MT John Deere ran over Grandpa


My story is about my 94 year old grandpa. It was two year's ago when me and my dad got the call to come down to grandpa's . They say the tractor had ran over him (AGAIN).

When we got there we found him sitting in a chair on the front porch. He says he was trying to hook up the drag disk and was going to bump the starter over a little bit just to move it back some. But there was one thing wrong...... he had it in low gear, not reverse and the switch was on. When it started up it took off. The tires were new and they caught his overalls and pulled him down to the ground.

The tire came between his legs, over his stomach and chest, and across his face. Then it ran up a big fence post and killed out.

Grandpa got up, walked up to the house and called us. He oet to thinking about it and knew the switch was still on. So he walked back down to the tractor and turned it off and then walks back up to the house to wait for us.

All he got was a broken jaw. He hasn't gotten back on it again. I hope to keep the old tractor in the family so my boy can use it. It isn't running right now but I'd like to fix it up. It's a 54 I think MT John Deere.

Phil (Murph)

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