Generations of Tractors!

I grew up on a small 80 acre farm in Wisc. My mom went to work to help out. Being the youngest of 8 { the rest were married orhad other jobs], dad said time to learn to drive the tractors.  At the age of 11 or 12 in the 60's. his little girl had to help just like her siblings before me.  The first lesson was using the rake on a WD Allis Chalmers.  As I got better or bigger I don't know which, dad put me on the B John Deere with the baler while he loaded the wagon behind.  There were many of times I would get yelled at . What did he expect I'm just learning.

The Allis was my grandfathers, it was given to my father.  After my father had no need for it anymore he gave it to my oldest brother.  Problem, he lived in Sarasota Florida.  Therefore he gave it to his son Kenny.  Kenny has a small hobby farm in Live Oak Florida.  Kenny traveled up here with a trailor and took it home with him.  He restored the Allis to original parts, decals and paint. He did use it once in awhile when needed.  Last year when my brother passed away, I went down and visited.  The old Allis I had not seen in years, was sitting in his yard with a flat tire, in better shape than I had remembered.  Kenny is currently building a shed for it and she is going to go in storage.

Kenny has 3 girls,maybe one will be interested. Hope so,  I would hate to see it out of the family after so many generations.

As for the B, after my father passed on,  my mom sold it at an auction.

Today I live on a 30 acre hobby farm not far from where I grew up.  Here there is a Super M Farmall, 8N Ford, and a D14 Allis.  All are used depending on the job that has to be done.  Last year, the Ford was completely overhauled, but still needs a paint job.  We are presently overhauling and restoring the D14 on weekends  and after work, when there is time.

As for the M, it was purchased in 1952 brand new.  The year Jeff was born, by his grandfather.  It again was another tractor handed down.  It was given to Jeff's dad.  He was killed in a tractor accident.  Jeff inherited the tractor.  Jeff has an only child, Michael.  Where and what will happen to it after him?

After we tore the milking barn down, we used all the old barn boards, foundation and converted it over to a shop.  There is where we do all of the restoring and repair.

Thank-you for the other great stories.  Keep them coming.  Some remind me sometimes of the good ole days.

Juanita Leopold

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