a David Brown Tractor collector and restorer living in  Sweden. I will visit Minneapolis for a business tripp from March 21 to March 26 and would like to know if there are any farm tractor museum`s in the area to visit. Ingemar Karlsson -

(2/19/98) I am a freelance writer for some of the antiques and collectibles publications and I'm trying to write an article about Earthmaster Tractors.  They were based in Burbank California and were only in business for a few years.  I am having difficulty finding out much information about them.  I'd appreciate your input on the topic. Would you have any answers to the following questions? :

1.  What can you tell me about Earthmaster Tractors - their uniqueness,
their history, etc.
2.  How desirable are they to a tractor collector today?
3.  Are their parts easy to obtain?
4.  How would their value Rank relative to other antique and collectible
5.  In what approximate price range can they be purchased today?

Your input would be most appreciated. Thanks Jim Romeo

(2/19/98) Rumor control said there is going to be an auction in Montana in June, near Billings.

Lots of OLD tractors etc. Can anyone clue me in? Thanks. Fritz

(2/19/98) We have an old dirt scaper (tumble type) made by Brown tool Company, Fresno

Tx. Fort Bend county (I believe), a foundry which went out of business long ago. My father worked for International Harvester for 40 years plus, and likes to research old equipment, and would like to gather whatever documentation that may be available concerning the company or its products. Can anyone help with this? (Kevin Karli)

(2/18/98) Could anyone help me with some information an the Wagnor Manufacturing Co. in Portland, Oregon? Stuff like how many sizes were made, serial number breakdowns etc. Thank You, Shorty Dear Phone (806) 435-3968 -

(2/18/98) I would like some info on Wheel Horse garden tractors and info on Baariggs & Stratton engines.  Can anyone help? Murry Jones, Tynewyddm Borth Aberystwyth Wales (UK) SY24 5NY.  Phone/Fax 01970 871 478 -

(2/17/98) I am looking for any information, articles, parts, tools, pictures, etc., on the Hume Tractor that was built in my town of Hume IL from 1913 to 1917, approximately only 35 tractors were built. The company was then sold to The Atlas Lyons Co. of Indianapolis IN and the tractor was discontinued.  The people of this small town have tried for years to find anyone with connections to this rare  tractor. If any has seen one or knows of any parts for one,  please contact Mike Grafton, P.O. Box 33, Hume IL 61932 or e-mail me at:

(2/16/98) Re: Case VA or VAC.  Did Case Corporation ever make a high crop version of this tractor?  I've found a case tractor with the high profile of a high crop. Were there many made, if this configuration of tractor exists? Anyone knowing of this version, how long are front end spindles or rear housing height compared to a regular VA or Vac, so I can do some measuring to see if it is a high crop. I hope my endeavor of checking this out proves to be a high crop because I'd sure like to get one. - David

(2/15/98) Any information on a super 77 Oliver serial # 21734702 would be greatly

appreciated. Joyce Cleary.  E-mail address is:

(2/14/98) I have a 9N ford tractor and would like to know what the min. max. engine compression specifications are.  I checked mine cold and they were all in the 65 pound range, and later hot they were in the 75 pound range.  By reading the various bulletin boards I would expect about 90 pounds.  Mine seems to run good and doesn't use any oil.  When should you consider doing an engine overhaul?  Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide. Bob Jones, E-mail to:

(2/14/98) Does anybody know what happend to Earth Channel, and Classic Tractor Fever Show?  Bubba Rex, 1911 Main St, Vancouver WA 98660. -

(2/11/98) My father has a caterpiller 2T Serial Number 78510.  Can anyone tell us the year it was built?  Thanks, M Simpson, British Columbia -

(2/11/98) Does anyone know the proper paint codes for a Super 44 Oliver?  I'm just now starting the restoration project.  Any help would be appreciated. If anyone is restoring a Super 44 Oliver, please contact me, I'd like to ask some questions.  MARK AMICK

(2/10/98) Is there a location on the net to find out current values and prices of Antique Tractors?  I am looking for one that also rates them such as poor-good-restored. I would also like info on current auction prices as well. Thanks e-mail:

(2/10/98) I recently purchased a small "Economy Tractor". It came with a 48" cutting deck with 3 blades & the same size plow, with a 16HP Kohler engine. The tractor is driveshaft driven and seems to have the original decals on it. It is also painted bright orange ( the seller told me it was made in the mid 70's) . However, I have never heard or seen this type of lawn tractor before. I would like any information pertaining to this tractor that I can get. I would also like to know if any options or attachments are available. Thank you in advance. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (Dean Romaniello)

(2/10/98) Has anyone had any experience with buying tractor parts from Walt's Tractor

Parts. Do you know if they are reliable? (Keith M Hartsfield Jr)

(2/8/98) I was wondering if anyone knows anything about converting a regular pickup to dually's?

I have a Dodge (Heavy 3/4 Ton) with 16.5 wheels. Will the wheels from an old GMC motor home with 16.5 (dually's), work on my truck? Gary Dougherty - or Personal Web Site address:

(2/7/98) What is the best stuff to put into a locked up tractor motor to free it up?

(2/7/98) My neighbor is looking for the top link for an International 240 utility tractor with an industrial 3 point hitch.  Anybody have any ideas where to look?  Thanks. (Brian Winter)

(2/6/98) I purchased a 49 Super A Farmall that has a very loud transmission, in all gears. Also noisy in neutral w/clutch engaged. Is there any way to quiet this without splitting tractor? Thanks, Grady. (Grady Lyle Morrow)


(2/5/98) I  have purchased a SEARS antique tractor and unlike my larger tractors, I am having trouble finding restoration info on this machine.  I would also like to purchase an attachment for this tractor. Can anyone help me with this? (Michael W Gerhart).

(2/2/98) I am looking for a Huber Traction Engine (don't know year or HP) that was my grandfathers and sold in 1979 when he died. It was located in Hummelstown Pa.  The engine was totally restored to show quality and was modified to be oil fired.  It also had a steam generator to run the lights on the canopy and oil injection pump.  Also, the name D.B. McCorkel was cast into the firebox door, and painted on the water and oil tanks. Can anyone help me with this?  I appreciate the help. Thanks John Lonwill E-mail yo:

(2/2/98) JD 584 plow serial 18435.  Can anyone direct me to where I could find info on the age and image of this JD 2-14 plow? (Dale E. Uhl) 
(1/31/98) I bought a Farmall M and would like to know when it was built. I heard that there is a web page that listed serial numbers and the date these numbers were manufactured. I can't find it. Can anyone help? Thanks, Ken Yarish -

(1/28/98) I am looking at a MF 210. The owner does not know its' value. The tractor has 810.4 hours, 25HP, 2 cylinder, 4 cycle diesal engine. Also, the power take-off max horsepower is 21 @ 2500 rpm. Included is a Woods undermounted mower, model 306L. Can anyone can give us an objective value? If so, please E-mail me at: - Thanks, Greg Wilson.

(1/28/98) I wonder if you could help me find information on the Clark gas engine or know where to start looking? Thanks for now. Neil Clark -

(1/28/98) Does anyone know the correct paint code for a Massey Harris 30? Please include wheel color also. - (Martin Shinn)

(1/26/98) I am looking for any information and attachments for my tractor. It's a 1947 Case VAC, it has an unusual serial number, in that the first letters are "EXP". I have the manual for it and it has some type of x-ray looking thing showing some type of gear. I believe the number on the gear is a "1". Does anyone know what I gotten myself into? I would like a wide front end and tillage equipment (tiller, cultivator, planter) Any help, leads or equipment for sale, please email: - Jarrod Loerzel, PO Box 64, Mineral IL 61344 or Phone (309) 288-5701.

(1/25/98) I have been looking for my first tractor for months now. I've gotten a lot of help from books and the net on selecting a good project. I want a tractor I can use right away, but restore it in the end. I have considered an AC WD 45, AC D series, Oliver 77, and I have recently thought about a John Deere 430U. I live in British Columbia and can't afford to be too extravagent due to our loonie. It's hard finding tractors around here. I need a wide front style, and would like to put a front end loader on the tractor I buy. I haven't seen any ACs around here yet, and the only Oliver I have looked at would cost me a lot of money to ship up from the states. The John Deere 430 is only 5 hours away from me so I can take a look at it on a weekend. It has power steering, good sheet metal, 5 speed, pto, 3 point with a back blade, and new tires. The negative side is it smokes when first started (worn rings?), and the fifth gear is stripped. The owner is asking $3,500 Canadian,
(about $2,400 US) for it. Is this a good price and is that 5th gear repair going to cost me a lot of money and headache? Looking forward to ideas and opinions, Thanks - Paul Stanley, Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

(1/24/98) A friend recently bought an IH tractor and doesn't know what year or model. It is believed to be in the 30's. It has IH stamped on the hood. and has 1500DE cast in to the axle. He could not find a serial # on the engine. If you can help with any information on this tractor or where the serial # may be on the engine, it would be a great help. Thanks (Hugh Bockbrader)

(1/24/98) I need to know what other bearing maker's numbers match a Cockshutt number T-8828 thrust bearing for spindle on adjustable wide front for 570 Cockshutt. I can be e-mailed at

(1/24/98) My father owns a 1939 Ford 9N that has a problem after the engine warms up. The ignition timing seems to change causing it to backfire and eventually stop running. After it has had time to cool down, it starts right up and runs fine until it gets hot again. New points, gapped properly, check out ok. New plugs. Does anyone have any ideas what might be happening? E-mail us at: - Thanks.

(1/23/98) Could somebody please help me! I am looking to buy a FORD lawn tractor model LGT 165, serial #3336 9140. It has a Kohler engine model k341AQS, spec#71147A ,serial#9010693 with a 42 inch deck and hydro transmission. I would like to find out what year it is. Please help me! E-mail me at

(1/23/98) What is the "GOING" price for a single bottom JD plow for a JD-H tractor? This plow appears to be in excellent condition. Thanks, Mike -

(1/22/98) My brother recently bought an 80 year old handle shop business. The machines all run off lineshafts and are powered by a Buda powerplant. Can any one help us to find suppliers for parts as the need arises. Thank you in advance. (Michael J Luft)

(1/21/98) Does anyone out there have any info on the first Economy tractors built by Engineering Products Co. that was located in Milwaukee, Wisconson? We have a 1947 model with S/N 215 on it. We are looking for manuals, ads, pictures, etc. - Thanks, Rick Goodman

(1/21/98) Does anyone have the paint codes for a Massey Harris 44? - (Ginny A Hensley)

(1/21/98) I have a Nuffield tractor model 4/65. Does anyone know how to find out the year of this tractor and where to get parts and a manual? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Randall C Kelly)

(1/21/98) I have and early styled John Deere model B that has an aftermarket seat suspension. The only thing that everyone I have asked agrees on is that it is called a "Joyride". Does anyone know any more about this? (Craig Schommer)

(1/19/98) Does anyone know how to set up the clearance on the rear axles on a Ferguson TEA20 after replacing the oil seals?? Apparently its done by substituting shims of different thicknesses, seems hit and miss to me. I am told that if you get it wrong, the new seals leak PDQ!! (Tony Baker)

(1/19/98) Does anyone know about the red belly Fords that were built as industurial tractors? Do they have any collection value? (Raymond Bagwell)

(1/19/98) I had a reply so fast with my last posting, that I am back here again looking for more information. We have an International Harvester model A. The grill is screen not bars, and the front axel is square, not round. Is this original, or has someone modified it to their liking? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

(1/19/98) I have a friend (who is not on the 'net) who needs some carb float parts for his Cockshutt 40. Can anyone tell us who manufactured the carb for Cockshutt....or possibly direct us to someone who would have parts or a whole used carb? Thanks. Jon Pritchard -

(1/16/98) We are currently restoring a Cockshutt 20 (not the deluxe). Can anyone give me some info on this tractor, or tell me where I might find the info? I am looking for the year and paint colours on it. Thanks

(1/16/98) I'm looking for any kind of information on the Long tractor company, which built tractors in the 1950s. Know the history? Where can I get parts? email me at: Thanks!

(1/16/98) How do I know what my tractors are worth? Is there a publication with this information? Thank you. Enid Versteeg

(1/15/98) I have a 1939 M Farmall. It needs a 4th gear, does anyone know if this gear is different from later tractors and if it is, where could I find one? Also, I pull this tractor in stock antique class. I am curious on any little tuning tricks done with the cam or cam timing or any other tricks to make a stock run. Also need any information possible on a 1939 M. -

(1/15/98) Can anyone offer suggestions for engine modifications for a 1941 John Deere A? It is an all-fuel tractor. What is casting number for late model head that will fit? What later model carb(gas) will work? Any other suggestiions will be appreciated as long as they are affordable. I love my Deeres, and I love my wife - I want to keep both of them. email at:

(1/15/98) I bought a Farmall B yesterday and would like to know when it was built. A few months ago I ran across a web page that listed serial numbers and the date these numbers were manufactured. I didn't bookmark that page and now I can't find it again. Can anyone help? Merritt J. Taylor. My address is

(1/13/98) My Father recently bought a McCormick Deering 10/20 but the plates with the serial number have been removed. Is there any other way to determine either the serial number or the exact year that this tractor was built ??

(1/13/98) I have an old Ferguson TO35 Standard Diesel tractor I am trying to get to run. It will not start without using starter fluid or pushing off. I have restored the glow plugs, rebuilt the injector, new piston liners, new rings, valve job, and it still will not start on its own. I have been told this particular Standard Diesel came from England and has a history of timing chain problems which is what I want to tackle next. I need any help from someone who has any knowledge or experience with this problem, source of parts, tips, etc. Also I lose oil pressure after running a short time along with a control problem with 3 point hitch. Anyone have the answers? Thanks, Keith Hartsfield, St.Petersburg, Fl. -

(1/11/98) My father is restoring an old Norseman tractor. They are a make all of their own, built by Norseman Industries Toronto, Ontario. The model he has is #423rd one off assembly. Does anyone out there have any helpful info? - - Thanks everyone.

(1/11/98) I want to know what kind of pistons you guys are using when you take the sleeves out of the Farmall M? I have heard you can get up to a five inch piston in these blocks. Are these IH Pistons from another tractor? What about rods? I'm at: from Indiana.

(1/10/98) I am reclaiming a single row "Belle City" cornpicker from our grove and possibly restoring it. So far all I found that it was possibly made in Racine WI, with the company sold to Ferguson somewhere in the 40's. Any one with information, pics, specs, etc please contact Keith O. Allison, Rt 3, Box 80A, Sleepy Eye, MN. 56085-9515 or - THANKS

(1/10/98) Your tractor web page is great and has been a great help to me as I approach buying my first older tractor. Could I please post a "query" on your question and answer page? I'm looking for any information on the Allis Chalmers Model, stories, sources of parts and accessories, etc. I plan to work this tractor some and would also like folks opinion of it as a "worker". Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work!! (Marty Lomasney)

(1/10/98) I need help finding info about a crawler/loader named Tractomotive TS5 manufactured in Deerfield, Illinois, probably in the 50s. Anyone near Chicago work there or remember the Company??? Thanks for your help. I am at - From Waynesboro, VA, Buddy and Sandi Padgett. Best regards from the Great Valley of Virginia.

(1/9/98) Gday from Australia, I've got this Caterpillar dozer/crawler. It's serial number: 2T 6172 SP, tractor number: 4G 8989. I would love any information on it, picture of a restored one, manuals(?), anything at all to help me restore this thing to its former glory. Can anybody help with this? Thanks already, Lawrence Hose (Naringal, Australia) -

(1/8/98) I have a 1930 John Deere GP with wide tread. This tractor needs restoration and is missing its seat. Is there a market for such vehicles, or does anyone know where to get information about its value? Thanks. Julia Grant - jsg2@guinness,

(1/8/98) I have a small cast iron container that resembles a small milk bottle. On one side it says "Use to replace glass bottle if broken". Is this a precleaner bottle? If so can anyone tell me what it belongs to? (Craig Schommer)

(1/7/98) Does anyone know a site that would provide the serial numbers and years of Minneapolis Moline Broncos. All that I have found only supply the numbers for other MM products. Ken.

