Dad's Old CC Case Tractor

I had asked for a tractor for about 20 years.  I remember when it ran last... about 1972 or 73. Dad would not give it up.  Sat in the barn with a leeky roof... block busted, rusted to the ground,  but all there.    Not much to give up you would think.  So I did what any son would do.... I asked MOM.   Boy did that let off a stink.   So in a day or two, Dad came over and said I could have the ole tractor..... it  was my INHERITANCE.  Every time I worked on the tractor and made an improvement....guess who was there.

Dad went to hunting parts and telling me how much money I needed when parts were being shipped in or when we were going to pick them up.  Rest assured..... I will not ask mom AGAIN.

MOM and DAD are very proud of the Tractor and I am GLAD it is DONE!!
Bill Cornelius Ky

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