Tale Of The Seed

There were two neighbors who were always bragging about their farm machinery.  Farmer 'A' used John Deere and farmer 'B' used Massey Harris.  To cut a long story short, one day they were combining on either side of the fence between their fields.  They just happened to pick up a rabbit with their cutter bars at the same time.  Farmer A's  combine grunted and out the back came blood, guts, and fur.  In farmer B's combine, the rabbit hopped out the back with a bit of a limp.   They both stopped to talk about it, and of course... do a little bragging. Farmer A said "Look what happened to the rabbit, all ground up and nothing left of it!  Farmer B reached back in the grain hopper, picked up two little 'things'  and said "All Massey Harris is interested in is the 'seed.'" (-:
thekoobs@cancom.net (Dan Koob)

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