A Summer Spent On My Uncle's Farm

Somewhere along 1952 I spent a summer or two on my uncle's farm in a small town in Iowa. It real hard for a Minnesota city boy to get up at "0 dark 30" and go to work. But, I got use to it.

The real fun came in a bet my uncle use to have with my 2 brothers and myself. I was around 11, brother # 2 was about 14 and brother #1 was 19. We could get a free malt shake on Sat night in town if we could start the old JD "B" , crank start the old truck or do 5 chinups on manure loader track.

Well let me tell you starting a "B" via the flywheel was a real task for a 11 year kid. But by the end of the summer I was able open the "pet cocks", crank that baby over and get a free malt come Saturday night. I also learned to start the trunk. But, only after a few sore arms from back fires. By the end of summer I could do more than 5 chinups too.

I learned lots of things on the farm. Mostly that it was hard work. Learned to "slop" hogs, stack bales in the barn, get the cattle, milk by hand, clean the barn, feed chickens, gather eggs, drive a team of horses, help with the threshing, mow /rake hay and so on. That was just one days work. But, I ate good, slept good, and had fun on Saturday night.

Thanks for the memories.
Dale Austin, Tx

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