Oregon Saltwater Air...Boy What You Can Find In It!

For a couple of years now I've been aflicted by the rusty iron bug. By a lot of looking (locally) and talking I've been able to locate several old John Deeres (one GPO) and a number of hit & miss engines--mostly in need of significant repair. The most surprising find for me so far happened this summer. My grandson Jeff and I went for a short walk (he's 3) out behind his house in Warrenton, Oregon.

We'd only gone about 100 feet up the road behind the house which borders a "designated wetland" (a big brush patch). I caught a glimpse of rust behind a thicket of blackberry vines and alder. The rust bug then got a hold of me so I had to check it out. I didn't know what it was at first--a small tractor with a single cylinder engine. A small blade on the front and a cultivator affair at the rear...and no steering wheel--just a lever.

Well, I talked to the old gentleman in the nearby house and he said it was a Gibson tractor that had been there for years. Not only that but he said it was mine if I'd haul it off! It's pretty rusty from the ocean air (frame mostly rusted through, but the cast parts look OK). I don't know what model it is. Guess next month I'll take the pickup over and load 'er up. Another tractor for my shrinking driveway.

Sure like old tractors! Maybe this winter I'll get started with a revival or two. More later....John Wilkens...in NE Oregon.

PS: If anyone can give me a lead on Gibson information--or anyone would care to visit about them, please email me (jwilkens@eoni.com)

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