Ford Tractor History

Its good to see somebody from my hometown, good ole Elkhart!! My E-Mail is from New Orleans, La. My Grandfather Alfred Hinks worked at Ford Motor Company. He said that the tractor division and the Tri-Motor Division were separate from the automobile and truck and heavy truck division.
He worked there from 1919 to 1965. The Fokker Aircraft Corporation sued Ford on copyright infringement in the 1930's. The Fokker Corporation said that The Ford Tri-Motor was designed on the same design as Fokker. Fokker won the lawsuit. The Fordson tractor was first built exclusively in Detroit, Michigan then moved overseas to the British plant.
The name "Fordson" was later dropped for the 9n, 8n, and 2n. Henry Ford named the "Fordson Tractor" after his son "Edsel". Son Edsel took over as President of Ford until his death in 1943. Father Henry, the founding father of Ford Motor Company in 1903 passed in 1947.
This is when Edsel's son Henry Ford II took over reigns as President until his death in 1983. Since then not one member of the Ford family has been at the helm of Ford. Brother of the late Henry Ford II, "William Clay Ford is the President and owner of the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. He is also president and owner of the 1997 Stanley Cup Champions The Detroit Red Wings.
Sincerely Andrew D. Hinks -

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