IH "B" (In The Snow)
This IH "B" is owned by Chris Hahn, Burlington, KY

Chris submitted the following information about this old IH tractor:  "I have owned this tractor for about 10 years".  He said that he found the tractor for sale on a road side in Northern Kentucky and decided to buy it.  Chris said that the only thing that he has really done to the tractor was to convert it to a 12 volt system.  He has planned on painting the tractor and has thought about doing this for several years but has not gotten around to doing it just yet.  He says that when he does he plans on taking before and after pictures.  His plan will be to strip it down to the bare metal, take photos to document everything, and then proceed along the way with other photos.
Chris says that he does (on occasion) take the old girl for spins around the neighborhood just to wave at the kids (and Moms!!! ..... and some grandmas, too).  We think it's a neat old tractor and can't wait until Chris gets the restore job done.
If you would like to contact Chris for anything about his tractor, you can e-mail him at:  chris@postonbrothers.com


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