International Harvester Farmall Hi Clear 140 tractor
International Harvester Farmall Hi Clear 140 tractor
L-22 Mower, McCormick No. 60 Leveling and Grader Blade
Tire chains, Misc. tools and parts
Operation, Maintenance, & Lubrication Manuals (3)
Tractor with attached Implements

Dear Fellow Farmall Farmers:

    Reluctantly I am needing to part with my big red toy. I am relocating to a warmer climate and won't have the space to keep and use the tractor.  I have a Farmall 140, high clearance (Hi-clear) International Harvester for sale. It is 12 volt, with signal lights, flashing hazard lights, as well as head lights and rear work light. It has three rocker arms, controlled by two shafts. I have a sickle type mower and a 5' grader blade. The grader and leveling blade mounts in front for snow plowing or between the axles for moving dirt. The grader blade has 5 positions, straight ahead, 11 & 22 degrees to left and 11 & 22 degrees to the right. There is a rear drawbar for attaching a wagon or towing a trailer. The rubber is in excellent condition and I have a set of rear wheel chains for traction on ice. In addition the tires have been filled with liquid for added weight and traction. I think the tractor is an early 1980's model. The serial number is: 66545 J and the engine # is 14645.
       The tractor was sold at auction to satisfy an estate of a gentleman who had been ill for some time and the tractor had been in storage at the selling dealer's shop for some time. The mower had never been used until I assembled it and the blade didn't have the paint wore off of it. In the tool box come the original tools, including a spark plug wrench, spark plug air pump for inflating the tires as well as the former owners reading glasses. I also have the operators manuals for the tractor and each piece of equipment.
          I can be reached at (315) 866-5832 and by mail 849 Bush Road, Frankfort, NY 13340. The price is $4,800.00. Transportation could be arranged for an additional expense.

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