1929 Caterpillar 15
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Caterpillar goes back to 1904 when Holt Manufacturing Company made the first caterpillar tractor.   There are still a lot of these old Cats around.  Click on the Cat 15 picture in the banner above and read about one of these old tractors that we saw a few years back. 
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Caterpillar, Holt & Best Tractor Site Links
Caterpillar Home - Caterpillarís Home Website
IBDozing.com - Dedicated to the preservation, maintenance and use of all makes and types of old construction equipment.
Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum - Neat little Caterpillar Site.
Billís Classic Caterpillars - Lots of cool stuff here!
Clackís Old Caterpillars - Some pretty neat old Cats.
Deanís Crawler Page - Lots of photos of a Cat D2 restoration.
Holt Cat Website - History of the beginnings of the Caterpillar company.
Tractordata.com Holt Tractor Page - Good info here.
Field Of Tractors - A great new tractor parts site grouped by tractor brand.  Check it out!
Wagner Equipment - Caterpillar parts dealer.

Cat, Holt and Best Tech Tips & Technical Data & Information
General Gear - Caterpillar equipment parts and pictures. 
Antique CAT Replacement Parts - Good place to find parts for your Cat.

Cat, Holt and Best Clubs & Associations, Magazines, Articles, Etc.
Antique Caterpillar Machinery Enthusiasts - A central repository of information for Caterpillar collectors.
Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club
New Zealand Caterpillar Club

Just Talkin' Cats
E-Bay Blog For Best & Holt Tractors

Cat, Holt and Best Events or Feature Shows


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