(1/7/98) Looking for some help. I have a CASE serial number VAO 5164621. I know nothing about it. Would like to learn approximate year, proper color and sources for parts. Anybody willing to help?

(1/5/98) I have an old horse or mule drawn disc with the name "Deering" in seat. It has 12 disc; six on each side in one row and what looks like a place to attach additional rows on the rear. I would like to know the original color so I can paint it. Also, any background such as age, etc. I find no model no's, but several of the larger parts have what appear to be part numbers on them all followed by an "H". thanks John Stich

(1/4/98) Hi my name is Gordon Brevik. I'm trying to find out what is the best and easiest way to clean out old gas tanks on the N's. I also have a Crawley 75 with a hydraulic lift (stock) that I'm trying to find out where I could get books on it. Can anyone help? "THANKS" -

(1/2/98) Where is the best and most reasonable priced place to purchase fenders for unstyled "A" and "B" John Deere?

(1/2/98) Old John Deere Model A - I would like to find out the year and ID#. The ID plate is not readable, but I was told that it was the first year that they had elec.starter . Is there any other place on the tractor that I could get the ID# from? HELP!

(1/2/98) I would like to know what is the smallest six cylinder diesel tractor that Moline built in the G series, or in the 1960,s. May be interested in buying one.Thanks - (Stephan, Clinton)

(1/2/98) We have on our farmette in TN a couple of VERY old John Deere planters. How can I go about finding out when they were made, if they have any value, and info on selling them? They have seats on them - were they horse pulled? Please reply to

(1/1/98) I have a 1957 Oliver Super 55 farm tractor but I do not have the gear shift sequence plate on how to go from low and high range on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd gears. If anyone has gear sequence pattern on how to shift from low and high range in each gear, could you share this with me? I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me at: or fax to (304) 262-9548. Thanks, Roger Catlett

(12/31/97) I have a '54 Ford Jubilee that has been used nearly to death. It's the first tractor that I've ever owned and I'm having a real good time with it. I've had to rebuild the starter, the carb, the wiring harness and various other parts. Had to flush the coolant six times to get the brown guck out of it. Had to have the gas tank dipped and resealed to stop the rust and dirt from flowing into the petcock (which also had to be replaced). It's being used to maintain a small horse operation and I hope to pick up another one next year to restore completely. The problem that I'm having at the moment has to do with the three point setup on the back. One arm is adjustable, the other is solid. When the adjustable arm is cranked all the way up it's still not level with the other arm. Across the length of a six foot blade there is a difference in height of about eight inches. I'm sure that the difference can be adjusted out but the I&T shop manual that I have for it doesn't discuss it. If you can give me any insight into this or refer me to documentation it would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to

(12/31/97) I've looked everywhere for a water pump and housing for a Massey Harris 22. To this point I've had no luck at all. Can anyone help? I have all the numbers of these parts. (Jeff Coffell)

(12/30/97) Farmall 400 carburetor float - performance question: I have an International Farmall 400, just rebuilt the engine, but idles and runs rich (dark smoke), can't put under load - too much snow. When I lower the floats the exhaust clears up, but the engine is so lean it won't move the tractor. Raising the float just a touch (1/16th or so) brings back the dark smoke and spark plug fouling. The owner just informed me that when he first purchased the tractor years ago he had the same problem and his mechanic found that someone had removed one side of the float pair. Don't know if this was a fix or a desperation move.Found Ser. # 1014 S on bellhousing - Bruce Leseman 1-800-935-2725, Thanks for the help

(12/29/97) Any documentation relating to a GM Galloway 1-3/4 Horsepower engine that was primarily used in graineries and saw mills? The only numbers on the engine are 5983 (which may just be the serial number). If you have any information please e-mail:
Regards, Michael Austin

(12/29/97) I'm trying to get the dates for the August 1998 Steam Show and Threshing Bee in Sycamore/Dekalb Illinois. Does anyone know the specific dates? The village hall and chamber of commerce in Sycamore and Dekalb have no information on the actual dates. Please someone let me know or let me know who to contact. Thank you! -- Linda Bruell, Delta Systems Co., Inc., 1400 Miller Parkway, McHenry IL 60050-7030. Phone 815-363-3582, Fax 815-363-2948 or E-Mail to: -

(12/28/97) Info. Needed - How much should a 1944 Farmall H restored on cut-offs and a factory wide front with a new 12 volt conversion and with good tires be worth?

(12/28/97) I have a pair of two ribbed fenders 29 to 30 inches tall, two mounting holes... the mounting surface is at a 30 degree angle. These were on my 435 John Deere when I bought it. I have replaced them with the proper three ribbed fenders and would like advertise the old ones for sale but do not know what they really fit. Can anyone shed any light on this? Any help would be appreciated. Mark Amick

(12/28/97) Who made or makes the piston ring expander pliers. Exactly like those illustrated in the John Deere service manual SM-2004, page 60-15-5, Figure 60-15-16. Or is there any literature on service tools for the John Deere Two -Cylinder tractors?

(12/27/97) I am looking for information about an oddball? A single front wheel on a Farmall H. It is a factory single front setup with a 7.50 x 10 tire. Is this an unusual front? Desirable or white elephant? I am considering buying this old tractor. Any comments appreciated (e-mail best). Thanks, John Wilkens -

(12/27/97) I would like information on "twister" tractors such as colors, decals, manufacturer, etc. These tractors bend in the middle to steer. Someone told me that Bolens made these and were probably made until the 70's. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.

(12/27/97) Hi! I was just surfing the net looking for information on the little two ton Caterpillar track tractor used in orchards and on farms in Atlantic Canada in the 20's and 30's. If you can add anything to my collection of information it would be greatly appreciated as I am hoping to restore one in the near future. John -

(12/26/97) I need information on what color yellow the wheels are on a 1950 Massey 22. Need to know the color number and brand name of the paint. I have seen a couple different colors in the Massey magazines, some are bright yellow and others are straw yellow. Which is proper? Does anyone have this information that they would like to share? Bob Shafer -

(12/25/97) I am assisting my father in researching historical & restoration information on his Caterpillar 10 (#3299) and his Cat 22 (#2F8662WSP) low seat, wide guage, special purpose, orchard tractor. He is particularly interested in knowing when and where the tractors were made, how many were made, and what the original selling price was? I know Dad will appreciate any information I am able to pass on to him, as he has not yet entered the internet world. Julia Lightner (

(12/25/97) I would like to know where books on a John Deere 440I Backhoe can be purchased? I would appreciate hearing where to find the subject matter. Thanks -

(12/24/97) I have a 1951 Farmall Super C with the serial number 121999 and I've been told by several knowledgeable sources that specific information was never made available when IH merged with Case in 1985 as to specific production dates, etc. However, is there a chance that there is a former International Harvester employee reading this request who might have at least a fair idea when this tractor was produced in 1951? Also, on the upper left corner of the backside of the radiator, I have noticed a small rusty metal tag that specifies "Melrose Parks Works" in Chicago, is this where the radiator was produced or was that where the tractor was produced? Some C Models and some Super C's were also produced at Louisville Works. Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed any light on this. I am a newcomer to IH tractor collecting, from Boonville, Indiana. -

(12/23/97) I have a John Deere #44 2-row turning plow. I need information on how to remove the left wheel (the one that drives the pickup gears). I removed the right & rear wheels but the left one has something unseen preventing it from sliding off. Can anyone help? Any info or manuals will be appreciated. Steve Auman -

(12/22/97) I recently purchased a Ford 600 and it is painted yellow. Much like caterpillar. It looks like original paint and primer (orange). Did Ford have a commercial line or did someone just paint it this color? I have been looking in books and have never seen a yellow one. Thanks Dennis Snow - Glendive, MT - E-Mail to:

(12/22/97) I am restoring a 1941 JD model D with tractor pulling in mind. Is there anyone out there with some knowledge of what kind of modifications could be made to help in this department? Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Heinz E-mail

(12/21/97) We recently bought an MM subsoiler on steel. We need information on this item. Anyone that can help, please e-mail -

(12/19/97) I am forwarding to you a query that I received - John Coates Fredericton, NB, Canada or -
Subject: McCormick Deering Haymover Model #7 - Hello, I don't know if you can help us. We are a small public library, and a patron has asked us to find out this: What kind of paint would I use to complete restoration of a McCormick Deering Haymower model #7. This model was probably circa 1920 and was pulled by horses. Naturally, we are not experts and our library is too small to have this information. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much, Reita in Reference -- Reita Lea Fackerell (503) 738-6742, phone Seaside Public Library or (503) 738-6742 fax ,60 N Roosevelt Seaside OR 97138 -

(12/17/97) My grandmother is interested in selling a 1946 John Deere tractor. It has had work done on the starter, but other than that, it's all original. It has the owner's manual, and the cancelled check that originally purchased it. I want to know if someone can give me some idea of its value. Thanks. Craig A. Corbin

(12/17/97) I'm trying to get some information on Allis Chalmers model #5040, i.e. parts, availability, etc. Thanks. Can anybody help? E-Mail Kim Harris at:

(12/16/97) Can anyone tell me the horsepower of a 1949 Farmall H ? Thanks!

(12/16/97) I need help gathering info on a garden tractor. I recently purchased a tractor thinking it was a Gibson, not knowing much about it except that it looked unusal. It turns out it is a Power Flex which was a Jim Stengel "Harvey" made in Boulder CO. If anyone knows anything about these tractors, your reply will be appreciated. Thanks, Mark Nice -

(12/15/97) I have painted several Farmalls with a red paint I buy from my local "farm store". The problem I'm having is this! For the first month or so the paint is bright red and then it seems to turn a deep "blood red". My question: What is a good brand of paint (without buying body shop quality) for these Farmalls? Thanks for your tips. Dennis J. Snow // Glendive MT //

(12/15/97) I'm restoring an 8N and I'm looking for a set of running boards. I would like the long ones (approx 3 foot) not the short ones. Is there an after market product or does someone have a set to sell? Thanks for your help. E-Mail Dennis Snow at:

(12/11/97) I recently purchased an Oliver model 70 tractor. I have to move the wheels in before it will fit on my trailer. It appears like the wheel tapers squeeze the hub so it clamps on the axle splines. What is the best way to move these wheels in considering they are quite rusty? (Dan J Venne)

(12/09/97) I have an Allis G that is not equipped with hydraulics. I am interested in setting it up with hydraulics. I have a few questions concerning this. Is this possible? How difficult is it? If it is possible I would really love to purchase the parts necessary to do this. If anyone can give me any info. concerning this I would really appreciate it. Call Daniel Thompson at (334) 567-3629.

(12/08/97) I am writing for a friend of mine from Chesterfield, Massachusetts. Glenn Donovan not only does farm work, but is a very good mechanic. He works rebuilding heavy equipment on the side for other people, and is very good at what he does. While at his place today, he told me that he decided to restore an old farm tractor that he has had for many years, and showed the 1919 Avery, model 5-10 to me. He said the only problem is he doesn't know where to get parts, and knows very little about this tractor. He has the engine, but it is in very bad repair, he feels he should find a better core to start with. He doesn't care for computers, (because he doesn't know how they work), and knew that I had access to the Internet. He asked if I could find information for him.
Would you have any ideas as to where he could look for information. His address: Glenn E. Donovan, Munson Road, Chesterfield, MA 01012. Phone (413) 296-4770 or- e-mail me @ Thank you, David Pichette

(12/07/97) I have an International 460 6 cyl diesel tractor. I believe it was manufactured in the early 60's. The identity plate on the bellhousing is gone, this is why I don't know for sure. Can y'all tell me other ways that I may be able to identify the year. Also this particular tractor did not come with a 3 point hitch from the factory. It presently has a front end loader on it. Coincidentally, the front end loader has a tag on it that has *460* stamped on it. I have all shop/service/parts manuals for this tractor. One other question. Do y'all know were there might be one that has a 3 point hitch that I can rob the parts off of? (for a price of course). Thank you, Monty Ashley -

(12/07/97) I was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I have a 1949 IH Cub and an almost complete reversing plow to go with it. The plow however, is missing the bracket, or whatever, that holds the "non plowing" plow up. Does anybody know what part I need and/or have a diagram or picture that would help me figure this thing out? Any information would be of great help.Thanks in advance, Michael Tucker

(12/06/97) I have an older tractor and I am unsure of the year and make. I do have the numbers off the engine and what I think is the model number. The numbers off the engine are 4B153, 11459C, 326770 and the model number is T-98-D-4A 47H278 if someone could help me out here I would like to know where to get a shop manual for this praticular model. Please email me at - Thank you Jim.

(12/05/97) I have been trying to restore a Farmall tractor and am having a bit of a time getting information on my project. The one I have has been changed to a four wheel drive unit and I would like to build one the way they were originally. I belong to a Vintage Power Machine Club here in Prince Albert, Sk. and we need any help we can. Can anyone lend information to this problem? Thanks, Wilbert Dick, Prince Albert, Sk. -

(12/05/97) I will be rebuilding the motor in my 1935 Farmall F-12 this winter. I am looking for a manual with all of the information on how to do this. Can someone tell me where I can find one? Please e-mail me at

(12/04/97) I have a 1967 Internation Cub tractor. I would like to know if anyone out there knows where I might get the color of the paint of both the yellow and the grey? E-Mail to Jeanette Morgan at:

(12/04/97) I have a Farmall 300 that has been sitting on my families farm for 10-20 years. I don't know if it had any major problems them but I am sure it does now. I know I am going to have to open her up and take a look inside, but how do you tell when a tractor is not restorable? I know that anything can be restored, but when can you tell if it would be better to scrap this tractor and buy one that at least runs? MarkTakacs@AOL.Com (MarkTakacs

(12/03/97) I'm trying to find some information on a horse drawn plow imprinted with "90" Any Ideas? (Judy)

(12/03/97) I have two walk-behind garden tractors, powered by 2.5 hp Lauson engines. I can find no ID, either tags or stampings. They were relatively common in row crops here in Southern California and were called "Bearcats". One has rubber tires and the other has steel, cleated wheels. They have solid axles and turn by means of racheting dogs at each wheel. They have belt drive tensioned by rocking the engine foward then through several chain reductions housed in a metal chain case. I had one as a kid and with it produced several good gardens. Can anyone help with the ID of these machines? (Dennis Kittle)

(12/02/97) I am in the market for a used Gravely tractor. There is one that I have come across but I have questions about it. It has an Onan motor, 16 or 18hp, I have not seen it yet, I have heard that parts for this motor can be hard to get. I have also heard that parts when available are very expensive? Do you have any info on these tractors with the Onan's as far as reliability etc? Did they stop making this combo due to problems? I am going to primarily blow snow with this. I have also been told that the old blowers have a larger chute than the new ones and perform al ot better, is there any truth to that? I am just a working man and can't afford to buy a headache. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

(11/30/97) I am just getting into collecting old wrenches that I have been able to gather at sales. I wonder if anyone has any info on the collecting and identifying of these wrenches? Contact me at or Harry at 905-873-7151, thank you

(11/28/97) Re: Allis "C" Restoration. I am rebuilding this tractor and all the mechanical work is done. Now I am down to electrical. 6-volt + ground w/ Fairbanks Morse magneto and no spark. Can anyone help with troubleshooting, test points and values. I also need a wiring diagram for this as well. Tractor set outside for years before restoration. (Rich & Sandy Koch)

(11/27/97) How do you attach, lift spring chain/arm to the tractor? (Tom or Cheryl Boyer)

(11/26/97) I am looking for help on a 3- point hitch hook up for a model G, 1951 John Deere. I would like to see a picture of one installed on the tractor. I have asked for help from John Deere but they do not know what to tell me or where to go except to John Deere dealers, and the ones Ihave talked to has no info. Does anyone know where I can accomplish this or have any suggestions? Would appreciate any info.or help. Thanks, Jim pierce - - Fort Worth Tx.

