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Banner Advertising on the Fastrac Site:  FAQ
    Why would you want to pay for a banner ad on the Fastrac Antique Tractor Web Site?
    What would this mean to me as an advertiser?
    What is the cost for banner advertising?
    What size banner ads will be accepted?
    I don't have a home page, can I still have a banner ad on FASTRAC?
    When would my banner ad start appearing on the Fastrac Web Site?
    How can I start the banner ad program?

Why would you want to pay for a banner ad on the Fastrac Antique Tractor Web Site?

Exposure to a highly targeted market is one reason!  The Fastrac Web Site is currently experiencing well over one million "page hits" per month.  Assuming that the average visitor to the site clicks through the site for at least 10 pages, the number of unique visitors to the site would number over 3400 per day (3400 visitors x 10 pages each x 30 days =1,020,000 page hits).

This wouldn't be very significant if the audience was simply the "general public".  However, the Fastrac site is linked to nearly every antique tractor site and personal home page for antique tractors and engines on the internet.....of which there are hundreds.

The concentrated market potential is tremendous.  You would have your banner rotated on several pages at the Fastrac Web Site and it would be displayed directly to this concentrated audience of people who would most likely be directly related to this hobby in one way or another.

What would this mean to me as an advertiser?

No one knows for sure if everyone coming to the site clicks on 10 pages each, but one thing is for sure......someone is!  So, if your banner ad is exposed to those 3400 visitors and 5% of them click on your banner, taking them to your web site (or Fastrac designed internal page), you would get an additional 170 visitors per day to your site or page that you may not have otherwise gotten.

Is this significant?   We don't know but we bet that some of them will find something they are looking for or may see some things that you have to offer that they wouldn't have....or even worse, they may find them on someone else's site.

Building traffic to your site is EVERYTHING!  If you don't have a sizeable customer base you won't have sizable online sales.  We think your banner ad on the Fastrac Antique Tractor Web Site will produce these new visitors.

What is the cost for banner advertising?

Banner ads are placed in rotation at the site for a one time setup fee of $20 and a monthly charge of $20 for each month that the banner is current.  The banner is considered current when the fee(s) are paid in advance of the month that the banner is to be displayed.  We are currently accepting ads on a monthly basis only and do not have long term monthly rates (These may come at a later time, however).

If you want to begin your banner advertising, you should fill out the order form by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page authorizing us to proceed and then submit it.  The initial setup fee and the 1st month's banner ad fee will be invoiced by regular mail after which time each succeeding month will be invoiced prior to the continuance of the ad . (If you want to submit your banner online you will need to attach the image file to an E-mail to: and we will set the banner up for rotation).

When currently offer PayPal on the website and when the Mastercard/Visa/Secure Check capability is ready for use, you will be given the option of converting from mail-in to on-line transactions.

We can accept the following banner size resolutions:

468 X 60
392 X 72
120 X 60
120 X 90
234 X 60
125 X 125
88 X 31
120 X 40

I don't have a home page, can I still have a banner ad on FASTRAC?

The Fastrac Web Site doesn't currently offer the resale of Internet web sites but has a connection to resources that do offer it.  However, we can offer you a website presence within our website .

We do this by generating a one page design which will allow you to advertise your products or say anything about your business that you want which would fit on this page.  We allow one graphic image to be placed on this page and will connect this page to a listing of your choice in our parts resource pages (categorized by the state or country).

Then.... you can have a banner ad placed in the rotation and when clicked on by a viewer, it would take them to this page instead of a fully registered web site.  At any rate, it is the same exposure to the same audience we've been talking about.  The only difference is that the final destination for the viewer would not be as comprehensive as a fully laid out web site.  This is still a good investment though.  The cost for the setup of this page is a one time fee of $75.  You can get this page made and placed in the resource pages without signing up for the banner advertising, too!  If this is something that your company would be interested in, please indicate so when filling out the form.

When would my banner ad start appearing on the Fastrac Web Site?

The obvious thing would be for us to receive your banner image....we can't do anything until then.  If you attach the image to an E-Mail to us, we could get it processed in 24 hours (in most cases).  However, if you send it to us on a regular floppy disk, it could take several days.

Your time toward the first month of rotation of your banner ad will not begin until the first day that the ad is up and running.

Fastrac is one of the most popular Antique Tractor destinations on the Internet.  On the web since 1996 and formerly a BBS system prior to that (since 1991)....... We're not going anywhere soon!  That should mean a lot to you.  Your advertising dollar will come back to you many times over by exposing your company to more than just your own local or regional media.  The Internet is the wave of the future and if you're going to be in the arena for antique tractors and have products or services to sell then this is an opportunity that you should really consider.

How can I start the banner ad program?

It's as easy as filling out our order form with your choices and submitting it.  We will process your order in 12 - 24 hours and have your banner up and running in the rotation.  This length of time of course, depends on how and when you can get us your banner design.  Details on how to do this will be on the order form.

If we have not answered some of your questions, E-Mail us or give us a call at: (574) 264-3621 and we'll be glad to get you an answer.
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