My First Tractor "Cub Lo-Boy"

It all started when I was 10 years old..... we went to the "Red Power Round Up" in Waukee, IA.  That was 1995.  We were going through the lines of tractors when I saw a Farmall Cub and I told Dad that I wanted one of those.  Dad said to save up my money, like he does every time I tell him I want something.

So I saved up my money from mowing lawns in the summer and a little from dad.  In August of that year, we went to St. Louis to see our relatives.  Dad was looking through the newspaper and saw an auction the weekend after with a 1959 Cub Lo-Boy on it.

We took off from Eastern Iowa to St. Louis for the auction.  It was one of the last things to sell, which gave dad time to tell me not to get my hopes up.  There were a few attachments, a blade, a flail mower and some tire chains.  It finally came around and dad was hoping that they would sell every thing separate so we could buy only the tractor.

The auctioneer decided to sell it all as one unit.  We let the bid go for a while before we started to bid on it.  When it got rolling I didn't want to look, but a little later my older brothers said I could look now and that we got it!  I had never been so excited about getting anything in my life.   Now to the best part, the price!  I got it for only $1900!

We didn't have any ramps with us so we went to a retaining wall nearby and simply drove it in the back of our 1995 Chevy truck, long box of course. When we got home we just had to play with it.

I use the flail mower to mow grass with and the chains and blade to push snow.  It really comes in handy.    Since then I have seen Cubs, not in as good of shape as mine, go for $4000.

Mine is a 1959 International Cub Lo-Boy serial number 10661J.  In the past couple of years I have gotten a one point fast-hitch, fast hitch 1-14 plow (perfect shape $80), and a fast-hitch disc.  I have taken my tractor to shows in Iowa, Tennessee and Michigan.

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