(11/24/97) Does anyone know the value of a 1948 Farmall H in good condition?

(11/21/97) The connecting rods in an Oliver 60 have an "off-set" to them, does anyone know the right way they are assembled on to the crankshaft? Any other pitfalls on reassembling this engine would be most appreciated, thanks in advance! Pete:

(11/21/97) I have a 1935 D missing it's ser.# tag... anyone willing to part with theirs? E-mail Pete Petrovic at:

(11/19/97) I have an old cast iron artifact that was dug up in a back yard that I am trying to identify and I wonder if it could have been a part of a tractor or other farm machinery. There is a photo of the object at: http://www. If anyone knows what it is, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your help. John Wilhelm

(11/18/97) When I removed the cylinder head from my Allis " C " I noticed a small crack between 1&2, 2&3 and 3&4 cylinder liners. I've looked at several other " B " and " C " blocks and they all have these same cracks. Is this a common problem? Will those cracks cause any problem, since this engine has been running find with no coolant leaks? Any comment send to:

(11/18/97) My father recently purchased a Case Model 832 Diesel tractor, and is having trouble finding out how old it is. It is Serial # S174152. Can anyone discern the age from this?? Thanks in advance. (RG)

(11/18/97) I have just found a unique piece of equipment. It is a motor grader frontend mounted on a Farmall M tractor. It is factory built and not some homegrown device. It is made by American. Does anyone know anything about this company? The serial number on the tractor puts it back to 1947. Email:

(11/15/97) I remember seeing an Internet page that could tell me the age of my tractor just by entering the serial number but I forgot the name. Does anyone remember seeing it? John E. Vavrek

(11/14/97) Help! My uncle died unexpectedly and has left a collection of 40+ older tractors. There are lots of Olivers and Internationals, but lots of other stuff, too. I need lots of advice on how to sell the collection, appraisals, autioneers, and generally what to do next. Can anybody help? E-mail Paul Bennett at:

(11/14/97) Does any body have any info or site connections for Gibson history ? Or any connections in the Charlotte, North Carolina area?

(11/11/97) I am college student at WSU who is attempting to do a project on the impact of the industrial revolution in modern day agriculture. I am trying to find the inventors of the tractor and the combined etc., some background info. on them, and how their products changed agricultture. Can anyone point me in the right direction? (Aaron Hansen)

(11/10/97) I own a 1955 international 300 utility tractor. It is missing the "International" and "IH" emblems from the hood. Is it still available? How may I find it? (Mike Johnson).

(11/10/97) I am looking at a Farmall F20 which has had the serial number plate removed. Can anyone tell me how to identify the manufacture date without this plate? Are there any other identifying numbers elsewhere on the machine? Thanks.

(11/09/97) My father is looking for a 1st gear which needs to be replaced on his Leader Tractor does anyone have any information on where these parts can be obtained? (Mike Fish)

(11/09/97) I have recently inherited a 1914 Heer tractor with 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering. This was my Granfather's tractor, I have been told that it is the only operational one in existance. If anyone knows something about this type of tractor I would really appreciate any information. It is now on display in Oregon. Thank you, Nancy Strickland -

(11/09/97) G'Day, Can anyone tell me when and who invented the Tractor? Is there a web site that deals with the history of the tractor? Thanx in anticipation. (Howard Simmons)

(11/08/97) Looking for any info about a international motor that goes in bulldozers, ditchers, and motorgraders. It starts on gasoline and then switches to diesel. From 50's or around there. Can anyone help? Thanks. (Timothy James)

(11/07/97) Could someone please tell us the original color of the Regular Farmall tractor right before the F20 and F30's were built? (Patty Kulas)

(11/07/97) I have a 1931 Mighty Mite Garden tractor and have been unable to find any info to help me restore it. Made by Jaques Power Saw Co.,Denison, Texas. Powered by 10 hp Briggs. Can anyone help with this? If you can, please E-mail to:

(11/07/97) I'm building a John Deere D for pulling. Can anyone tell me if it is safe to mill the block to raise the compression? Also, what the torque specs would be for the head and block? Thanks, Steve. -

(11/02/97) I have and unidentified crawler tractor possibly of Mead-Morrison, Mead Specialty Company, Oliver, or Cletrac manufacture. It measures approximately 4-5 in length and 3 feet in width. Only visible markings are "MEAD" on track cleats, "MEAD" and "CHICAGO" on idlers, and various parts numbers on other components. Please contact me via E-mail if you can be of assistance and I will send you a more thorough description and a detailed drawing should you need it. Thanks - Curtis Weddle

(11/01/97) Does any one know how a Massey Harris 55 gas would do in the antique tractor pulls? And, what would the parts availability be like for a resto job?

(10/30/97) I would like to add power steering to my early model MF 135. Is it as simple as getting the parts off a junked tractor and installing on my tractor? I would presume the need to rebuild the parts before installing them. Any info will be helpful. Thanks. (Dan Hembree)

(10/28/97) Does anyone have any general information on an International I-4. It has a wide front end, and I've been told its from the 30's or 40's. Thanks.

(10/26/97) I have a CATERPILLAR 10 crawler that is intact (luckily) and ready to be restored. Would love to know anyone who has done this or has information on the unit or parts sources. I've just started looking... (Richard Linsday)

(10/26/97) Does anyone have information on the Panzer Tractor Company of Virginia? The Panzer unit I have has a Briggs motor on it with a mowing deck approx 30 inches. The Panzer is most notable for the automotive size rear end (its huge) The pumpkin looks like a small rear out of a 1/2 ton pick-up. Any info would be helpful. (Richard Linsday)

(10/25/97) I am new to the tractor hobby, and I am interested in restoring gauges. Does anyone know of any books or literature on the subject? Please e-mail to:

(10/25/97) I have a 1946 Leader tractor that I am restoring back to its original state. Does anyone have any idea how much this tractor may be worth? (Linda Denny)

(10/25/97) Can any one provide me info. on how to install the front snow blade on a Model 140 MaCormick Farmall tractor?

(10/24/97) A fellow down the street is putting his MF TE-20 up for sale. It runs fine and has a decent coat of paint, new turf tires, and electric system. I am trying to help him set a realistic price....and I am not the buyer, What should the price range be? Please E-mail me at:

(10/23/97) Could anyone give me any info. about an upcoming toy tractor show with Olliver/Hart-Parr tractors. Thanks Marquita.

(10/22/97) Purchased a tractor, not sure if it is a Cockshutt or what year it is . The original motor is not in it. Description of tractor: 38 inch wheels, power takeoff in the back, hydraulics under the seat, six-speed transmission, low and high reverse, wide front end, power steering (big tube through front end), all numbers found on back end of tractor are T16976, B1159, T09-59, T1-69-10, T15643, T17522. Number on wheel is T16599x. Transmission number is T15415. Number on top of transmission in front of hydraulic reservoir is C31. I would appreciate any help in identifying this tractor, as I would like to purchase manual on it. Thanks, Kevin Pearson -

(10/22/97) Have a chance to get 6 Friday tractors (mostly orchard work types) and could make two-three out of 'em. Would appreciate info on value and specs (for restoration). Nephew of Friday Tractor Co. is possibly selling. These really used to do the job for apple/peach/cherry folks out here in SW/MI. E-mail Steve Wulff at:

(10/21/97) I am currently looking for a specific tire for a John Deere AO. The tire is a B.F. Goodrich "Silvertown", size 14.9 x 26. As near as I can tell the tire was last produced about 10 years ago. Can anyone give me some advice as to how I could locate one?

(10/19/97) I have a Farmall H with a 6 volt electrical system which I would like to convert to 12 volts. Can anyone give me instructions on how do this, what are some problems to look out for, and where can I find the parts I will need? Also does anyone sell kits to do the conversion on my tractor? Thanks, Mark Takacs, Baltimore, MD E-Mail to:

(10/18/97) Does anyone knpw of any recent prices paid for an Oliver Super 44?

(10/17/97) I have an Oliver 73 2-row narrow corn picker which I am considering selling. It has been shedded and is in good working order. Could someone give me an estimate of its value? Approximately what year was it manufactured, and are there many 73 narrow 2-rows out there? I am located in east central Indiana. Thanks. Jim Weiler, Union City IN - E-mail to:

(10/17/97) Recently purchased a Farmall H. Serial Number SH12514AJ. Does the "SH" indicate "Super H"? Also the Fuel Tank, Hood and Grill Assy are original paint "White". If this was a demonstrator wouldn't the whole tractor have been white? The only demonstrators I recall seeing were the Cub and the "C". From our serial number book if this is not a Super H it would be a 1943, but things like the newer (smaller) lites, hydraulic system and electrical system make us think it is a late model (52 - 53). Any info appreciated. Jim Handy, Plattsmouth NE -

(10/16/97) I have a Cub 193 plow with KA-type moldboard (Part #O3044). The moldboard is broken and I'd like to replace it. Does anyone know of sources for either new or used plow parts? Thanks. -

(10/16/97) Can the hood and grills from a late styled John Deere "A" (after 1947) fit on an early styled "A" (1939-1946) without making any modifications to the tractor, fuel lines, or shutter control. A straight dash and gauges of a hand start "A" would be used on the hood. Thank you, James. E-mail to:

(10/15/97) Does anyone know where to buy a muffler for a 1940 Allis WC?

(10/14/97) I have a 1947 Model B, serial #209275. Someone had cut the axles off leaving only about 5 inches on one side and about 7 inches on the other. The tractor has a B2406 axle housing on it which is 3 inches longer than a regular housing. According to the parts book it is for a BN or BW. My problem is, I can't figure out which is the correct axle to fit this housing. Can anyone tell me which is the correct axle for this housing, and how long the splines would be? Thanks, Jim -

(10/14/97) Can anyone assist me in finding a resource to get the year model of a Farmall A by the serial number.

(10/12/97) Recently I purchased a JD 420 I tractor. I am told this model is quite rare. Could you tell be how many of these tractors were made? Thanks. Waynes Stubbe -

(10/11/97) Can anyone provide information on the tractor shown in the attached picture? Any help greatly appreciated!!!!Thanks! Casey -

(10/10/97) Can you assist me in locating a source where I might trace my tractor's year models via serial numbers? (Nick Bruno)

(10/10/97) I have sleeve and piston kit for Farmall Super H...Will this fit into a Farmall H engine block??? Help! (Lee Maines)

(10/8/97) Hi there. I just recently purchased an old David Brown tractor, can anyone help me in finding information on them. Thanks for any input. (Donna)

(10/7/97) Can anyone tell me of some antique gas engine web sites? (Rod)

(10/6/97) Does any know the correct colors for a 20-40 Eagle Tractor?

(10/4/97) I just bought a 1944 Case model SC. I found out that it does'nt have an oil filter. An option back then! Does anyone know if it's possible to add one in the location that it would have been installed when new? I would rather see it there than to install a remote unit. Can anyone give me some advice on this matter? Thanks , Eric Smith. E-mail
Fax 508-432-0045.

(10/2/97) Is there an online source of old and new JD serial numbers? Randy Godwin at:

(10/2/97) I'm going to an auction sale next week and need to know a ballpark figure for Massey 1972 Model 165 Diesel. I don't know the hours but it is supposed to be in good running order.Thanks. E-mail John Morford at:

(10/1/97) I am looking for information about Jumbo Simpson Tractors . They were made in Azuza Calif. by Jumbo Steel Works from 1946 thru 1955 . Is there any site on the web ? Is there any tractors close around Oregon I could go look at ? I am also intrested in buying one . Any help would be great . Thanks Bert - -- FAX # 1-541-271-4485

(9/30/97) I am considering getting into pulling. Is the Massey 44 good for this or would I be better with the Minne Moline GB... these are my two choices, any info will be appreciated. Thanks - (Wayne Thage)

(9/29/97) I live in Golden BC Canada... when I bought my property it came with a 1947 John Deere Model M tractor. It is in great working shape and looks great!! I am moving away and would like to sell the old thing. Does anyone know what kind of a price I could ask for it. I am not much of a tractor expert and would like some advise. It may not be worth much at all but the year 1947 makes it old and worth something??? Glen Best In The Heart Of The Rockies Phone # 344-7395 -

(9/28/97) I have a 1956 International 350 utility tractor. The power steering unit on this tractor fails without rhyme nor reason. The fluid reservoir is under the seat. A supply and return line connects from this res. to the pump which is gear driven by the cam shaft. If you are sitting on the tractor, there is a valve of some sort that attaches to the right side of this res. On the left side of the res., there is a supply hose (steel--probably high pressure) that goes to the steering box. When this system works it works well. The valve on the right side sort of pulses when the system is working. Any manuals that I am familiar with fail to explain this system in detail. Can anyone explain this system, or lead me to a source? Thanks for your help.

(9/27/97) I am novice in the tractor arena. I have about 40 acres and am looking for a tractor for brush cutting and a snow blower. There is a Massey-Harris 50, gas, no implements, for sale. It has 5200 hrs and seems to run fine. The price is $4500. Is this a good price? Where else can I get tractor values? Thanks. J. Fischer -

(9/27/97) I have a TO-30 Ferguson tractor... it just overheated. While checking the thermostat I found none. The I&T shop manual says the thermostat is located in the water outlet hose. Is the outlet the top hose going to the water pump?? Thanks for the help.. (Bump Wescott)

(9/26/97) I have an Oliver 60, Standard,( Serial #460679 C62 ). in the process of restoration. I was told that this is an industral tractor. Can anyone tell me what the original colors are for this tractor? E-mail to:

(9/26/97) Farmall F20. What is the availability of this engine block? (Ray Leary)

(9/24/97) I have a Ford 600 that I believe to be about a 1954 model. I've been using it for about three years with a 6 foot Turf Hog mower. It runs good, but I have a problem with the clutch: I can't seem to disengage it. Even when I stand on it I can barely get it in and out of gear! It wants to pull all the time. Any information concerning this problem or also information about serial number identification or restoration parts would be appreciated as I would like to spruce it up a bit. (Bruce Everhart)

(9/22/97) I am starting a restoration on my Oliver, I need to know the year, if its a 55hp and the original colors. The model # 55-2103 ser#162812019. I hope someone can help , Thanks - (Peter Moshonas)

(9/21/97) I recently traded for an M model JD. My question is where do I find the serial no? I would like to find out what year the tractor is. I have not seen any numbers on it that I think would be the serial no., any help would be appreciated. Also any thoughts on this tractor from other owners, such as power, reliability, usefullness, etc. I got this tractor to haul a woods trailer to haul rock out of my farm for my landscaping firm. It is a great size for getting into tight spots. Thanks, sportsman from Maine -

(9/21/97) Would appreciate any information on where to obtain decals for MH Pony tractor?

(9/19/97) Can you tell me where I can find information about John Deere bicycles? I have one that is a five speed and about 30 years old. Thanks. (Brenda Buice)

(9/18/97) Could anyone tell me if there were ever any Molines with factory installed turbo. Please send to

(9/16/97) I am just starting to get into the "antique" tractor business. I have located a 1947 John Deere D model which, according to the owner was running very well last year at this time. It has 4 flat tires and would cost a bit to get down from the mountains of Eastern Oregon to my home here in Central Oregon. Would you be willing to advise me as to what should "top dollar" for this machine...purely your opinion of course! Also, since my wife is dead set against me buying this (we are retired), I have been able to show her that this is an INVESTMENT...not just a toy. Could you state what might be a possible selling price for this machine if I get it and do a reasonable job of restoring it? I would be very grateful for any comments at all you would be willing to make. Dick Wilson, Sisters, Central Oregon.

