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Basically, Cockshutt and Co-op tractors originated in Canada and were later produced by the Oliver company.  Tractors were painted green for Oliver and Red & Cream for Cockshutt.  Co-op tractors were mostly painted in Orange.  There is a lot of history on these old tractors.  Try some of the links below to read some of this great stuff!
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Co-Op & Cockshutt Tractor Site Links
The Cockshutt Shed - Lots of Cockshutt Information here.
Cockshutt-Tractors.com - This is a place for the Co-op & Cockshutt Enthusiast.
Dandy's Dabblings - Tons of Cockshutt and Co-Op info here!
Cockshutt Tractor Parts - By Steiner Tractor
More Cockshutt Tractor Parts - By Paul's Tractors
Cockshutt Decals - Get 'em here!

Co-Op & Cockshutt  Tractor Clubs & Organizations
The International Cockshutt Club

Co-Op & Cockshutt  Tractor Technical Tips & Information
CFE Parts - Reproduction parts for Cockshutt tractors.
Cockshutt Tractors by Model - Technical Data put together by TractorData.com
Co-Op Tractors by Model - Technical Data put together by TractorData.com
Kuhns Antique Cockshutt Tractor Parts Index

Co-Op & Cockshutt  Tractor Events

Just Talkin' Co-Op & Cockshutt  Tractors
Cockshutt Plow Company History - Its history from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Cockshutt & Co-Op Tractor Forum - A great place to talk about these tractors if you're a collector or fan of the this brand!


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