Grandad and His Super "A"

My first tractor experience took place at my grandfathers home in New Jersey in 1962. My family and I lived in Maryland and were just visiting at the time. We had a pretty good snow storm overnight and shortly after breakfast Granddad asked me to get my coat and come with him. We went down to the garage and to my surprise the tractor was parked there, a well kept Farmall Super "A", it was usually kept in the pony barn. He placed me on the floorboard until he got seated, then put me on his lap, started it and off we went. I remember what seemed like a really long ride to the pony barn with the snow and the cold and all. But the best part was the return trip, he asked me if I would steer, of course that's all I could really do cause my feet didn't reach the pedals or anything! He smiled and said " bet you can't stay in the same tracks we made on the way over" It was really hard but I did ok for a beginner. And, to this day I'm not sure why Granddad really needed me to go with him or even what we went after, but I'm sure glad we took the tractor . The super "A" is still in the family and I'm sure it has made special memories for many of the younger family members over the years. I also have several tractors of my own, no suprise that four of them are Farmalls. G. S.

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