(9/15/97) I recently Purchased a Simplicity Model D (ser.# 26976) walking tractor w/a sickle bar mower on it. What engine is supposed to be on it? It does not have the original engine and I need to know. Any service/shop manuals would be welcomed. Kevin Pate -

(9/14/97) I'm trying to put togeather all the parts to put the single bottom plow on my B but I've never seen one attached or even a picture. Does anyone have any information or a complete plow? Dennis McGill -

(9/13/97) I need to visit with anyone who might know something about a very old "standard" walk-behind garden tractor. It has large iron wheels and a Ford T coil for igintion for the one cyl engine. ...Or if you know someone I could contact about this, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

(9/11/97) Could someone out there suggest a person or club I might contact (preferably e-mail) to visit with about a very old iron-wheel (2-wheel) "Standard" garden tractor. I know next to nothing about these machines or who may have interest in them. Please email me at Thanks!

(9/11/97) I am looking for a site that has information on the old John Deere wagons. If any of you know of one, would you please E-mail me? Thank you for your time James Holloman Mt. Mesa, Lake Isabella, CA -

(9/10/97) I'm looking for information on working scale models of antique haybalers. Saw a 1/3 scale model of a 1923 Case standing haybaler at an antique tractor show and lost the name and address. Please email any information you might have on any working scale model tractors or balers.

(9/9/97) Can anyone tell me if I will have to change the starter on a Farmall Cub if I change it from a 6 Volt positive ground system to a 12 Volt Negative ground. Will reversing the grounds reverse the direction of the starter? Also where I can get a positive ground starter?? Any information step(s) etc. to take in doing such a conversion would be greatly appreciated. Any info appreciated. Thanks

(9/8/97) BALMAR INFO NEEDED: I am currently restoring a 4wd skid steer BALMAR tractor and need information, manuals, parts and attachments. Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail me with any data on any of the above. Thanks!

(9/4/97) I have purchased a Case VA tractor to restore. I would like to know the color of these tractors as mine is now yellow with silver trim on the back wheels. Any info would be appreciated and thanks. (Joe Crooks)

(9/4/97) I will begin restoring an Oliver Super 55 Diesel this winter. The restoration will be a working restoration, but will attempt to make the tractor look original. I have a digital camera (1024 by 768 resolution), would it be of any interest to others who view this page to follow the progress (which will probably be fairly slow) as the tractor is torn apart and rebuilt? If you think so, let me know. Bob Skurka -

(9/2/97) Any information on Gibson Tractor clubs in Calif. or owners of Gibson Cub or Super Cub tractors or parts or manuals of same would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Larry D Guthrie -

(9/1/97) Hi, I have a 1947 Farmall and would like to mount a bottom plow. I have the plow, draw bar and tractor but no info on how this should be set up. I have the recources to fabricate whatever nessesary, would like to stay as close to original as possible. Any info would be apreciated.
Thanks in advance Roger Steele E-mail Golden, B.C

(8/31/97) I am trying to find a tractor museum in the mid-west. Any ideas??? Specifically, I would like to find a place with old John Deere & IH tractors. Thanks for any help......... (Steve McDevitt)

(8/31/97) Does anyone know the horsepower of an Oliver 55 Super with a diesel engine? Please email:

(8/30/97) I think my boss may finally be convinced it's time to retire our old Deere, not sure of the exact age (Ser. #MT-24978), it's running, we actually still use it (just pulling trailers mostly), but it's pretty rough. Does anybody have any idea what this beast.....errr, this classic piece of agricultural history might be worth? (You'd call it a beast too if you had to actually use for work). Thanks, Dave (Dave Howland)

(8/30/97) My H Farmall weighs 4360 lbs. and in 2nd gear, tires @ 8# air, I can spin my tires and not lose any rpm's. I am taking it to a tractor pull. Do I need to take off weight or leave it like it is. It has 13-38 tires on it. What gear do I need to make the pull? (Worth)

(8/30/97) I have a McCormick-Deering Hay rack about a 1936. The type with breaks and bolsters. I would like to know the original factory color, out the door. The picture I have is black and white. The frame is darker than the wheels which may be white. It's pictured on page 405 in the book "150 years of International Harvester". Thanks for any help. Dave Casey, San Diego. -

(8/28/97) Does anyone know where I can purchase plowshares, landslides, etc. for old John Deere trailer type plows, for example the No. 44? Suppliers such as John Deere and Central Tractor no longer carry these. Thanks, James. E-mail:

(8/27/97) A good friend has found a small old tractor in relatively good shape. Niether of us know much about antique tractors and we cannot find any information on the tractor relating to the brand or type. It is not a big tractor but it is very attractive and with some attention could be restored. Could someone help me identify what we have here through pictures or other means?

(8/19/97) I am in the process of rebuilding a 1945 JD "A". It has the 2 tanks, tractor fuel and gas. I want to run on just unleaded gas. Can I or should I mix something with the gas? Thanks! Ken - Woodruff)

(8/18/97) Hello, I am looking for alittle help. Recently my uncle died. Until then we used our two Farmalls, daily. My uncle's favorite of the two was the older one, a 1920's vintage Farmall. No model numbers, just a Farmall. It has a narrow front end and used to be on steel wheels. We converted it to rubber a long time ago. The tractor is a crank start and I just don't have the knack. Can you give me some idea of the value of the tractor and any ideas where I might be able to sell it, if we decide to? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scot J. McPeek -

(8/17/97) I am restoring a model 76 New Holland hay baler made in 1946 and needing a few parts. Pondering if anybody might know of a dealer that might have any of these old parts in stock that might want to clean them off their shelf? Thank you - just e-mail me at

(8/17/97) Hello Fastrac, I am looking for information on Centaur tractors. I have a friend that lives in Savanna,N.Y., and he would like to purchase an owners/parts manual for this tractor. As far as we can figure, Centaur was in business from about the early 1920's to about 1945. Any help or information would be greatley appreciated. Thanks, Kevin Kelly -

(8/12/97) I am trying to help out my neighbour. We are both antique tractor fans. He has a CASE, type C, from 1936. On this tractor is a ZENITH carburator fixed ,which type is unnown for us. One of the jets is broken down. So we are looking for information about old ZENITH carburators in general. But more special for the type(s) which were fixed on the CASE from 1936. Who has this information or knows were we can get it?

(8/12/97) Can anyone tell me what the problem might be and what it might take to fix the Torque Amplifier on a Farmall 400 tractor? I didn't try it but the current owner says it doesn't work and makes a noise when it is engaged. What is this? The owner says he has never needed it! What might be the problem and any estimates on what it would take to repair? I've made an offer on the tractor but would really like to know about it before buying it. Thanks.

(8/10/97) A friend found a small tractor rusting in a back field, always looking for the unusual he brought it home. The name plate says Brownie Model 16-D serial#7930034. It resembles an AC-G, chain driven & has a Briggs and Stratton eng. I don't know the hp. He believes the colors are yellow and brown. It also has a 3pt. hitch and came with a mower, also says Brownie but is has no readable numbers. I have searched every where for info and have come up with nothing. Thanks for the help. You may call Mike @937-696-2446 leave message, contact me at

(8/10/97) I hope you can help me. I looked at a Rhino International and the attachments I need for my nursery and I can get everything for a lot less than any other tractor. Are they made by International or what? Can you tell me if they are a good tractor? Thank you . (Bob Crownover)

(8/9/97) Can you possibly tell if there is a show (Scott-Carver County Minnesota) and when it might be. It used to held near Jordan, MN. Regards, Steve Moll -

(8/7/97) I don't know much about antique tractors. My mom is selling her home in MN and wants to sell a reconditioned Minneapolis Moline model H. It has the factory paint and decals. What should she be looking for in terms of asking price? It's in good condition and runs well. My father restored it about ten years ago and never used it.

(8/7/97) A friend recently bought a Colt garden tractor with hydraulic drive which is not working. Would like to know if parts are available along with an owners manual and maybe some background on this make tractor. It has markings that Colt Mfg Co made it and the company was located in Winneconne, WI. This particular tractor has a serial number of ST1428. It has a Kohler engine Model K241S. I can be contacted at

(8/7/97) OKAY , OKAY ... I've read EVERY question on every page that I could find and not once did I come across a " 1922 MIGHTY MITE " . I found one last year for sale but didn't have the money at the time (cry). One owner until two years ago because of death of original owner. I want to know something about them. Cast iron dropped wide front end , dropped rear , no p.t.o. Someone put a different engine on it (Briggs) what was original? Am still wanting it. It would be great with a belly mower. E-mail any info or other sob stories to

(8/6/97) Ladies and gentlemen! I hope, that you can help me concerning a difficult question: I'm searching for any information about the early trade of American agriculture industries (Massey et.a.) with Russia just to World War I . It would be great, if you could send me a list or other information about American agriculture industry companies, who had general directors or offices in Russia (especially in Charkov/ Ukraina) in this time. Thank you for helping me! Tobias Arand -

(8/6/97) I have found a Baker tractor.. 1925, thought to have been made in Wisconsin. It looks like a steam engine but runs on gas. It is a 4 cylinder but not running. Any information on these tractors would be appreciated. Please e-mail me, thank you, Roy Shelton at

(8/3/97) I'll be in the market for a Oliver model 22 or something along that line and I'm wondering what are reasonable prices for a decent , working example? Thanks in advance for any help!

(8/2/97) Information Wanted: Have MH 22 serial number 1032. Need info Need red and yellow colour codes. Did they make this with 3pth? Please e-mail me at:

(8/2/97) I'm currently looking for any information on the Mn grainbinders made at the Bayport or Stillwater Prison. My Grandfather was the first to own one and was featured on the front cover of The Farmer magazine. The yr. I don't know, had to be 1899 or so. I have exhaused all my avenues, can't seem to get anywhere. Can anyone help me? Mary Koering

(8/1/97) I've been restoring a 1953 Super H. When we did the valves I found the valves were for an H. At least they did not have the rotators and took H valve springs. At any throttle setting the tractor runs rough when it is not under load but smooths out under load. I've replaced the carburetor and completely redone the electrical system. The governor appears OK. Someone suggested that the head might have been replaced with a high performance head (like for a pulling tractor). How can I tell about the head? The only numbers I can find on it are 22 followed by an N. There might be an A in front of the number, but I can't be sure. Any ideas? (David A Roberts)

(7/30/97) I have a Ford Golden Jubilee that is acting up in the hydraulic dept. The tractor has a fresh rebuilt hydraulic pump so that shouldn't be the problem. My 3 pt won't come up high enough to give my box scrapper more than 4 inchs of the ground. Also with out a load it only comes up parallel to the ground and I believe it should raise higher then that. Any help will be welcome and appreciated. Thank You Smitty - (Stephen D Smith)

(7/30/97) In regards to a Caser Tractor, Model 1390....How much should this tractor cost (est.)? Don't know what year it is or have any specs on it. Has 794 hours on the meter and is barn stored. (Carl W. Comyford)

(7/30/97) Not sure you tractor buffs can help but I need parts for a old lawn mower and possibly someone will know of the manufacturer and availability of replacement parts. I understand they made commercial equipment so possibly may have overlapped into the tractor mowers also.
The mower is the Broadmoor 32, push mower with three blades and tricycle wheels (back castor). I need the bearing shafts marked "mrg 5200" for each side blade. The mower is serial number: 32LE, mod/400. Hope I can find out any information you may have. Unit has been in repair shop since February and grass is getting tall. We have been told that manufacturer is no longer in business. Contact me at:

(7/28/97) I am seeking information on how I might try to track down the 1944 JD A my grandfather bought new in Lapeer Mi. The tractor was sold (also out of Lapeer) by a family friend around 1990 or so. I have since been unsuccessful in turning up any leads on it. I don't know the serial number but figure it must be one on a short list of numbers shipped to Lapeer in '44. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks.

(7/27/97) Anyone know the correct route for the wiring harness on a Farmall A? It looks like it would be hidden better if it was under the right side of the battery box behind the brackets. I am restoring a 1941 "A" and would like to install this harness correctly. Contact Al at

(7/23/97) My uncle is planning on selling his 1947 John Deere "B" 2 Cylinder tractor. We have no idea what would be a good asking price for this, as it is in good condition. Your help and consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. (Barbara E. Weeks)

(7/22/97) Hi, I am looking for a paint code if anyone can help me. It is for a Farmall Field Harrow, the color I am looking for is called Harvester Cream. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. I am restoring an old set and I can't find that color, or even the code. Thank you.... If you have any information for me, you can mail me at

(7/21/97) 1949 or so, 8N has been the workhorse they all are untill this week. Now it starts fine, warms up and then stalls out unless the choke is pulled out. This works a while, but then it quits and will not start until cool. Haven't checked to see if still getting spark when hot. Cleaned carb today and it was full of a white jell. Thought it was fixed as it ran longer, but did same thing. Also, can't figure out why it always runs gas out the carb when not running unless gas turned off. This started last year when I decided to clean carb when it didn't need it.

(7/21/97) We have a Rumley oil pull that we found in a shed. The estate has to liquidate by Aug. 20th, and we would like to know what we have. Pictures available, and we have found a # on the block by the belt pulley. #Y-153 & 182. Any help would be appreciated. Contact Butch at Thank you!

(7/21/97) I have a Massey Harris tractor and don't know what model it is. Somebody who owned it before me drilled a hole through the tag. All you can see is either half a 2 or 3 and a zero. I don't know if it is a 20 GR, 30 GR, or something else. It has a Continental F-140 and it looks like a 22 but the tag has a zero in it...can anybody help?

(7/19/97) I am looking for Oliver decals for a 660 and a 1600. My local Oliver dealer says that he can't get them any more. Would anybody know of a source for these decals. I need them, not for the tractors, but for my little boys room. I can't keep him off of the tractors. I've already painted his room Oliver green and now I need the proper decals to make it complete. Thanks for any information.

(7/17/97) Wanted: Info on Case R series, specifically how many were made in the flambeau series, what years they were in production, about how many total were made, about how many flambeau series Case RO's were made, and where I can get decals for a 1940 Case RO. Thanks

(7/17/97) Looking for help identifying tractor. Cub Lo-Boy, wide front end, offset body/seat, only readable character on ID plate is the letter "J". P/N on transmission(?) is "360719-R1". Need to find model year so that I may order books/manuals and parts. Thanks for any help.

(7/17/97) I am looking at buying an International B-275 tractor sight-un-seen and I would like to know if anyone has any information on this model at all. Also is there anywhere on the Internet or elsewhere that I can find a picture of it? This tractor runs but has a bad main bearing. Am I going to run into any unusual problems in fixing this? My plan is to completely rebuild the engine while I have it down. Any information would be greately appreciated. E-mail Don Scott at:

(7/15/97) I have an unidentified crawler tractor possibly of Cletrac, Oliver, Mead-Morrison, or Mead Specialty Company manufacture. It measures approximately 4-5 feet in length and about 3 feet in width. Only visible markings are "MEAD" on track cleats, "MEAD" and "CHICAGO" on idlers, and a few part numbers on other components. Please contact me if you can be of assistance, and I will send you a more thorough description if necessary. Thanks- Curtis Weddle

(7/15/97) I have a 1950 Ford 8N. I'm converting it over to a 12 volt system. I need a wiring diagram using a delco alternator with a built in regulator. I was told I need a 3 pole ignition switch, but I'm not sure why. Can anyone help? Thanks.

