"Me, My Dad, and the Tractors"

About four years ago my Dad was told he had cancer, he went through an operation and so far everything looks good. My mother ask me to help him restore a 1938 F-20 he had gotten from his uncle.  I didn't think that I would like working on tractors since I didn't grow up on one, but it was great.

Then 16 months ago I was burned due to an explosion.  I was caught in the fire ball and burned 35% over my body.  My arms and hands and face were burned with second and third degree burns.  I didn't know if I would be able to use my hands, let alone work on tractors again.

After about six months, I went back to the tractor barn and used the removing and installing of bolts on the tractors as therapy on my hands.  I wore gloves so the dirt and grime didn't get on my hands..... but the tractor therapy worked.  I went back to work earlier than the doctors said at first.  Not only has the tractors helped me with my hands.... they also have brought my Dad and I closer than we have been in years.

Since the accident Dad and I have finished the F-20 and a Case SC.  We have gotten a 1930 Regular ready for paint and rebuilt an engine for a F-14.   Our next project will either be a John Deere MT or a Farmall H.  We have some others that could take years to finish, and I think Dad and I will make them all run.

We like to talk tractors so drop us an email if you do, too.


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