"The Snowbound Rumely"

We got a 14-28 Rumely Oilpull tractor about a year ago from Bill Krumwiede (The Rumely King) of Voltaire, ND.  Bill got the tractor from VanGuard, Sask. Canada in the mid-1950's. He drove up to Canada in his 48 1 ½ ton Ford truck, and had someone drop him off at the edge of a field. He then walked 1/2 a mile into the middle of the section, with two feet of snow on the ground on the level in the middle of the winter, carrying a battery, coil, wiring, gas, and oil.

Within two hours he had it running! Bill drove the tractor into town and loaded it onto the truck and took her back to Crosby, ND where the tractor stayed for many years.

 They ran it in the parade every year.  We’re currently doing some maintenance on it to put it into good mechanical working condition

Chris Epping

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