(7/12/97) I've got a friend who has an old Cletrac crawler that dates back to 1922. Is there anyway we can fin more information on it? (Harvey and Lorraine Smith)

(7/9/97) I'm from Australia and am searching for information on a Midwest Manufacturing Utilator. My father is restoring one and the only info he has is that it was built sometime after 1919. Any help would be appreciated. Grant Muller.

(7/8/97) Hi, I am trying to determine the price(s) of new tractors in 1947. I would appreciate any answers or ideas for sources on this subject. Email me at Thanks!

7/8/97 I'm an archivist in the middle of processing a group of agricultural photos and I have one that is mislabeled. It claims to be a picture of a rice harvest in the 1890's, but at the side of the field is a very early tractor. I know it's later that 1890, but I'm curious when the picture might have been taken. Thanks -

(7/7/97) I know about the auction in Archbold , Ohio. I'm planning on going in August to look for several things. But a friend told me that he heard that there is another one now either in Columbus or Cincinatti . But his source was kinda sketchy on the details. Is anyone familiar with these auctions? Thanks, Ivan -

(7/6/97) Hi, I'm looking for wiring diagrams for a Mc Cormick D-320 I am overhauling. Can you help me? Kind Regards, Hans Winkel -

(7/5/97) I have a 1931 JD D I recently got it running, but it is not running correctly. It hits on both cylinders under a load but at idle or off idle (not under a load) it misses. I disconnected each plug wire while running and both cylinders seem to be hitting, but not all the time. I moved the plugs to the opposite holes, this seems to have no affect. The left cylinder seems to have more power when I took the wires off wile running. If anyone can help me I would apreciate it. Thanks Bryan - my E-mail is

(7/4/97) Hi, my name is George and I just became the proud owner of a '51 JD Model B. What is everyone doing about finding a 6-volt generator and battery? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks -

(7/2/97) Please help me gather any production info on my tractor, its a late model 8 N Ford, serial number N--F30--2....not your standard number. Can anyone plesae help me find out production site, date, etc.

(7/2/97) I have a John Deere model B with serial # approx 130054. I'm looking for information about this tractor. Some of the features that I noticed are raised John Deere on the back axle, cast wheels, small metal seat, and lights that are mounted on l backet beside the instrument gauges. I would especially like info on the year model. (Jeff Britt)

(6/30/97) Could someone point me in the direction of information about "Theilman" tractors?
Gary D. Theilman, Pharm.D. Assistant Professor Dept of Clinical Pharmacy Practice School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi E-mail to:

(6/29/97) How do you wire up the voltage regulator on a MH Pony? Help required thanks. E-mail Joe Palmer at:

(6/27/97) My husband just purchased a M.M Z built in 1953. It runs but we would like to rewire it. So we are looking for a new wiring harness for this model. And other information about these tractors also of interest. Thanks Jen -

(6/27/97) Found a McCormick W-9 for $900.00. Is this a good price for this tractor? It is complete and runs. Good straight sheet metal. Only thing missing is the generator / regulator and mounting bracket. E-mail to

(6/25/97) Problem: Rear blade will not lift on a 1948 8N Ford tractor. It will "energize" and try to lift it, but it stops and doesn't lift the blade high enough to even move. We have put fresh fluid and are sure we have the levers in their correct positions. Below are a couple suggestion, but new ones are a big help..First I want to thank anyone who can help with my rear hydraulic problem. Do you know where I can "bleed" the rear hydraulic system? I was told that when a rear blade will not lift, the system may need to be blead. Is this true? Also, is it possible if one spark plug is not firing that there may not be enough power to lift the blade? We have owned the tractor for four or five months and have put it through some very intensive use. We are in the middle of some projects and would love to get the thing running again. We are very mechanically inclined as we own a auto shop, but when it comes to these old tractors we are no experts. We have looked in our local yellow pages to find a repair shop, but those that have a listing are out of business now...the internet is our last hope...any help you can give is very appreciated. We also have a 500+ auto/truck junk yard and if there are any parts that you might need we would be very happy to work something out for you help and time. Thank you! P.S. We have cars from the 30's up to the 90's...let me know...Thanks again! Charles -

(6/23/97) Hi, I'm looking at a tractor: Massey Fergusom Model 302? S/N 9A 99909. Any help in verifying the model and year based on the S/N would be appreciated. The tractor has a 3 cyl. Perkins diesel, and a front loader. Thanks! - Dave in new mexico.

(6/23/97) A friend of mine recently purchased 6 antique John Deere tractors. In the deal he got what appears to be an old grinder/mixer. This piece of equipment is about 3 to 3.5 feet tall. The top is a hopper which holds about 1 or 1.5 bushels of grain. On the hopper, Made For John Deere Plow Company is Stencilled. It is belt driven, and we think was made in the 20's. Brass Plate says, LETZ, Crown Point Indiana, Model 220, Type A, SN 610774. Any help in identifying will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

(6/21/97) I'm trying to locate information on old Wards Tractors. Anybody know anything about them or know of someone who has one? Thanks Joe Wurth, Marcus, Iowa -

(6/21/97) Can anyone give me some general info about a "Ecomony Tractor" made by Engineering Products. It is powered by a Wisconsin air cooled engin. Thanks Bill -

(6/21/97) Can you please tell me what is the largest tractor show east of the Mississippi. Thanks! (Cliff Byrum)

(6/21/97) I am trying to find out the fluid capacities for a John Deere "B" tractor 1950's model. Thanks for any help on the matter.

(6/21/97) I am interested in a Huber model L tractor I rececntly located for sale. If anyone has an idea of the value of a tractor such as this in good, but not running, original condition I would appreciate it. I can be reached at Thank you!

(6/20/97) I just bought a 47 A, sight unseen. I either stole it or got myself in a mess of trouble. I will see it for the first time tomorrow. If you have any info on this tractor, please let me know or where I can get some. Thanks!

(6/19/97) A friend is rebuilding a Holt tractor and is looking for some old chain with a 4" pitch, 2" sprocket face, 1"rivet, 1 3/4 barrel. If anyone knows where to find this, please let me know. My friend wouldn't touch a computer so I have to do it for him. If you're ever in Ridgefield, Wa. in July let me know... theres an outstanding tractor show that attracts about 5 thousand people a year.

(6/17/97) I purchased an M2 plow for my John Deere M. The lifting rod (Part # 29451A) is missing. I'd like to either find one to buy or get the dimensions (length and diameter of rod) so I can build one. J Yearsley 10411 Old Creosote Rd Bainbridge Is, WA 98110

(6/16/97) I am interested in locating other collectors or information regarding the rarity of a vintage late 30's or early 40's Planet Jr. Walk Behing Tractor. This company made Flexible Flyers Sleds and later Planet Junior rototillers. They were located principally in Philadelphia, PA - Appreciate any help !! Thank You! Henry C. Dohrmann P.O. Box 369 Manheim,PA 17545

(6/14/97) I have a couple of questions , first, a friend has several canvas tarps that are reinforced with wooden slats that have writing on them. The writing is black on a white background, some of the writing says,"upper deck", ' also one of the tarps,has Moline Ill. on it and another has has an address of Ontario Canada. They both, have the older 4 legged Deer on the tarp with the John Deere insignia. I believe these are some part of the old tractor pulled combines. My friend is courious as to their worth and what their use was , and may be interested in selling them, as they are in good condition. Secondly , are there anyone interested in old pull combines, for parts? One an old Massey Harris' and a couple of Deere's, Thanks.

(6/14/97) We have a 1949 Ford 9N, and the starter quit working. We pulled the starter cover (which houses the brushes, etc.) but the armature remains in place. Does this come off easily? Further, is there a good manual which covers items like this so that fairly inept mechanic can service the various problems which arise? Finally, does anyone have a rough idea of how much the tractor is worth--it runs well and has a pretty decent hydraulic bucket set-up.

(6/13/97) I am using two old IH Cubs and have a problem with the needle valves in the carb. In all the other tractors I have (or any other carbs I have rebuilt) they have had neoprene needles and were leak free until they required replacement. My question is does anyone know of a source of neoprene needles that would fits the carbs of these cubs? Please reply to

(6/10/97) I am attempting to get my 720 LP standard running. Have put in new crank, bearings and had the whole thing down to the frame. Before I put the Propane tank on I thought it a good idea to try to run the tractor, in case there were problems below. I have hooked up a barbecue propane tank directly to the convertor. In attempting to start the tractor I only get two bangs and then nothing. I let the tractor sit for 30 seconds or so and try again and get two more bang bangs and nothing. Can someone give me some clue as to what is going on? I would appreciate any thoughts as I don't have a great deal of mechanical ability. Please contact me, Greg at
Many thanks. greg.

(6/8/97) I'm looking to buy a 1954 IH cub but want to make sure it will do what I need for it to, but don't know how to find anything out about them. If some one could help. What size is the motor? What size of equipment can I use on it? Can a 3 pt. hitch be put on one and what Category is this? Can a guy still find equipment for them and parts to fix them? Any help would be great. My E-mail Address is

(6/8/97) I have a No 30 International front end loader that I would like have sales or technical literature for and a set of decals. Can someone help me with these items or tell me where a good source for them would be? E-mail Roger Givens at:

(6/8/97) I have a Ferguson Tractor # TE A 195974, Engine # S110630E. At some point in the past it was converted from 6v positive ground with generator to 12v negative ground with alternator. I would like to verify that the existing wiring (which incidentally bypasses the ballast resistor in the ignition line) is reliable. Can anyone suggest a suitable wiring schematic that would suit this type of machine? (Colin Beckingham)

(6/5/97) My father and I are restoring a McCormick-Deering 10-20 and can't seem to figure out the year of manufacture. Almost every part has a casted number on it and we need to know which number is the serial number for the tractor itself. We were told it was either a 1923, 24, or 25. Any help would be greatly welcomed. Drop a line to Thanx for your help

(6/3/97) I just bought an International Harvester 424 (gas engine) tractor. I would like to get any information I can to help me learn about this tractor. Any information would be GREAT!! - (Daphne)

(6/3/97) Looking for the colors of the Massey-Harris tractors starting with the years of 1950 to 1955. I have one that has yellow rims. Was that the stardard color for the rims on both the Red and Yellow Massey-Harris's Tractors? Please help.

(6/3/97) I have a John Deere Model 'M', serial # M-53774. How old is it? Where can I get parts and where can I just get a history of this tractor? Thanks in advance! Ken - (Ken Meads)

(6/3/97) Hi, I have a John Deere tractor Model B, serial no B 164023, patent applied for. Would like any information as to year ect. Thanks Lawrence -

(6/3/97) I ran across your page and I have a 1926 Rumely Oil Pull (20-35) in good condition and would like to know what this is worth. Willie Iberg -

(6/1/97) I have a Vaughn's Flex Tread tractor, water cooled, walk-behind, Serial No. 1400. How old is it? Also, looking for a factory air cleaner for it, and any other information anyone can give me about this tractor.

(6/1/97) Restoring 1956 Power Major Fordson,Sand blasting and priming at this time. Looking for the original colors, color codes, pigment code. Even new colors that have been found to be close to original. Local Ford tractor dealer has been no help.Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance for any input. Milton Eastman, 20 Division Road, West Greenwich RI 02817. Phone (401) 885-2937 or E-mail me at:

(5/31/97) I am beginning the process of restoring my Grandfather's Mayrath tractor (serial #12, 1948-1953?). Any information you might have or could direct me to would be a tremendous help and greatly appreciated. Thank You, Ken Pounds Altoona, AL 35952 -

(5/30/97) I own a Leader Tractor made in 1947 in Chagrin Falls Ohio, does anyone have any information on this make, what is it's value?

(5/30/97) I own a 5 roller JD 40, with Lord loader and custom log winch. The machine has recent pins and bushings, rear sprockets, and clutches. It is in full running condition, and I believe a good candidate for restoration (but could use a paint job (yellow)). I am considering selling it in order to upgrade my 4 wheel drive tractor. Could anyone give me an idea of its value, or refer me to someone who could? Thanks for any advise. Mike -

(5/28/97) I need help understanding a B.F. Avery 3 speed transmission that appears to be stuck between gears. The tractor will run with the clutch in but the rear wheels are locked with the clutch engaged or disengaged. The shifter appears to be stuck in between gears. The shifter fork is bent. Any ideas or suggestions about what will free the rear wheels or repair this transmission? It would be appreciated.

(5/28/97) I own a 5 roller JD 40, with Lord loader and custom log winch. The machine has recent pins and bushings, rear sprockets, and clutches. It is in full running condition, but could use a paint job (yellow). I am considering selling it in order to upgrade my 4 wheel drive tractor.Could anyone give me an idea of its value, or refer me to someone who could?

(5/25/97) Friend has old International Harvester tractor. The name plate says it is a Model 4 Serial# 17533 Y17. It has a rather upright steering wheel, very similar to the Farmall C. Can anyone tell me more about this tractor? Thanks in advance, Ed in Georgia.

(5/25/97) Help, I can't find the serial # on my Farmall A . The plate that is supposed to be on the rh seat support is missing . There is a # stamped on the top of the head by the water inlet 9052-D. The mag serial # is H 4 -0284 . Could anyone tell me about how old this tractor is ? It uses a choke cable to short the mag , something the local I-H dealer hasn't seen but we found it in the parts book. Also what is the correct way to strip the paint off of the gas tank? Is it safe to attack it with a wire brush on an angle grinder? Thanks, Ivan - (Ivan Cousins)

(5/25/97) Am presently doing an Allis Chalmers 1939 "B". Am ready for paint but can't find it. Maybe someone has the name of a paint company and some mix numbers so I could get it mixed. Also should wheel rims be silver or orange? Also going to do a Farmall "B" 1945. Any problem getting this paint or did they change reds over the years? Need some help as my paint gun is getting itchy. Thanks Jim Aller, McAllen, Texas -

(5/24/97) Hi, does anybody have any info or pictures on line of Beaver tractors, made in New Hartford CT? Thanks - E-mail Bill Green at:

(5/23/97) Hi there. My name is Mike Wright. I have a 1943 John Deere "A". Ijust wanted to tell you guys that I have been a JD lover since I was eight yrs old. There is just something about that old two-cylinder sound that just makes your heart beat faster. Maybe that sounds crazy but any JD owner would agree with me. Maybe you guys can help me out, Ineed any catalog that is available for any used, new, or aftermarket parts. Would you be able to maybe E-mail me any info that you might have on this?? Thanks a lot. Mike Wright ,1735 Stagecoach Rd West, Palmerton, Pa. 18071

(5/22/97) Gentlemen: I am looking for a decal for my Cockshutt 30. Any suggestions where I can purchase one? Russell Egremont, Alberta -

5/22/97) Is anyone hauling tractors from Florida to one of the big shows in Iowa this July? I need a 6000 lb tractor hauled form Florida to somewhere closer to my home in Nebraska. Call Richard Hain at (402) 643-2150

(5/21/97) I have an 8N with a front mount distributor. I keep breaking the bottom right plug connector on the distributor-- I believe it is for the #1 cylinder. I've replaced the king pin but used the existing spacers. As I recall one of them was an old split ring washer. The front axle still has play in it. Can anyone help and if the problem is the spacers, where can I get some and what
goes where. E-mail:

(5/20/97) I have been restoring an F-12 Farmall which had 3 of the 4 pistons stuck. I freed all the pistons and number 1, 2, and 3 go smoothly up and down, but 4 is quite sticky. I see no evidence of pitting or rusting in the cylinder. Will this clear itself once I get it running with oil in the pan or do I need to do something more drastic to get piston 4 to run smoother? Thanks. Jeff Lomprey, Amherst Jct., WI -

