1948 John Deere "BW"
This 1948 "BW" is owned by Wayne David and was restored in 1997.
Serial Number 225024

Wayne submitted the following story:  When I obtained it, the "BW" was in pieces, the victim of a restoration effort that died on the vine.  It also had only a "BN" front on it.  I spoke with Deere archives and learned that the tractor was built as a "BW", having an interchangeable front end, and was equiped with 42" rear wheel equipment (note the deep dished wheel webs and, although they cannot be seen in the picture, the extra long axle shafts).  I obtained the correct parts to restore the tractor to its original configuration as it came off the production line.
According tp an article in Green Magazine, Deere built only 3,000 "BW's" from 1947 - 1952, making the "BW" the rarest of the late styled "B's".  During this same period, Deere built about 110,000 "B's" altogether, so this is a 3-in-100 tractor, give or take, and to my thinking, quite a prize.  (We think so too, don't you?)

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