Hayrides, Kids and my '39 "B" - By Craig Belcik

Reading through the paragraphs you have written, I can remember the feeling I had when I brought home my 39 B. I could not wait to pick it up and bring it home. I also took a ride up and down my road as if to take some sort of victory lap!

I also have to admit that there is no better sound than a two lunger at a low RPM idle!! There are many days when I will just pull her out of the barn, fire her up, and just let her idle for the neighbors to hear.

Later on, when talking to one of my neighbors, they will say, "Hey, I heard the old John Deere running today", or "Hearing the 2 cylinder sound really brings back memories of when I was young......"

One of my neighbors has a very large family / neighborhood party every summer and for the past three years I have provided the hayride with the 39 B. This has become the highlight of the party and I can't tell you how much fun I have had giving the hayrides, especially to the young kids.

I remember my fascination with tractors when I was young so I really enjoy providing the feelings that I remember having as a child.

I guess I could ramble on forever and I don't want to bore you with all my life's tractor stories, but I guess you know by now that my love for the green machine runs deep! I will enjoy watching the updates on your project and I hope to hear from you sometime soon.

A fellow lover of the yellow and green......Craig Belcik, West Middlesex, PA.


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