(5/20/97) I have a 1934 Plymouth tractor with a Hercules IXA engine. (This is the predecessor to Silver King) What is the correct carburetor for this engine? The tractor cuts out when the governor opens, and I think I have the jets out all the way. Am I missing something? Otherwise, it runs great. Would also like to find a source for the proper muffler, and a Donaldson air cleaner. Any help would be really appreciated, Thanks!! email:

(5/19/97) Where can I get parts for a Hinamoto Tractor? tabe@isomedia (Ann Hall)

(5/18/97) I recently purchased a 1951 Farmall H. After a little basic tinkering, we pulled the tractor and it ran perfectly. After rebuilding the starter, replacing the battery and starter cables and letting the tractor sit for a couple of months, we found that the tractor would turn over, but wouldn't fire and was getting plenty of gas. After pulling it, we got it started but it ran rough, even after warming up. The faster you ran the engine, the rougher it ran. Also, it had noticeably less power, and wouldn't start by using the starter. We also pulled the coil wire off the distributor and shorted it to the frame to see if we were getting a good spark out of it. When cranking, no spark could be seen. I replaced the gas with fresh gas, but still no luck. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Dan Erni, Taylorville, IL -

(5/18/97) I am interested in learning more about the early "Silver King" tractor (c1936). I have a lead on one and would like to have an idea of its value. It's a wide front end that needs a total restoration. Any chance of finding parts? Any information would help. Thank you. (Rick Marchant)

(5/17/97) Hi! My Grandpa restores old Avery Jacks. They are jacks that came off of Avery Tractors. He can't find any information about them. Can anybody give me some details or tell me where to go to find something about the tractor or the jack? Thanx - Jeremy Friesen- Lincoln, KS

(5/17/97) I have a JD 40W with a 3-point hitch set-up. Does anyone know if it is possible to set it up for active hydraulics? E-mail

(5/16/97) I am looking for info on a tractor for my dad. It is a small (garden size?) tractor built by Gibson in around 1946 we believe. The tractor has no info on it other than the name but has levered steering. The other info we have found so far is: ENGINE: single cylinder Wisconsin, model #:AEH ser #:652624, bore & stroke?:3x3.25 engine man around 1946. I have been drawing large blank on other info on Gibson tractors in general, let alone this specific mod. Any info on this or suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated... Please e-mail me at: - Thank you for your time... Tom Good, Torrance, CA

(5/16/97) I'm considering installing a lighting kit on my Ford 9N. Keeping originality in mind, where can I get a decent kit?(two front lights, one rear, wiring, and all the hardware) What would I expect to pay? I'm planning to drive her cross country and need some lights for night driving on the freeway! Wonder how long it would take to go coast to coast? (Just kidding about the traveling!) :-)
Thank ye! Tyler(MD)

(5/16/97) Help please. I bought a "basket case" Ford 9N that had oil in the water system. The block was disassembled and magna-fluxed and nothing was found. Possible problem area was stated as the oil passage in the engine block that feeds the cam shaft area. It was suggested that it could be sleeved to fix a possible internal crack in that area. Has anyone had this problem and fixed it without having to get another engine block? Thanks for your time. Email Tom Poppin at:

(5/16/97) I have a question regarding the pros and cons of a brush hog (rotary) mower versus a sickle bar mower for my Ford 8N. Have been thinking of getting a brush hog, but I have the opportunity to get a used sickle mower (with 3 point hook-up) at what seems to be a reasonable price. Would appreciate any comments anyone would care to make about the merits or bad points of either mower. Reply to Frank via e-mail at

(5/15/97) Looking for help and infomation regarding an IH 340 row crop tractor, The serial number as near as I can tell is 6704 S - 0/Y with other markings on the data plate of 7-3-K suppose to be built in 1961. The engine block serial number is 308404R2 and is dsl, has torque converter on left side. Tractor has white grill and stripe down hood. Looking for service, parts and operator manuals in good condition. Also need a front hub(part number unknown) cast number 0777 which hold wheel on spindle. Would like to also know if I was a kit or if I put extra cast spoke wheels and tires on rear. Looking for long slim side covers that are white and bolt just below engine cover. Need good plow and drag that will fit this tractor as well, close to Washington State so that I can pick up over a weekend. E-mail Chuck Verdon at:

(5/14/97) I have a Massey Harris Pony Tractor, Year ?. Can anyone tell me where to get any information or manuals for this tractor? (Dave Dinger)

(5/13/97) I would like to know if there are any tractor discussion groups sorted by manufacturer? (Glenn Laidlaw)

(5/13/97) I was wondering if I could pick you brain a bit about a recent purchase of mine, a Ferguson tractor? It runs but has a few problems, such as the radiator,starter, and the electrical system. It is an older tractor possibly late 40's, but probably eary 50's. I was told that it was either a TO20 or TO30 model. I later found that those models are diesel. From the pictures I have seen it is very similar to the TO20 or TO30 but it is a gas engine. I did find the serial number on the engine block near the distributor and the coil. It is: SC12164E - I am interested in restoring it and I would like to order a parts and service manual for the tractor. Would you be able to help me determine the model of it and tell me where I might get my hands on the manuals?
Thanks for any help you can provide, Rick Kenward -

(5/12/97) I have "inherited" a 1949(?) Model B John Deere tractor. The name plate has the following information: Model B Serial # 8 Could this be a correct serial #? I've not been able to find any numbers this low. Can anybody shed any light? Thanks.

(5/11/97) Is there a source that provides the vaule of old tractors? My dad has an 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee model # NAA in excellent shape. (Jim Startz)

(5/10/97) I'm looking looking for something to mow 5 acres & possibly do light garden work and snow removal. Ive always lusted after old tractors. I've recently come across a '55 Int Cub with a 5' Woods belly mower at a local dealer (he wants $2500). Will this do the job? Is the price right?...Or should I get a new "throw-away" (cringe) for about the same price? What do I look for in an old tractor? (Jim Eyster)

(5/9/97) I'm restoring an IH 1943 Model C tractor. I need information on the specifications for installing new valve guides. Specifically, the proper depth into the valve block. Does anyone have such specs or know where I might find them or a full engine manual? Thanks- John Kozlowski E-mail:

(5/9/97) This is a question regarding the proper lubricant for the Ford 8N transmission, differential, and hydraulic mechanism. The Ford 8N Operators Manual specifies E.P. Gear oil - SAE 80 or 90 weight depending on temperature. My local Ford tractor dealer recommends 134 tractor hydraulic fluid. Can anyone tell me which is correct (or are both correct)? Please include reasons for your comments. Thanks to anyone who can help. Reply to Frank via e-mail at:

(5/8/97) I believe I have a 1938 or 1939 Farmall H tractor with a farmhand loader. I have been told it was the first year the "H" came out. I would like to know approximately how much it is worth. It runs OK, but is not restored and also for any possible buyers. E-mail Eric Eneboe at:

(5/7/97) I have a 1974 Ford 2000 3 cylinder gas tractor that the tachometer does not work, it is a cable driven tach off the generator. I unhooked the cable off the tach and observer the cable turning fine. My question is...Can I open the tach up and repair it myself or does someone fix these? I have seen that you can purchase new units but the price seems a little steep to me. My other alternative is to purchase an aftermarket electrical tach but I don't know if anyone produces a tach for a 3 cylinder. Any thoughts or comments would be appeciated. Thanks (

(5/7/97) This is probably a shot in the dark, but I've been screwing around with a HANA-MAG JBS 234 front-end loader and can't seem to properly adjust (time) the injector pump to the engine. Does anyone know where I can go for some info? Better yet, do you know how?
Couldn't tell you the year, but it's a 6 Cyl, 120 cid, 175 hp monster with a serial # of 10610671.
Really is a big monster with a 4 or 5 yard bucket. TIA, Al - (Albert Antonson)

(5/6/97) I have a 1939 JD B all restored. I recently had a problem with the governor. I went to start it once and when it started it was wide open with no way to slow the idle except shuting it off. Does anyone know the problem or how to fit it. Thanks.

(5/6/97) I have a 1967 International Cub Cadet Model 123 Garden Tractor. I cannot read the serial number - the number is rubbed out. Is there a way I can get the serial number for this tractor? Any help will be appreciated. Please E-mail if you can help ( Thanks in advance!

(5/5/97) I just purchased two Farmall A's. Neither tractor is running. Can someone tell me what the difference is between an A and Super A? One tractor has a Super A logo on the hood but the SN does not match in the Super A list .Why are some marked as Farmalls and some are IH A's? These tractors have pneumatic lifts. Wouldn't a Super A have hydraulics? Any info Appreciated. E-Mail

(5/4/97) Have 1945 Massey-Harris 101 Junior tractor and 1950's Allis Chalmers WD 40 tractor and related equipment in Northeast Ohio area. Am interested in how to advertise for sale and possible price range of these tractors. Tractors run and are in un-restored condition. Please contact or Phone (504) 752-6294

(5/3/97) I was recently told by a local tractor dealer that the loader on the front of my tractor is a Freeman Bushhog loader. I have never heard of this company before, and am hoping that somebody has and could possibly give me some info on them. I would like to try and find a manual on the loader if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Blake in Snohomish, Washington E-mail at: Phone (206) 425 2006

(5/3/97) I'm currently getting down to the nitty gritty as far as my restoration process on my Ford '40 9N. Got a little brake work to do then comes the fun part, PAINTING! I need some opinions on a paint color for ole Betsy. I've seen so many "Ford Grays", on 9N's. Don't get me wrong, they all look good. A man's choice of color is his and his only. I would prefer to paint her as close to the original color as I can. This tractor is not a "show" tractor, but I may make noise in a parade in the future ( My 83 yr. old Grandmother's wishes). This tractor had been painted before (light blue), about 20 yrs ago, and I can't find a chunk of original paint hiding on her anywhere. I could use some brainstorming on paint colors, numbers, etc. I most graciously appreciate any feedback on this subject!!!!! Tyler(MD)

(5/2/97) I restored a JD "A" 1951 last summer and have taken it to several shows, people sure do like it and to hear it run. I recently found a 1939 Allis Chalmers "B" and a Farmall "B" serial # 130306. Would like to find out what year the Farmall is but have not found anyone who can tell me. Could sure use some help. Would like to stay in touch with you'al as I will restore both of these this summer. (McAllen, Texas)

(5/2/97) Just wondering if one can determine the year of manufacturer from the serial number on a Massey-Ferguson 135. I own one, and have been wondering for years how old the darn thing is. Still runs strong! Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide. Bruce Bates

(5/2/97) Dear Sirs, I am a two cylinder fan and recently a friend of mine gave me a 1940's booklet (10cmx17cm in size) entitled, "Two Cylinder Design - The key to the extra value of John Deere Tractors". It has a 7 page transparency overlay showing the mechanical parts of a styled tractor. Can you tell me what year this came out? A few clues: the "G" is not styled, nor is the "AR", "BR" or "BO". The "L" is also featured, but there is no "LA" or "M". The booklet was manufactured and sold by the Heinn Company, Milwaukee, WI USA. There is a number by this information and it is 220-40. Also, I have never seen one of these books before. Are they very common? Thanking you in advance for any information or contacts. Cheers, Bob Palmer Wellington, New Zealand

(5/1/97) I`ve presently restored a 51 MT. I want to put headlights on it but I am not for sure where to mount them. I `ve seen pictures with headlights mounted on the fenders, in front of the steering wheel, and at the front of the hood. Can anyone tell me the proper location? (Jim McGlothlin)

(5/1/97) A friend of mine has purchased a Co-Op tractor and we would like to know what model it is and the year of manufacture. Also we would like to identify the engine. We are experiencing too much oil pressure { 100psi +}. Where is the oil pressure relief valve in this engine? We found the following numbers on the tractor: on the left frame rail on top about center of engine -30- 11321 data plate on left side of engine 4B153 11459 0849 stamped on top of trans T 98-D-7-A 200 F24 8. Thanks in advance for any info! kent -

(5/1/97) My 8N, when pulling a load or going uphill, stalls/ runs/ stalls/ runs/ stalls/ runs, (never completely stalling out) jerking me, the driver, back and forth. I have had it for about two years and have had no other problems with it. Another thing ...I can't make out the serial number on the tractor. Is there any other place to look?

(4/30/97) I just bought a MH 22. The body is in very good condition. It really needs to be painted though. I never restored a tractor before and I would like to know what was the original color or any other information on what I should do while painting it. I have looked in different catalogs and I was wondering if there is a difference in replacement decals for this tractor or if they are all alike. Is there a better quality decal that I should look for? Thanks. (Mark Swank)

(4/30/97) I have an ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL G tractor with hydaulic lift that I would like to put a belly mower under. I have recently purchased a WOODS mower at a consignment auction that was said to fit on a "G". The mower has two chains with "L"shaped brackets on the front, and I can see where they mount on the tractor. The problem comes at the rear. There are two "arms' that extend out from the back of the mower, they have one hole in each of them. The distance between the arms is quite a bit less than the distance between the brackets that connect the rear cultivator attachment that is currently on the tractor. Is there a different bracket that I can get or make to attach the rear of the mower to? I am also looking for a diagram showing how the belt is supposed to hook up. I have a belt pulley coming out of the side of the "G", but I don't know how it lines up. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You! (Clare Slotman)

(4/30/97) I am being quoted a price of $3,000 for a 1947 8N with bush hog, finish mower, blade, and trailer I'd like to buy. All, except the trailer that has flat tires, are in working order and currently in use for mowing 11 acres, plowing snow, blading gravel drive, etc. Can anyone tell me whether this is a good price? The tractor appears well-maintained and the current owner has it maintenanced by someone who lives nearby. What should I be looking for and what questions should I be asking? I want to give a fair price but don't want to be suckered into over-paying because I'm a clueless novice. Thanks! (Carol Scott)

(4/28/97) I have little experience with engine repair and even less with tractor repair. Last fall I bought a Ford 9N with an 8N motor that had been converted to 12v. It had a bucket on the front and I wanted it to move snow from my northern Wisconsin property. It ran great the day I bought it and moved it 200 miles to my place. A few weeks later it was hard to start and a friend suggested that it may have a sticking butterfly and that I should tap the carb with a hammer. That fixed it and it ran ok. Thinking that the carb was bad I ordered a new one and installed it according to directions. The tractor ground for 1/2 hour before it would start and then had no power and no rpm. The throttle had no impact on the rpm, up or down the speed remained the same. Since then it won't start at all. It has plenty of gas and I disconnected the air intake and it made no difference. I replaced the fuel bowl and filter but still nothing. Any ideas? (Joe McMahon)

(4/27/97) I would like to know what the ground speeds of the 8N Ford are. I can be reached at:

(4/27/97) Oldest son and I have started to restore an AC C model. We need help with finding wiring diagrams and and other sources of information. The electrical system was changed to 12 volts when we purchased it. For the time being we are going to leave it at 12 volt. Any help appreciated.

(4/26/97) Nice web site. Can anyone out there tell me where I could get a good wiring diagram for a MF TO35 tractor, mine is a 1957 tractor, many thanks. Blake --- or 1 206 481 2006 Seattle WA. 4/26/97 10:48 pm Sat night

(4/26/97) I am reconditioning a early 50's Farmall Cub and the valve seats need to be resurfaced. However, I cannot find a portable valve seat grinder. Help me find one so I can start mowing. Thanks, Jeff at -

(4/25/97) I am looking at a Ford Comander 6000 tractor that appears to be in good condition. My local New Holland dealer is telling me that the transmissions on this model are prone to breakage, and expensive to repair. Does anyone have any experience with this model that they would share with me? Also I am trying to locate a front end loader that will fit this tractor. So far have been unable to locate one. It does not look like Ford ever produced a front end loader for this model. Is anyone aware of a company that made a loader that will fit this tractor.
my e-mail address is: - Thanks in advance, Jeff Feins

(4/24/97) Is anyone from Central KS going to be within 200 miles of Nashville TN who could pickup and bring some tractor parts? St Louis, Memphis, Louisville, Evansville would be fine. (Grady Lyle Morrow)

(4/23/97) Last year I replaced the camshaft in a Wisconsin TRA-10D, (10 hp engine, Bolens garden tractor). When doing this, I ensured the timing marks on the crank and cam gears lined up correctly. Since then, there is a remarked difference in power (lack of), most notably when starting it up. It used to be difficult to start because it would "buck backwards" if you didn't let go of the key at the proper time. Now it is very smooth to start but seriously lacks hp. Recently someone mentioned that with some engines you need to offset the timing marks. Does anyone have any info about this, especially for the TRA-10D ? Thanks.............Ben

(4/22/97) I am really enjoying your Website. I currently am in the slow and expensive process of rebuilding a 1951 Massey Harris 44 GRC. As everyone with experience in rebuilding antique tractors knows, parts do not grow on trees. I am currently in need of oversized pistons. The sleeves are oversized to 4.01" and will required 4.0065" pistons. If anyone happens to know where I might find a set I would appreciate a shout at Thanks again for a really nice website. Paul Campbell, Pearl River, LA

(4/22/97) Does anyone know of an aftermarket parts supplier for Ford 8N. The pistons in my hydraulic pump are in pieces, and the right valve chamber body is cracked. I've been seeing prices like $254.00 each for the pistons. Any help out there? Thanks, Doug e-mail

(4/22/97) Does anyone know who makes Farmking Tires. I am tring to match a 14.9 X 38 Farmking rear tractor tire but have not found a dealer in Middle TN. (Grady Lyle Morrow)

(4/22/97) What is a good price range for a non-restored, working 1940-41 "A". I'm picking up some implements this week-end, and the seller also has a 1940 JD "A" of which he is the original owner. If I can get it at a good price, I might buy it. I just bought a Ford Jubilee a few weeks ago so I thought I was out of the market, but I have the fever now. Thanks in advance for your help.
Joe -

(4/20/97) Looking for information on mechanical overhaul/restoration for a John Deere 520 2 cyl that I am doing a "work restoration" on. I already have the official JD manuals for service & parts, as well as the "I&T" manual. I have done engine work on more common auto and truck engines, but have no "hands on" experience with the 2cyl, even though I'm fond of it. My tractor runs strong but some restorers are telling me I should do a full overhaul as a matter of course, and are mentioning various "wear points" that, while I'm sure these guys are probably correct, aren't referred to in the manuals. My goal is to use the machine a moderate amount, while not doing lasting damage, and wait the year or two it will take before I can do the rebuilds. Is my goal realistic? Can anyone refer me to a good reference book or books to acquaint an otherwise experienced mechanic with the special nuances and oddities of the JD waterloo 2cyl? Thanks - E-mail Trevor Lewis at:

(4/20/97) Can anyone tell me the correct paint name/number for the wheels on a MH Pony. Thanks. Dave Wilson, 26 Westmount Road, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada E2M 6L6. Phone (506) 738-2112 or E-mail me at:

(4/20/97) I have a 1928 John Deere Model D with rubber tires. Runs good, but needs paint job, still has the original. Can someone give me an approximate value of this tractor? (Karl Nyholm)

(4/19/97) I have a Ford 1940 9N with leaky rear axle seals. Left side is worse than the right. How complicated is it to replace the rear axle seals. Do I need special tools? Special instructions? Someone else to do the job? Sure would like some braking power. I know these tractors weren't known for their good brakes, but I'd like to have a little more than what I have now!
Your thoughts greatly appreciated!!!! Signed, Part-time mechanic Tyler(MD)

(4/19/97) I am looking for some information on tractor prices, just something to give me some idea about what different tractors are worth. I was told about a publication put out by a man named Tom Flowers about what tractors were bringing at auction, but I can't seem to find out how to order it. I sent him email, but haven't heard anything. (Spencer Anderson)

(4/17/97) I have just purchased a 1953 Ford NAA Golden Jubilee edition tractor, and I am trying to do a "working" restoration. The tractor is in good original condition, but the grill is damaged beyond repair. Does anyone have a grill to sell that is in good condition? Another problem is that I would like to have a wiring diagram (with lights). I have all available factory and after market NAA specific manuals, and none of these offer a wiring diagram. The tractor is still 6 volt and I am not planning on converting to 12. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe -

(4/16/97) Does anyone know of a Super 44 or 440 being parted out??? I need some "tin" parts. A cultivator or mounted implement would be interesting too. E-mail me at .

(4/16/97) I recently bought a JD 435D. I would like to talk to others who have the same tractor. I have several questions about options and equipment that went with this tractor. I'm having a great deal of trouble getting motor parts from my local JD dealer. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mark Amick e-mail address:

(4/16/97) I have recently purchased a JD430 with power steering S/N 145255. However the cylinder that mounts on the rack and pinion in the pedestal is broke. Does anyone know if there are people willing to part out the power steering unit for a 430 in this S/N range? I also found the pump itself to be in poor shape. I think I was ripped off if I can't get some used parts for this system. Any information or leads would be most helpful.

(4/15/97) I have recently located what I believe is a Huber model L in good original condition. It looks like it has three F&H wheels and the old pattern Firestone tires. The tractor is complete, but not running. Does anybody have an idea of what it might be worth? I will be at this address through May 5 and would appreciate ideas on the value till then. Thanks! Steve Lubak

(4/15/97) I am looking for information on a 1946 Gibson Garden Tractor with a Wisconsin 3 X 3 3/4 engine in it. Are there manuals, collectors, etc. out there? Thank you.....Steve Smith

(4/15/97) I have just acquired a Massey Pony Tractor. It seems to be some sort of Hicrop model with an arched front axle. Anybody know what it is. I need the side covers and an air cleaner and stack for it. I plan to use it as a parade tractor and restore it to original. Was the engine originally black? (Donald W. Skogstad)

(4/14/97) I recently purchased a 1946 Farmall A. The man I bought it from gave me the steel wheels that supposedly belong to it. I know that the H models were available on steel but I've never seen nor heard of an A on steel wheels (although these look as if they will fit perfectly). Can anyone shed a little light on this for me? Rarity, production figures, etc. Any replies are much appreciated.
Greg Wilson -

(4/13/97) I just purchased a Farmall F-12, Serial Number FS46820. The previous owner said it was made in 1938. Is this a correct statement or is he wrong? Also, what is an F-12 worth? It has good straight metal, full rubber, engine runs great and no smoke, just really needs some TLC and a good paint job. Just curious if I got a deal or not. E-mail Greg at:

(4/12/97) I have a friend who has what he calls a "Buggy Jockey Wrench", he has never seen another like it. He would like to know if anyone can supply information on this item. If so, please E-mail Jed at:

(4/12/97) I have a Massey-Harris 30 GR. It runs great and looks good. I would like to find out
what it's worth and any other information about it. The serial # is 9998, I think it is a 1950. Has anyone built a 3 point for this type or did the factory make one? Also looking for documents and spare parts availability. If you can help me find any info, please E-mail me at:

(4/11/97) Looking for information on where serial number and model number may be located and how they would be attached ie: stamped or name plate. Tractor believed to be either an "A" or Super "A". Also seeking engine parts for same and any technical info. (Sammy Youngblood)

(4/11/97) I'm looking to buy my first tractor. I have a line on a "late" 8N, as I am told "a classic", last of the 8N's built in 1953 with lots of features (?), original condition with 1600 original hours on it. $3000.00 is the price. Should I jump all over this or am I being "used-car salesmaned"? (David Edmonds)

(4/11/97) I have a Case tractor with the following information attached to its frame: Model # 31, No. 4049466. The guy whom I bought it from said it is a model 530 from 1953, is this correct? It currently has a "blown" engine. I would like to find another engine to replace the original or use it in conjuction withthe original to build a functioning engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. E-mail Rich Amaral at:

(4/9/97) I have a DC Case with a serial number starting at 8025352, this makes it a 1954? There are no 54's made. Can anyone help?

(4/7/97) I would like to know the year of manufacture for Farmall A, Serial # 1AA112665. Would also like info about ease of "converting" to Super A. I am interested in any type info about the old Farmalls, especially the Model A. Thanks! Duran Teague, Ranburne AL -

(4/7/97) I just bought a Pennsylvania Panzer tractor, Model 1110R. Any information anyone has about these tractors would be helpful. Thanks.

(4/3/97) Need information on a Massey tractor, Model MF-203, Serial # JDM6590002237. One dealer said it is probably a 33-38 HP but he's never heard of a MF-203. Another is telling me it is a 45 HP engine. Could someone tell me what I have? While I'm asking all these questions, how do you adjust the clutch. Also the power steering is not working, any suggestions on how to determine the problem? Thanks (need all the help I can get). Please E-mail me at

(3/30/97) A friend recently purchased an International Harvester tractor. He was told it is an "orchard model" due to the fact that the seat and controls are set low and back between the rear tires. The tag on the tractor indicates the model to be "OS6". It states the serial# as OBK-S 24346W1. It has a hand clutch, guages mounted in the engine cover, and possibly a 5 speed transmission. Looking through pictures on the web, it has many simularities to a model H. Any info on collector value, parts availability, history, or what the heck it is, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ted at:

3/26/97) I am interested in knowing if there was ever a creaper gear built for the Farmall A. If so, where it could be obtained. Thank you. E-mail Mark Barrie at:

(3/25/97) I have some questions about my recent purchase of a 1941 John Deere Styled A, S/N 500566 that I hope someone out there can answer. First, does anyone know what the original tire sizes were for this tractor, both front & rear? Secondly, What type of JD plow (trip type) would have been used by a tractor manufactured in this era (1940-41), a model no. such as a No 4, 44A, etc.? What was this tractor rated to pull, a 2 bottom w/16" or 2 bottom w/12", 3 bottom? Third, there is an ad in Green Magazine that advertizes a replacement manifold for JD "A" tractors up to S/N 487999 (replacing John Deere P/N A36R) and a replacement for S/N 584000 on upwards (for the John Deere P/N A3386R). What manifold would you go with if your serial number falls between those numbers mentioned like mine???? Any enlightenment here would be greatly appreciated.

(3/25/97) I am interested in finding out anything I can about "Abenaque" tractors. They were made in Vermont (Westminster, I believe) at about the time of World War 1. I have seen a picture of one in a book on old tractors and a collector gave me a negative of a photo which I think he took. They must be extremely rare. If you have any information that you would be willing to share, E-mail me at:

(3/23/97) I require information on a Harry Ferguson tractor. The information that I do have was taken off the tractor and listed as follows:
- Serial no. TEA254722 (located in nameplate below steering wheel)
- Nameplate has the following info.
- Standard Motor Co.
- Made in England
- U.K. Patents Pending
- Harry Ferguson LTD.
- Numbering stamped on engine block, left side below head, center of motor (next to coil) - Sc18158E. Right side, below head, center of motor (behind carb) - DA123261 - 300 (6 or 5) 05, right side, below head, front of motor (near alternator) - 2911. This tractor has Lucas electrics, a 3 point hitch, and an externally mounted oil filter mounted on the left bottom side of the motor block (cylindrical in shape, 4" dia. X 8" long). I've also listed a few questions that have me puzzled.
- What do the letters T E A represent?
- Is there a TEA25 or is the number 5 only part of the serial number (not tractor size ie. TEA20, TEA25, TEA30, and TEA35)?
- If the serial number TEA254722 is correct, was this tractor built in England and exported to North America and what are some of the specifications for the model number?
- Lastly, why do the numbers on the engine (Z120, Z129, and Z135) differ from the number I indicated above SC18158E?
If anyone has any information on the above or knows of someone I could get in touch with, I would greatly appreciate it. (James Klein) 
(3/22/97)What are the pro's and con's of using multi-vis detergent oils as opposed to standard non-detergent oils in a 1953 Farmall H? Also, what are the same on unleaded gas? Do I need an additive? 
(3/22/97) I have purchased a Terratrac GT 34, Serial # 495, Engine stamp 169613, plate # F162G925. I am using it to clear a small wood lot and do some light logging. I have had the engine rebuilt this past winter and have had welding and hydraulic work done. The tractor runs well and because of its small size, manuevers well in small places. The Terratrac is equipped with a sand bucket. I would like any information that I could have re: this machine. I was able to find a product review for it in a September 1954 'Northern Logger" magazine. Thank you for your help. (R M Gibeau)



(3/20/97) I am presently restoring a 1941 John Deere Model D with tractor pulling in mind. I would like to hear from anyone who has some experience or information with regard to modifying a Model D for pulling. Some ideas I've had were to change the intake-exhaust manifold to a two piece unit that was available for some late model tractors or look for some high compression pistons, but as of yet I haven't located any. Any help with this project would be greatly appreciated.

(3/19/97) I please, need info on a Massey Harris Pony, in terms of setting of timing, tuning specs, etc. Are there starter motors/conversions available? This info is not available down here. Thanks in advance. G G Fowler, Network Engineer, South Africa. Voice phone +27 11 3151210 or Cell phone 083-2261006. Email me at: or

(3/18/97) Help! I am looking for any other Avery 12-25 owners out there that can help with any info on this tractor. It is a 1917 and is missing a lot of parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bill. 
(3/18/97) Can someone tell me what a 1946 JD BWH is worth?? E-mail Don Acton at: 
(3/17/97) Looking for pictures of antique tractors to download and use in a club newsletter. Does anyone know of a site related to this. 
(3/17/97) Can anyone tell me the year Minneapolis Steam Engine #8547 was built? I believe it is a 20 HP. Please E-mail any information that you may have to and thanks for the help. 
(3/15/97) What is the going price for a 1922 16-30 Rumley Oil Pull in running condition? (Kirk Jones) 
(3/15/97) I have a 1957 Allis Chalmers WD45. I use it for plowing snow in extreme northern Minnesota. This winter the engine siezed up. I'm wondering if it is worth rebuilding the engine or not. The block does not appear to be cracked, however the engine has not been torn down yet to determine the damage. If the block is damaged, is it better to replace the block or have it repaired? Where should I begin? What should I look for if dismantling the engine? Help! Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to add a small backhoe to this tractor. What should I look for and how much will it cost me? I have an AC loader with a snow bucket. Any advice on what to look for in upgrading the loader for snow plowing and dirt moving would be an added benefit. Steven Price, Spring Lake Park School District 16, District Technology Coordinator. Phone (612) 785-5510 or Fax (612) 786-6140. E-mail: 
(3/13/97) Help! I stopped to look at an old tractor on full steel today. It turns out to be a K18-32 Case cross motor tractor on full steel. The serial # (?) is K319164. I spotted the following things wrong / missing with the tractor. 1) The cap for the gas nurse tank on the right side of the tractor is missing. 2) Four of the six nuts which secure the wires to the magneto are missing but look like they should be easy to replace. 3) The water tank / air cleaner is rusted out and a new one fabricated or a replacement found. 4) Some of the flexible metal tubing for the intake system is missing. 5) The operators platform is intact but the wood will need to be replaced. 6) The inside bottom of the fenders are rusted thru but pretty much intact. 7) The tops of the fenders are in good shape for a tractor about 65 (?) years old. 8) The engine is stuck but may not be ("famous last words) too bad. The tractor is actually fairly complete. It looks to have been stored inside for most of it's life. The manifolds are in good shape. The lugs show some wear but aren't all busted up either. The radiator looks like it might hold water. The fuel and water tanks should be repairable without too many problems. I am not a Case expert and my reference materials are weak in this area. What year was this tractor built? The owner said someone had told him that it was built in 1919 but this sounds about 7 years too old. How many were made? What color should it be? There is remnants of orange paint still visible in places. What else should I look for or watch out for on this tractor? Most of all, what would be an acceptable price to pay for this tractor? Please reply to Allen Pruehs at: - Thanks. 
(3/13/97) I need some information on Ark Valley Plows. Were these plows manufactured in Kansas and who has taken over the company? Thanks. (Dan) 
(3/13/97) Can anyone tell me what a very nice restored John Deere 80 and 820 are worth? Any help would be appreciated. 
(3/12/97) What is the maximum number of plows and discs that can be pulled by a MF 35 gas? Also, what is it's original color, red or grey? Thank you. 
(3/10/97) I would be interested in getting advice from anyone who's used both Ford N Series and AC B. Obvious differences aside (Ford's got 3 PH, bigger engine, is low riding, etc.), I'm interested in comparing handling, reliability, and ease of repair. I apprciate any comments. 
(3/9/97) I have a quick question and maybe you can help. I have a Massey Harris 33 with an E201G engine. Do you know where I can find either new cylinder sleeves or over sized piston heads so that I can bore the existing ones? Of you have any information I would be very greatful. Thanks for your help.E-mail Jason Baugher at: 
(3/9/97) Hope some of you all can help this WV farm girl out! Getting ready to restore a Huber. Already runs, presently using as a power unit for small saw mill. Would like to restoreto original. Can anybody out there talk to me about these beauties? Don't know where tolook for serial or model number, JD green in color (was), assuming post 1928. Lots of info on Huber Maintainers out there but having difficluty finding tractor news. Any answers appreciated by E-mail please - 
(3/9/97) My recently restored model M JD has started firing on one cylinder only. I am not a mechanic, but I have checked the plug and wire. Changing wires did not help and the plug does not seem to be fouled. If I pull the cap loose from the distributor, it starts firing. Could it be a bad distributor cap? Thanks. 
(3/9/97) Have a few restored Case antique tractors ie. 15-27 crossmounts, D, L, DC, A, and a 20-40, all running and completely restored. These tractors are not for sale as yet but could anyone tell me where I could get an up to date comprehensive pricing guide on all or any Case antique tractors? 
(3/8/97) I recently purchased a 3 point hitch backhoe attachment for my 8N. It was manufactured by the Henry Manufacturing Company of Topeka, Kansas. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out much information about this unit. Any information regarding assembly, operation and/or parts would be of great help. Thanks for your effort. 
(3/6/97) The Fawn Grove Fire Department has purchased a John Deere Model LA tracor and the Serial # plate is missing. We need to find out what year this tractor is and the serial number. Is there a way of doing this? This tractor is going to be raffled off in Juky and we need the information. Please E-mail me at or with any information that you may have on this model LA tractor. It is a hand start, purchased in New Jersey. We think it is in the 1940's but not sure. Thank you. 
(3/6/97) Any help with locating trophies with an antique tractor on them for our shows and pulls would be greatly appreciated. The only trophies that I can find have a modern day tractor on them. Please E-mail me with any information or ideas. 
(3/3/97) Does anybody know of any magazines or newsletters about Massey Harris news? E-mail me at: if you do.Wanted: (3/3/97) 
(3/3/97) I need original or copies of owner, shop, and parts manuals for 1964 NAA Golden Jubilee Ford Tractor. Any help on where to find these will be appreciated. E-mail Stephen D Smith at: 
(3/2/97) I have this tractor that I don't want anymore. It is an IH McCormick W4. It runs fine and is in pretty good shape. I want to give it to a friend who is in to restoration. Can he get parts for this tractor and if so, where? Any idea what it would be worth after it is restored? 
(3/2/97) I am working on an International 284 (believe it was manufactured in Japan). I am in the process of repainting, restoring, etc. Have been unable to locate a source of decals used on this machine. Have been informed by some sources that the decals are no longer available. If anyone knows of a source for these decals, E-mail me at: 
(3/2/97) I am seeking information & historical data on West Coast manufactured engines, tractors, or other vehicles by Fageol, Great Western Motor Company (manufacturer for Fageol) & Hall-Scott Motor Co. Robert Whitefield, PO Box 24065, San Jose CA 95154 or Email to: 
(2/26/97) Trying to find facilities for indoor Antique Tractor pulls in Pennsylvania or surrounding states. Can anyone help....If so E-mail me at: 
(2/25/97) What is the right price for a 1949 Oliver 99, 4 cylinder gas? Runs good, no smoke, good compression, no leaks. Looks rough, but tin repairable. Missing side curtains. New front rubber, old but sound rears. Your advice appreciated. John in CO - 
(2/23/97) I have a SAME tractor, Model 240, believe this is an Italian made tractor. If anyone has information regarding this Model I would appreciate a reply (years made, production numbers, horsepower, and colors of tractor, etc). Call (816) 834-5133 or E-mail me at: 
(2/23/97) I have an advertisement dated July, 1919 for the Nelson four wheel drive tractor. Can anyone tell me if these still exist? It features a patented four wheel drive, four wheel steer chain drive and is powered by a four cylinder Wisconsin engine. Three models are listed, 15-24 (3 plow); 20-28 (4-5 plow); and a 35-50 (6-8 plow). Manufactured by: Nelson Corporation, 911 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL (Also of Elkins Street, Boston). Subsidiary Companies : Nelson Blower and Furnace Company, Nelson Instrument Company, and Nelson Machine Company. From the general description of the chain drive mechanism, it sounds somewhat similar to the Heer tractor of about 1911. E-mail me at if you have information. 
(2/19/97) Does anyone know if decals can still be purchased for old John Blue fertilizer distributors? I have one I have restored and would like to put new decals on it. If anyone has information, please contact me. Thanks, Buster Evans - 
(2/17/97) I am looking for information on recently restored Case SC, 1947. I would like any information on background, like where sold and to whom. Jim Austin, 4700 Birmingham Dr, Pawnee IL 62558 or E-mail me at: 
(2/17/97) I've never been able to get a satisfactory brake job on late 50's and early 60's John Deere disc brakes. I'd appreciate suggestions. Paul Rauch - 
(2/17/97) I have an iron implement seat with the name, Walter A. Wood cast in it. Can you give me any information about the seat? Thanks, Bill Brown - 
(2/15/97) Does anyone know what tractors are going up for sale at the Emest Hower Sale in Arkansas City KS on May 10th, 1997? - 
(2/15/97) I'm looking for a sources for babbit bearings. Can anyone help? Warren Stanton at: 
(2/15/97) I have a "Lincoln" tractor and in the process of restoration. Need help!! Pictures and general information. Contact Jim Osgood at: 
(2/13/97) I have a Ford tractor that I need some information on. The ornament on the front appears to be ears of corn in a V formantion with wheat heads in the middle and rays coming out from it. The engine # is EAE6015-F. Any help you can give me on this would be appreciated. I need shop manuals for it. The tractor also has a loader on front, a #19-16 Dearborn. Stephen D Smith. or 
(2/12/97) I have a MM-ZAU with the Waterloo name as well. Can anyone tell me the "Waterloo" connection? Thanks for any help. Mike Burns at 
(2/12/97) Wanted - Information: I would like to buy a medium size, good condition, reasonably priced, used (not antique) tractor with 3 pt hitch and hydraulics that will carry a belly mower for every day general purpose use. Brand name is not important. I am NOT knowledgeable of models, years, and features! Therefore, when I read ads, I don't know which ones fit my needs and which ones don't. Does anyone know of a publication or source of information that lists and compares various manufacturers, years, models, features, and possibly typical prices? This would be very helpful to an average guy who wants to buy an average tractor. Thanks!! Lowell Chambers, 3199 Legion Drive, Covington GA 30209-3834. Phone (770) 784-5894 or E-mail me at: 
(2/11/97) I have (almost) restored a 1963 Fordson Super Dexta, Serial Number 09C933885. These tractors are not the American Ford blue. The blue is a lighter shade. I need to get the paint code to be able to purchase the correct color paint. I also need the color of the wheels, etc. It appears to be light gray but I need the paint code for this also. I also need the color scheme, what gets painted what color and the decals for this. I would hate to paint it the wrong color after all this work. 
(2/6/97) Does anyone know where to find a parts manual and/or an operator's manual for a Model 73H Oliver 2-row corn picker? I don't know what the year is but the S/N on the picker is 5256 and the S/N on the husker is 4441. E-mail me at is you can help. 
(2/6/97) I need the address and/or telephone number of a place that refurbishes (puts the plastic back on) Allis Chalmers models B and WD steering wheels. If anyone can help me it would be appreciated. jalley@telalink.nat 
(2/6/97) I would like the name and address of some International or McCormick-Deering parts supply warehouses that have purchased "dead" or slow moving parts. I have some tractors built in the 1930's. If I give them the part number I would like to know if they have it. Anywhere in the U.S. is fine. 4 Palm Avenue, Los Gatos CA 95030 or E-mail to: 
(2/5/97) Need info on finding Massey Harris Pacer parts. Can you help? 
(2/3/97) I have a Minneapolis Moline ZTE with Serial Number 584035E. I can't find any records that MM built this tractor. Anyone have any info?

(2/2/97) I can buy a B.F. Avery wide front end, good rubber front & rear, 15 HP, needs minor repair for $750.00 - Is this a good price? Thanks in advance. Danny Parker - E-mail to:

(1/27/97) I recently purchased a Model M John Deere which has the two point hitch. The tractor came with several pieces of equipment. I have yet figured out how to mount the "yoke" piece under the tractor to use with the bottom plow. Can anyone give me the informantion on how this piece fits on the tractor? Thanks. Buster Evans -

(1/26/97) Does anybody, anywhere know of or seen an Ellis Keystone threshing machine, made in Pottstown PA early 1900's, maybe even before, wood construction, straw walker. Thanks Ron Knarr -

(1/26/97) I recently purchased a Super 77 Oliver which was in running condition, but smoked some and at idle, sounded like it had a couple weak valves. When I tore it down I found that the valves were perfect, but on the bottom end it had 3 badly bent rods (#1,3, & 6). My question is - how could these rods get bent? They are oversized M & W pistons and very little piston wear.

(1/20/97) I'm considering buying a local Ford 620 but I can't seem to find much out about this particular model. It has no 3-point or PTO but does have a full hydraulic bucket with a front mounted pump. I'm guessing this tractor was special ordered this way originally. Anyone have any idea what this tractor is worth, what it's HP rating is, or if 3-pt or PTO parts are available? Any info would be appreciated.

(1/19/97) I have what I thought was a 930 Case Diesel, a 1969 model. However, the I.D. plate says 931. I am trying to find an operators manual but find only a 930 listing. Can anyone help with this? E-mail to:

(1/12/97) I need info on a narrow front MF-35...did they make one? I need to know if there was a MF-35 manufactured as a narrow front or tricyle tractor. If so, I would like to convert mine from a wide front - its a 1962 wide front MF Diesel. Contact me at or phone (540) 794-7665 
(1/10/97) Does anyone know if the Ageless Iron Expo last held in 1995 at Ankeny, IA will be held again this coming summer? I have "seen" the rumor on the net. 
(1/8/97) Help! Clutch settings for Fordson Power Major Tractor. Can anyone please advise as to the settings (torque and lever spacing, etc.) for a two stage clutch on a Fordson Power Major? Please respond by E-mail to: - Kind of urgent.....Many thanks! (Bill McCarthy) 

(1/7/97) I am planning to build a scale model of a Massey Ferguson 35 (3 cylinders) in scale 1: 4.5 - Therefore, I need blueprints, technical drawings, or something like that. I need information about the dimensions of the tractor and it's parts. Does anyone know where I can fine these? Maybe someone knows an address of a MF factory? Thanks! R. Peters

(1/2/97) Wanted: Information about reducing the ground speed of 1st gear on a Massey Harris 101 Super Senior. Specifically, has anyone successfully bolted a 44 or 444 rear end to a 101 Sr or can the super fast low gear be reduced by means of interchanging gears themselves? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Ed Gortner - Call at (937) 298-6679, I will call back long distance callers.

(12/30/96) I have a 1936 John Deere B and I am interested in finding out it's history. Can anyone tell me if there is a resource available that can tell me when the tractor was made and who bought it? Contact me at:

(12/27/96) Just bought a Farmall, wide front end. I don't know what year it is or how to find out. It runs but needs a lot. I was looking and found your page. My desire is to restore and use the Farmall. How do I figure out what year and model it is? Where is the first place to start for parts? Can I subscribe to a magazine or mailer on my type of tractor? Thanks, Donald Anderson, 1156 Bille Road, Paradise CA 95968 E-mail: - P.S. - I am in Northern California

(12/17/96) Today I found a small bulldozer for sale for a good price. I just purchased an 80 acre farm in need of tender loving care. The land hasn't been tilled in 20+ years. I'm looking for an economical way to clear brush and open up the drainage system on the property. I don't believe a tractor will do everything that I need to do. However, if I put a power takeoff on this unit, it will do everything I want and more. I'm looking for a resource for some basic parts. Primarily, the drive sprockets have already had replacement teeth welded on (the job was done poorly to boot). The dozer was made by Cletrac and the vintage around the mid 50's. It was originally a diesel engine and was converted to gas using an Intenational Harvester engine. Does anybody know where I can get some info, parts, etc? We don't even have a model number, but the specs are as follows: It weighs about 5000 lbs, the blade measures 7'9" across. Also the blade and lifting assembly was supplied by another company. The track width is 16 inches. Thanks for any help you can give. You can call me at (716) 798-4292 or E-mail Thanks much!!!

(12/16/96) Hello. I bought a Case VAO a couple of days ago. Having trouble with people agreeing on how to figure the age of this tractor. Any help would be appreciated. Any sites on the net that you know about? Thanks. Eric Wedow -

(12/15/96) I have a TO-35 and it is in need oa a new clutch or adjustment. Can anyone tell me how to adjust this or replace the clutch. I cannot find ant info on this me please. E-mail address: Thank You, Brant Stanger

(12/5/96) I have a TO35 with a 4 cylinder Standard Diesel which is extremely hard to start in cold weather even with an in-line heater. I have heard stories about a Service Bulletin which came out in the late 50's which helps this problem. Has any one heard of this Bulletin and know where I could get it? Thanks, Trent Crane -

(11/21/96) My Father-In-Law recently purchased an older Ferguson tractor (circa unknown). It is very similar to a Ford 8N but the engine has overhead valves. Can anyone direct ust to a parts place or catalog company that handles engine parts for this tractor? Any help would be appreciated. You can contact me via E-mail at: or call at (703) 907-6024. Thanks you, Roger Kalthoff.

(11/20/96) A friend of mine restored a 1958 Ford Workmaster Offset 541 with an original diesel motor, and now he'd like to sell it. We heard that these tractors with diesel motors were rare. What do you think we should ask for it? I'm without a clue, but after finding this site through a search engine, we wonder if anyone visiting here would have any advice. We'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks, Michael W. Zeigler.

(11/01/96) I am looking for information about Earthmaster tractors. So far, all I know is that they were made in Burbank, CA. If anyone knows any more information, please let me know. Thanks....Mark Epps

(10/29/96) I'm looking for any info on the International Mod. 154 Low Boy. Parts availability? Will this machine take a loader? Suggested prices for running/not running condition. Thanking you in advance. Matt Anable.

I am currently restoring a Square D 2C Road Grader manufactured by J.D. Adams Company of Indianapolis, Indiana. Does anyone know where I can obtain parts, an instruction manual, and information on the correct paint for this machine? Call Alan Barbre at 912-759-2903 or E-mail me at

I need information on a Centaur Tractor, 1937-38. They were built in Greenwich, Ohio. Need parts book, owners manual, colored pictures or any literature available. Gary Bartlett, Bartlett's Body Shop, 02615 M-66 South, East Jordan, MI 49727. Phone 616-536-2534. 

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